Saturday, July 2, 2011


 Even though they decided to leave out most of the actors from the original film, so we won't see Rachel Nichols, Sienna Miller nor
Joseph Gordon Levitt again, G.I. JOE II: COBRA STRIKES is in the process of casting new names. After they've signed Dwayne Johnson in the role of Roadblock, which will apparently be the lead one beside Channing Tatum's Duke , they now also have Adrianne Palicki (the wanna-be Wonder Woman) as Lady Jaye, an intelligence officer in the G.I. Joe team. The film, which will be released next summer and will be all about ninjas, might also get Bruce Willis as Joe Colton, the original G.I. according to "Deadline"!
If you like silly comedies you might like NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH in which Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn will play two guys from a sleepy community who have their neighborhood
watch group of the middle-aged fathers which they use to spend some time away from their families. But things take a turn for the worse for them when they uncover a plot to destroy the world. The success of this Spring's THOR has sealed the deal for the sequel and it has been announced today that it will premiere in July 2013! Our dear Drew Barrymore will produce and maybe even helm HEIST SOCIETY, a film about a young woman who left her criminal family in search of a normal life but when her father becomes the prime suspect in the robbery of a gangster's art collection, she puts together a team to steal the artwork back.
As "Variety" reports, another of Alexandre Dumas legendary novels will hit cinemas in the future beside THREE MUSKETEERS
which is already done and ready to premiere later this year. Warner Bros. apparently wants to do a new movie adaptation of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. But the famous story which centers on a young man who's wrongly sentenced to an island prison and escapes, then transforms himself into the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo and systematically destroys those who manipulated and enslaved him, will this time be set in the future, making the whole movie a sf one. The studio is searching for a director.
don't forget to visit your HOLLYWOOD SPY on Sunday, I might bring you an exclusive report from this weekend's royal wedding in Monaco :) And I'm WISHING LOVELY HOLIDAYS to all of my gorgeous lurkers in USA!
And congrats to Serbia's Novak Djokovic who's just become World's Number One Tennis Player!


  1. I didn't see the G.I Joe movie but the sequel sounds interesting, good cast.

  2. Excellelnt on turning classics into sci-fi. I do like silly comedies.

  3. @Ricky
    it wasn't the best of films, but it was decent enough and I loved Rachel Nichols in it :)

    I also love when they turn classics into sf :)

  4. I'm always up for a retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo.

    Oh, and thanks for posting that Adrianne Palicki picture. I'm doing a hundred inferiority-complex sit-ups while I type. :)

    Have a good weekend, Dezzy.

  5. I'm pretty nervous about a sci-fi based retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo. That'll open the door for some severe creative liberties, many of which, I don't presume to be necessary. But who knows, I could be proven wrong. And I hope I am because I love Dumas' novel.

  6. Dezzy - Lots of great info today. I love Drew Barrymore. She is a sweetie. Did you see her in WHIP IT? Or how about EVER AFTER? Love those two movies.
    Hope you have a great weekend! =D

  7. Don't forget to include your best photo from royal wedding, Nanny :) I expect you in a gaga-ish funky formal wear ;P
    Anyway, Lord Voldemort who reign my Cafe this month send you a warm hug :)

  8. Count me in for the Count! I love the version with James Caviezel, Guy Pearce, n'Richard Harris! I'm not sure for the scifi spin, but I'm curious enough to go see it~

  9. Awesome post, thanks!
    I like your blog.

  10. @Luanne
    I also adore when they take a classic and make into a sf or just set it into some strange period, like Kenneth Branagh's HAMLET with him and Kate Winslet and a bunch of other thespians, I love it! And since we adore science fiction, this futuristic version could really be something very cool :)

    Palicki is really pretty, although I like her better as a blond :) but it seems not even beauty helped her in not ruining the WONDER WOMAN :(
    Hope you will have a nice weekend with your family ;)

  11. @Matty
    I think you will like it in the end, Matty. And the story itself does sound like something very adaptable for a future setting. There were some other classic set in the future before and they were usually nice.

    glad you like the news today, darling.
    I haven't seen WHIP IT, but I did see EVER AFTER many times and I like it, especially the ball scene when she comes with wings on her dress :) And I also love Dougray Scott who played the prince :)

  12. @Jaccsy
    ah, you know I don't go gaga! I'm too refined, stylish and elegant to appear in wacky outfits especially at a royal wedding :)

    The Caviezel version was probably the best known one, and I love him in the same movie with Guy Pearce. Wishing you nice holidays, Ella :)

    glad you like my blog :)
    I will pop over to your place ASAP!

  13. Sure hope Willis is behind a desk now.
    Count will be on my must see list for sure.

  14. ooh, glad you like sf Count, Mary :) Wishing lovely holidays to you and your family!

  15. indeed he is :) In his last 48 matches, he lost just one! Hope he will beat Nadal tomorrow :)

  16. Go Novak! I hope he wins. :)

    An interesting twist on Count of Monte Cristo. SF could interesting, especially if they do it in a classic sci fi way ala H.G. Wells. Barrymore's Heist Society sounds pretty intriguing as well.

  17. Wow, a royal wedding! I'll be back.

  18. Another Count of Monte Cristo movie? The last one was great.

  19. @Melsy
    he won he won he won :))) He's the Wimbledon champion and World's Number One Tennis Player! Everybody in Serbia is celebrating, singing and dancing in the streets :) And he will be greeted by more than 100,000 people at the central square in Belgrade when he returns in a few days :)

    for sure :)

    you don't like sf? :)

  20. The count of Monte Critso adaptions sounds a lot like a anime version of the story i saw a while back. I remember it was a sci-fi version too, and i think there was something like a island prison in it

  21. yep, sf films are often set in some island or isolated prison. LOCKED OUT, for example, is a film, just shot this winter here in Serbia with Guy Pearce, and it will also be a sf film with a prison on a flying ship.

  22. Actually i think it may been been a planet prison..although that still counts as isolated i suppose. It just kind of jumped out as me when i saw it.

    I also remember the COunt was blue in the anime...was a odd one indeed

  23. Monte Cristo could be interesting, so long as they don't call it that. I only say that because I'm a big fan of Dumas and his novels, so a future SF update with such an antique name might sound weird. Just saying. I liked the Jim Caviezel/Guy Pearce version a lot, so couple that with my love of the book, and the bar is set rather high.

  24. yes, it's possible the title will be changed and the book will just be an inspiration for the whole story.