Sunday, July 24, 2011


Last April, during our coverage of the Royal Wedding over in London, and then this July with the Royal Wedding in Monaco,
HOLLYWOOD SPY had a huge number of visitors, so I guess you like reading about royals. So how about a HOLLYWOOD SPY's guide through the list of hottest royals around the world. If you wanna marry a prince or a princess, or you just enjoy following their glamorous lives, here are some of the most stunning examples of gorgeous crowned heads.We shall start with the Islamic countries today and continue with others next time.
Now these two are the most glamorous, the most beautiful and also the most refined and charismatic queens in the world. Salma of Morocco (33 like your spy) actually isn't a queen, although she
is the wife of Moroccan king Mohamed, since their country doesn't have queens. She uses the title of Lalla. Beside being beautiful and extremely stylish (while at the same time honoring the exotic tradition of her country by wearing opulent kaftans), Lalla Salma is also an educated woman. She is the first publicly acknowledged princess consort with a royal title in Morocco. She's a strong woman who lost her mother at the age of three but she still became a successful information services engineer before becoming Her Royal Highness. She and the King have two kids, crown prince Moulay Hassan (8) and princess Lalla Khadija (4). She is active in cancer organizations.

Queen Rania of Jordan (41) has pretty much continued the image of Jordan's profound, extremely elegant and beautiful queens started by queen Noor before her. As the wife of king Abdullah she fights for the education of children both in Jordan and around the world. She studied business before becoming the Queen. She got engaged to the King just two months after they've met.  They now have four kids, crown prince Hussein, prince Hasheem and princesses Iman and Salma. Unlike her husband's mother who remained just a princess consort, Rania's husband has
proclaimed her Queen after he became the King. She is one of the very few queens who have and use their Facebook and Twitter profiles.
And for my ladies, here's probably the hottest royal prince from the Arabic world: Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum or just Sheikh Rashid, is the eldest son of the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He was born in 1981. and is now considered one of the hottest royals thanks to his dashing looks, his education at
Sandhurst Military Academy in the United Kingdom, and his status of a successful athlete who has won a lot of laurels for his country at the major competitions. He is the president of UAE National Olympic Committee. It's interesting that he has equally dashing and attractive brothers Majid and Hamdan.


  1. I thought I had lost interest in royals - until Will and Kate. They've injected a fresh vibe into the monarchy and I must admit that I do enjoy reading about what they're up to. (It doesn't hurt that Kate has a fab sense of style :D)

  2. I love that both women are so well educated and work on causes close to their hearts. I was always a fan of Queen Noor. Queen Rania is just as beautiful and stylish, as is Lalla Salma. Nice post. :)

  3. @Sam
    yep, the two of them have brought royals into the spotlight again :)

    yes, that is actually the point of being a queen - doing charity work and helping people.
    Lalla Salma has been my favourite royal for a long time, since she is so kind, noble and at the same time intelligent and stylish.

  4. I'm intrigued by the history and I love how Will n' Kate have us mesmerized again. Thanks for sharing; I became fascinated when I went to London when I was a teenager~

  5. Some beautiful ladies you got up there. Can you pass me any of their numbers?

  6. I never got into the buzz of following the lives of the monarchy, but I do have an interest in historic Britich monarchs (the further back you go, the more I'm interested, hehe). Watching The King's Speech has given me a little more of an interest in the more recent crowned heads, though.

  7. Wow, as a Canadian, I don't pay much attention to royals except for the British. But, these people are gorgeous and smart. I think I would hate to have a name like Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum--that's just way to long.

  8. I don't have much time for Royals.

  9. @Debra
    they really are, unlike most European royals, they are both beautiful and educated and smart, and their nations are very proud of them since they don't make scandals

    oooh, I wish I've been to London too, it's one of my biggest dreams!

    I must ask my royal spy team to do some investigations, but you will probably have to deal with their royal bodyguards and intelligence services if I get you Salma's or Rania's phone number :)

  10. @Jamie
    it's the same with me, I also prefer ancient British royal history to the more recent one. Everything pre-Elizabethan is usually the most interesting.

    well, in the Muslim world they are always very proud of their family and parents, so Mohammed is actually the name of his father, Rashid is his own name and Maktoum is their family name. So it means Rashid son of Mohammed grandson of Rashid Maktoum.

    tell, me do Scots have offspring of some old royal families still living there? From the time before England invaded Scotland?

  11. Oh my God, I lost my damned mind looking that hottie Sheikh Rashid. What a face and body! I need my fan on high right now. ;)

    Lalla Salma and Queen Rania are two of the most stylish, intelligent and amazing women in the world.

    This was a great post.

  12. I told you you would like our sheikh :)
    And yes, I couldn't agree with you more on Lalla Salma and Queen Rania, they are true style icons and amazing role models with their education and charity work.

  13. No idea Dez but it sounds possible. Maybe our friend Michael would know.

  14. he might claim he's one of them :)))

  15. Well, actually ... my ancestors are Irish. So its their royals that I'll make a false claim about. The House of Stuart is the main line of royalty in Scotland and the patrilineal line is thought to be extinct. The closest modern day line to them is the Earls of Galloway but they don't have any claim to the throne.

    In any case most Scots I know are apathetic at best about the whole concept of royalty. It goes against our belief that someone should be thought "better" than anyone else simply because they were born to a certain set of parents. Even in the days of clan chiefs that sort of power was hard won and no one deferred to anyone.

    And I'm going for a lie down after all that brain work.

  16. that's the answer I was looking for, Michael, thanks :) I've read, off course, a lot about the Stuarts, but I didn't know whether they still have any members alive.
    I think Scots are similar to Serbs in many aspects including this one: we do have a heir to the throne, crown prince Alexander from the dynasty of Karadjordjevic, but most people don't care about them and we also have that attitude about the whole royal thing being a bit humiliating to other people.

  17. Interesting post. I am not really into royal thing...but I must say those 2 Queens are gorgeous.

  18. they really are! Do you have some kind of royal families in Indonesia? Or in some of the islands?

  19. Indonesia is a Republic now, so we have president...however, there is one province that still honor their king even more than the president.

    If you are interested, I can email you a brief about him. I don't know much tho. His wife is not like those queen but there is one interesting fact about him and his wife.nt...however, there is one province that still honor their king even more than the president.

    If you are interested, I can email you a brief about him. I don't know much tho. His wife is not like those queen but there is one interesting fact about him and his wife.

  20. yes, I know that Indonesia is a republic, my country is a republic too, but we still have living members of old royal families. I know that Brunei is close to your country and I've read tones of stuff about their unusual royal family :))

  21. I ame moroccan and I should add the most important information about Lalla Salma (Lalla is the way we call and talk to women with respect. She was not born in a very rich family. her father is a teacher, and she was raised by her aunt. after being princess, she tried to continue living the same way she used before being married. but she coold not because of paparrazies and people who love her and stop her everywher they met her. now she is doing what the king cannot do, like being present in royals weddings (according to moroccan traditions, the king can't be present in those kind of ceremonies). Finally she works a lot for women who suffer from cancer because her mother died because of it.

    1. Lalla Salma really is a lady which deserves deep respect. We will actually mention her this Saturday in our report from the wedding of Luxembourg's prince Guillaume :) She is always refined and stunning at the royal weddings.