Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 The latest one to join the already stellar cast of WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING which includes Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Rodrigo Santoro ... is lovely Elizabeth Banks. In the story which will follow seven pregnant
women, Banks will play a breast feeding book author who is militant in her beliefs about what makes a good mother until she gets pregnant for the first time. According to "Screen Daily" Ralph Fiennes will go Russian again in the film adaptation of A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY play by Turgenev. The story follows a man who wants to seduce a rich landowner’s wife. The 2nd season of GAME OF THRONES has got a new cast member: Gwendoline Christie will play Brienne, the Maid of Tarth, a highly skilled warrior of abnormal size, strength, and near-absence of female sexual characteristics. She is tasked to escort Jamie Lannister to King's Landing to exchange him for Sansa and Arya Stark after their capture.
 You remember that last year I told you how famous TV soap DALLAS is coming back? Well, it's official, TNT has officially greenlit the project and we shall be watching the first ten episodes
in summer 2012. Back in the 80's DALLAS was the most popular show with 300 million viewers around the world, and now it will get some new blood. Although the old stars Patrick Duffy as Bobby, Larry Hagman as evil JR and Linda Gray as Sue Ellen will come back, the show will also focus on their children since hunkilicious Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson will play JR's
and Bobby's sons who not only clash over the future of the family oil business but also take part in a love triangle with gorgeous Jordana Brewster. Brenda Strong from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES will also join the cast and the pilot episode should be aired this Fall.
Well, I won't lie to you - I've never really heard about this film until recently even though it is supposed to premiere July 18th in the cinemas,
but I have a feeling it's not only me. It's rather peculiar for a fantasy film not to have any marketing whatsoever, but who knows maybe this one won't be so bad in the end: after all it does star Patrick Stewart, believe it or not. SINBAD: THE FIFTH VOYAGE follows the famous hero, the biggest one across the seven seas, who, after the Sultan's first born is taken by an evil sorcerer,  is tasked with traveling to a desert of magic and creatures to save her. Sinbad himself is played by Shahin Sean Solimon, whom I've never heard of before, but he seems charming and exotic enough for the role. He apparently both stared in and directed DJINN movie from 2008. The trailer bellow is wonderfully trashy :)


  1. Dallas was huge when I was a kid,curious about this re-vamp.

  2. Re: Sinbad

    Is it me, or does Giant Flick Films read like something else.

    I kept doing a double take. ;-)

  3. I have never heard of this woman cast as Brienne of Tarth, but she is a great character with a great story!

  4. yep, it was huge when I was a little little kid too :) I loved DYNASTY more, but I watched DALLAS too, it was a huge hit in my country since back then we had just one TV channel :)

  5. @Maria
    I've no idea

    I've never heard of her either, but if you click on her name in the post you will see how huge she is, I mean how extremely tall :)

  6. Oh, no. Dynasty will be next. I never could watch Dallas or Dynasty. Too goofy for me.

    Sinbad on the other hand... that was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. I loved watching those old swashbuckling movies on Saturday morning. :)

  7. what? How can you live in Colorado and not like DYNASTY? :)

  8. I loved Dallas and Dynasty growing up. It should interesting to see what happens to the Ewings in this effed up economy and the push for green energy. Jesse and Josh look like they could be Patrick and Larry's boys. I loved Dynasty more. Oh Alexis and Krystle...Fallon and Sammy Jo. Those bitches knew how to have a catfight. ;)

  9. Hmmm, I wonder how the new Dallas will hold up? Can lightning strike twice?

  10. Growing up in the 80's, I have fabulous memories of Dallas. I loved watching those nighttime soaps.

    Sinbad looks awesome.

  11. I don't see how the trailer looks "trashy" doesn't show much of anything and look incredibly low budget. Probably not much promotion because I estimate it's going to be a straight to DVD release, quality of the trailer certainly suggests that, how they got Patrick Stewart to narrate is a mystery. But I'd be shocked if that gets released in theaters, at least in the USA.

  12. You're not the only Dezz. I've not heard of Sinbad either. In fact, the only Sinbad I've heard of was the comedian. I remember his role in Jingle All The Way.

  13. Hey Dezz - I'm back from my voyage to the end of the galaxy - or at least it feels like it.

    Looks like I've got some catching up to do in the reading department over here at your place.

    I always feel like I'm on top of my movie game after a spin through your blog.

    I'm definitely going to see Sinbad - I like that kind of stuff! I'll have to read before I can comment on anything else - I'm so behind on my "must see" list, oh, I did see Larry Crowne - not bad, in fact I liked it!

    I hope all is well in your world and I will be back (once a follower always a follower).

    Cheers, Jenny

  14. I dont know about Sinbad...although I liked the comedian. Lots going on.

  15. HAHA Bloody Love me a bit of Dallas. Yeeeeee Haaaaaah!

    Cool fun!

    Thanks dezzy

  16. Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks. Sounds like a new formation for Charlie's Angeles :))

  17. A Dallas remake? I must have missed the memo. I will probably have to watch an episode just to say I did.

  18. Dallas....again, the mind boggles better let mum know.

  19. @Melsy
    the new Ewing boys are more than interesting :)
    Ah, we did love Alexis and her charmingly vicious ways, not to mention her over the top gowns :) That sister knew how to enjoy herself.

    he he glad to hear it :)

    we shall see next year, and first we shall watch the pilot episode this Fall. I reckon it won't be a huge hit but it will have its audience.

  20. @Medeia
    we did love evening soaps a lot :) They don't make them so good anymore :(

    the quality of camera, settings, lights is what makes it trashy :) I also thought it was going DVD, but they say it will be released into cinemas. I'm not sure since they didn't release any new trailer and the release date is extremely close

  21. @Matty
    you mean you haven't heard of the Sinbad legends? There was even a TV show back in the nineties on SINBAD with Zen Gesner in the lead role, I loved it as a teenager :) It was in the time of XENA and HERCULES :)

    hey, Jenny, nice to see you back, hope you will find some interesting film news in our vault :)

    new news every day :)

  22. @Custie
    we shall be able to get in touch with our hillbilly sides again :))

    new pregnant angles, although I'm not sure I'd ever call that evil woman J.Lo an angel. Angels don't wear animal skins and fur on them :(

    he he

    oh, for sure, we must let mum Lurk know about the DALLAS return :)

  23. I think Gwendaline will fit the role well.

  24. Oh I remember watching Dallas as a kid, my parents loved the series. Jesse & Josh look very Ewing. I bet is going to be a hit.

  25. o_o love the sindbad trailer!

  26. @Budd
    she will indeed :)

    Jesse and Josh are quite a tandem aren't they? :)

    O_O glad you do :)

  27. @Fabio
    glad you think so and thanks for following :)

    which one does? :)

    be welcome!

  28. Looking at those Dallas cast back together brings so many memories! Wow, Linda Gray still looks darn good, but the guys don't age too well, ahah. Thanks Dezzy!

  29. well, unlike gents, ladies can enjoy a little bit of plastic surgery and bottox :)

  30. @Dezmond - aw, okay. In America when someone refers to a film as trashy it's usually based on the content of the film, such as massive amounts of blood, guts and sex.

  31. Seriously looking forward to Game of Thrones Season 2 :D Also, I hope the rumours are true that Christopher Eccleston will be there too :)

  32. Gwendoline love you! perfect choise for brianna!