Friday, July 29, 2011


Danny Boyle's new heist film TRANCE which already has James McAvoy in the lead role has just added Vincent Cassel and
Rosario Dawson to the cast. McAvoy and Cassell will play two partners who come up with an elaborate art heist while Dawson will play a woman who has a relationship with both of them. The story centers on an assistant at an auction house (McAvoy) who masterminds a heist and joins a group of thieves to steal a valuable painting. He's the key in the gang since he's the only one who knows where the painting is. Unfortunately, he then gets a hit in the head and wakes up with amnesia so that he cannot remember where the painting is hidden. After he fails to recall his lost memory, the gang hire a female hypnotist to get into his brain.
The first of the two trailers for today announces new film from Brett Ratner (X-MEN LAST STAND, RUSH HOUR3). Premiering
this November, TOWER HEIST revolves around the workers at a luxury Central Park condominium who, after they discover that they have fallen victim to the penthouse billionaire's Ponzi scheme,  plot the ultimate revenge: a heist to reclaim what he took from all of them, but since they know nothing about stealing money they must seek help from a heist expert played by Eddie Murphy. As you can see from the trailer the cast includes a rather strange combination of Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, Tea Leoni, Cassey Affleck and an Oscar winner Gabourey Sidibe.
I didn't have enough space to post the first trailer for sf film BATTLESHIP yesterday, but here it is now. Coming out next
May, and starring a bunch of deadly gorgeous peopleTaylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Josh Pence, Brooklyn Decker and that screaming pop tart Rihanna, the film is actually a movie adaptation of the famous game. The film is directed by Peter Berg and follows a fleet of ships and their crews which are forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origin in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals. As you know, young Taylor Kitsch will also star in JOHN CARTER sf epic next year, so you will be seeing him as a breakthrough star in 2012. I think he looks much better with the new army hairdo.
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  1. it could be real nice with that cast!

  2. Dezzy - The trailer with Eddie Murphy looks crazy. I can't believe all of the actors involved. It's like an actor buffet. =D

  3. um...what is Brooklyn wearing in that pic? lol. Battleship looks better in the trailer than I expected. Woot.
    Tower Heist oddly enough looks fun (I'm not usually a fan of Ben Stiller movies)

  4. @Shells
    it is, Eddie is always hilarious :)

    trust me, I was staring for about ten minutes at the thingy she wears and I concluded it must be a mix of some non-existing bathing suit and body paint :) But it is stunning, isn't it! And that's the most innocent pic from that particular photo shoot :)

  5. "Screaming pop tart" :))

    I'll watch whatever James McAvoy is in, and Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy still make me laugh, so I'll probably check out both of those movies. Wow, double trailer day. :)

  6. well, isn't she? :) Can't stand her personae :)

    I'll watch McAvoy in anything too :) and Stiller and Murphy make me laugh too even though I'm not their fan.
    It's crazy how studios release trailers at the same day instead of giving us one by one.

  7. Now this is the Eddie Murphy I love. Great trailer.

    And you aren't kidding that Taylor looks better with the short hair!! And more eye candy with Mr. Skarsgard (he makes me call him that).

  8. Ha! I was thinking it might have been photoshoped in maybe. Your idea makes sense.

  9. Battleship looks awesome except for Brooklyn and Rihanna who are just useless eye candy.

    Trance is shaping up to be spectacular while I think I'm going to enjoy Tower Heist.

  10. I think maybe I'm jealous because Brooklyn gets to lay herself all over the gorgeousness that is Taylor. ;)))

  11. Awesome trailers. I honestly can't believe Eddie Murphy still looks so young.

  12. Tower Heist looks like it will be a fun movie and Battleship will be something else.

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    Freelance Editing By Mason

  13. Battle ship is going to be such a BAD movie. I am seeing a mix of transformers and battle LA. it is going to BOMB so bad!! I await the great film based on the game Jenga!

    Have a nice weekend Dezzy

  14. Eddie Murphy could do with a hit and the cast should help.

  15. I like the premise of Trance. As for Tower Heist, it worries me when there is a large cast of famous faces.

  16. Eddie Murphy, wtf?! :D
    Has been quite a long time, since I have seen him!

  17. A rather strange combination indeed but I hope the movie not become a strange comedy either.

  18. @Kelly
    I never liked Taylor's long hair, so I think he really looks nice now shortly cropped :) I call Skarsgard - Mister Viking :)

    you are onto something, it could be photo-shop as well! :)

    you are soooo jealous sister :)) Hey, at least Brooklyn, who is gorgeous and lovely, got to make out with Taylor, and not that horrid Rihanna. :)

  19. @Clarissa
    I guess having all those young lovers that he has makes him look fresh and young :)

    I agree, Mason!

    I have a feeling that BATTLESHIP will be a huge huge blockbuster since it uses the same recipe as TRANSFORMERS. I personally don't like films with US army saving us from apocalypse so I probably won't watch it, but special effects in it really are stunning

  20. @Lurk
    he really could!

    TRANCE does have an interesting plot!

    yep, we mostly heard his voice as donkey in SHREK ;)

    judging from the trailer it should be a fun movie for a weekend visit to cinema :)

  21. Battleship looks promising (and with my fave vamp and Liam N. in it, I'm sold!) :D

    p.s. a certain little package is on its way to you!

  22. glad you liked the trailer, Sam, since it does have our fav vamp in it :)

    Oooh, I'm soo excited, I've already posted my cat in front of the gates to wait for the mailman :) And our interview is all ready for Monday!

  23. I heard they were going to make a movie from the game Battleship, but I did not believe it...

  24. Tower Heist looks like lots of fun. Love the cast and Eddie Murphy appears to be on form (back to his best maybe?). Nevertheless, it looks like a character that will allow him to do what he does best.

  25. Battleship looks like the sort of film you have to see in the cinema to fully appreciate. It looks good but can it live up to that trailer?

  26. vincent cassel looks like banderas on that pic

  27. Vincent Cassel? Sign me up.

    Take off Taylor Kitsch's hair? That's just wrong on so many levels.

  28. @Libby
    you now have a cinematic proof right in front of you, sister :)) Not sure if it will be a good movie, though ... I suspect it won't!

    I was also surprised to discover that it actually looks quite fun. I generally don't watch Eddie's movies. And BATTLESHIP really is a film for cinemas!

  29. @Tony
    he does? You mean because of the hairdo?

    We do like Vincent a lot :)
    What? How can you like Taylor's long hair? All greasy and dirty? You have long hair too?

  30. I think the long hair works for him and the roles he's played. Worked as Gambit, worked as Tim Riggins, and it definitely works for John Carter. My hair isn't quite as long, but I also keep it conditioned so I don't look like a douche.

  31. ah, I didn't like his hair in the trailer for JOHN CARTER, as you said I would condition it a bit more, it needs a professional touch :) He has quite a usual and ordinary face and such people need good hairdo in order to give their image a certain depth and aura. That's why I liked him better in this trailer for BATTLESHIP because the short hair makes him look edgier and more attractive.

  32. A heist movie with McAvoy and Cassell? Sounds intriguing. I like Rosario as well so I might check out Trance.

  33. Tower Heist actually looks good, maybe we'll finally see Eddie Murphy resurrect his career. I think he sold his career for a potion that causes him to never age.

    Battleship just looks odd, looks like a bad Transformers rip-off, and I bet Decker is only in the first 5 five minutes.

  34. @Mary
    it does :)

    it is a rather interesting cast, isn't it?

    it does look good :)
    And yes, I guess we won't see much of Brooklyn, but that's why you can see a lot of her in my pic :P

  35. You're right, better Brooklyn than Rihanna. ;) And I don't care that I am jealous Taylor is hot, hot, hot. :P

  36. Trance seems interesting. Battleship however i still don't care about

  37. None of the of the movie intrigues me :(

  38. @Melsy
    he sure is hot!

    yep, it will be a film for the fans of TRANSFORMERS and Michael Bay :) which is not us :)

    ah, sorry to hear that, better luck next time :)

  39. thanks for these! I hadn't heard of either of these movies. that Eddie Murphy looks back in fine form in this film! Too funny!

  40. Eddie is always funny :) Glad you liked the trailers, Terry ;)

  41. Battleship seems like a very silly idea (what next, Backgammon?). Tower Heist looks like it could be fun though :)