Thursday, July 14, 2011


After this year's OSCARS have been marked by the total debacle of James Franco, who by the way now blames the screenwriters for it even though I don't see what they have to do with his blank
faces, lack of humor and at moments zombielike expressions, the Academy is carefully choosing the new host for the next year ceremony. Believe it or not, according to fresh rumors, the top contender for this important task is the queen of television Oprah Winfrey. As you know she recently ended her famous show, so she might find some time for this gig? What are your reactions? At first I was in the what-the-hell? mood, but now I think it might not be a bad idea. At least she knows all those celebs and is rather close to all of them, and she might bring certain elegance to the whole ceremony which hasn't seen a good host since Hugh Jackman?
It seems we have new cast members for WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING every day: after Cameron
Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Rodrigo Santoro
and Elizabeth Banks, the new addition is gorgeous Chace Crawford who will play Anna Kendrick's partner in this story of seven pregnant women.  Latest report from "Variety" says that Edward Norton could take the role of villain in THE BOURNE LEGACY film. The film will follow a new assassin trained in the same programme as Bourne, instead of Jason Bourne himself, and will have Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz in the lead roles. As "Deadline" reports Warner Bros. and Jonathan Liebesman (BATTLE LOS ANGELES, CLASH OF THE
TITANS 2) are preparing a huge JULIUS CAESAR epic about the time when Caesar was sent to Spain on a detail no one else wanted. There, he built the 10th Legion fighting force that would eventually march on Rome, overrun the forces of his rival Pompey, and establish Caesar as the unrivaled ruler of the empire. The film, which ends with Caesar's coronation, which means it could have a sequel in which he goes to Egypt, is planned with one of the biggest stars in the lead role. Give it to Karl Urban, oh, please give it to Karl Urban!
As HOLLYWOOD SPY has informed you a few times before, in the sea of remakes Tinseltown is planning a remake of ROBOCOP too.
According to "MovieWeb" MGM is currently trying to make Chris Pine take the lead role.  Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves were previously rumored to take the famous role of the futuristic cop who becomes a robot and goes on to fight for justice, but now it seems the studio wants a younger star. It is also true that although he had a smashing success with his role of Captain Kirk in the megassuccessful STAR TREK, Pine hasn't really had any other bigger blockbuster after it, so he might use a bigger lead role such as this one. The remake should hit cinemas in 2013.


  1. wait, is the ancient greek and rome thing the dezmond spin or is this a trend in hollywood atm?

  2. epics have always been HOLLYWOOD SPY's trade mark beside sf. I always post all news on those two genres.

  3. Yes! Keith Urban as Caesar. Love him. He needs a big lead role like that.

    And I think Oprah would make a good host. She's very bossy. The show might even end on time with her running things on stage. :)

  4. You know I meant Karl. Country stars don't make good Caesars.

  5. I think I would probably get a heartattack if Karl Urban finally gets a huge epic role :) Looooved him as Caeasar and Cupid in XENA :) Hope you watched him in PATHFINDER, such a nice film!
    Oprah could do good! And you are right about show ending on time :)

  6. Okay, I'm sorry - Oprah as the Oscar host? No. Just, no.

  7. you no likey Oprah, Andrew? :)

  8. I had your same reaction to Oprah..and also changed my mind. I think she would be good, although I doubt she could pull off any humour. That's my only worry.

  9. and fingers crossed she doesn't let Cruise do any nonsense on the stage if she gets the gig :)

  10. Netflix says I will give PATHFINDER 2.2 stars out of five, but I'll put it on the list since you recommended it. :)

  11. I LOOOOVVVEEEE Karl Urban (not as much as you, my dear :)) and he should be Julius Caesar as he did such an outstanding job of it on Xena. He should act so much more than he does. did you see him in Doom? That movie was terrible, but for him.

    And I'm with you. I think Oprah would do a good job as the Oscar host. "Dear James, can't blame the writers for your lack of timing and presence in a live situation." ;)

  12. Dezzy - Loved Chris Pine in Star Trek. He's adorable. Oprah at the Oscar's will certainly make it a serious affair. Mmmm, maybe. I loved Anne - thought she did a great job.

  13. Oprah should only host the Oscars if David Letterman co-hosts with her....
    And he should call her "Ohpf" throughout the whole broadcast.

    Anyone else remember when he did that?

    C'mon, it was FUNNY!

  14. Lets face it Dezzy, even I could do a better job than franco did last year!! Oprah would be a fine choice.

  15. Yup,Oprah for the Oscars, Pine for Robocop. Urban? Who he? #ducksbeforeDezhitshim

  16. She can't be any worse and yes, yes to Karl Urban.

  17. What? Chris Pine as Robocop??

    Rachel Weisz in the lead role of Bourne Legacy. Yay!! But I can't imagine her beside Renner. Can you tell the producer to change the male lead, Dezzyville? :)

  18. Oprah hosting Oscars?? Hmm. I love her, but I don't think that this is her kind of thing. I would love to see Colin Firth have a crack at it. Am I weird? :D

  19. @Luanne
    who is this Netflix person? He has no taste whatsoever, kinda like that Mister Rotten Tomatoes! PATHFINDER isn't the best of films, but you will love the idea, the setting, the historical vibe, the costumes and scantily clad Karl Urban :)

    yes, no one can love him as much as I do /blushes/
    He was really outstanding as Caesar in XENA, so charismatic, witty and royal at the same time. I believe that there is no role he couldn't do, and in that respect he is kinda like Meryl Streep.

    poor Anne did try, but the was pretty much left on her own to pick up the pieces of Franco's catastrophe and finish the evening in the least damaging way

  20. @Drew
    ohpf? I can't even pronounce that

    ah, yes, you would probably go all Jarvais at the Oscars :)) Of course, if you would host the ceremony, me and my penguins would get a solo act at the stage.

    you didn't duck fast enough, mister, I've hit you where it hurts most and where sun doesn't shine :PP

  21. @Lurk
    Urban for president, Urban for president! :)

    Rachel seems to be getting some really bad partners lately, not to mention her new husband. And she is choosing some really bad films. I don't know what is going on with her?

    ah, you ladies would watch Firth even if he was just cleaning a bathroom :PP

  22. THE BOURNE LEGACY and Edward Norton = epic?!
    HOT NEWS buddy!

  23. glad you like the news, Magixx!

  24. I watch the Oscars ever year. Make a point of it. If Oprah's hosting, I might have to boycott. Nothing against her personally, but I'd wager at least 6 dress changes throughout the night, which would distract from the awards.

    Chris Pine in a Robocop remake/reboot? I'd watch that.

    Jeremy Renner vs. Edward Norton? Sounds like a really good fight scene in the near future.

  25. I stopped watching Oscars a few years ago when they started going into wrong hands. Too many bad actors and actresses were awarded in last ten years, and plus the ceremony starts at 2AM in Europe so it's not worth a sleepless night especially not on Monday :)

  26. Exactly why I set the DVR to record, do something else for a while, watch some of it before going to bed at a decent hour, and finish watching in the morning.

  27. Feels like less of a time suck.

  28. ah, if only we had DVR's here in the third world countries :))

  29. I have been sick of Oprah for years i hope she doesn't get to host the Oscars.

  30. "unrivaled ruler of the empire."


  31. I'm always up for a Roman epic like Julius Caesar, especially when you've got Karl Urban in the role! Thanks for posting that pic, dear Dezzy :D

    As for Oprah hosting Oscar... No, just no.

  32. New DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer -

    See it before Warner Bros rip it down

  33. @Cactus
    he he I know there are a lot of people who don't like her :)

    empire in the metaphorical meaning, MJ ;)

    well, Karl isn't really playing in it, it's just my wishful thinking :)

    thanks, but here at HOLLYWOOD SPY we actually consider DARK KNIGHT the worst film ever made.

  34. I'm also confused about the "Julius Caesar in Spain" thing, since that was potentially the most boring part of his career.

  35. @MJ
    well if it will have three parts they have to cover everything

    it's happening