Saturday, July 9, 2011


Here's one for those of you who love BBC's enchanting mini series: scheduled for Christmas 2011 is their version of THE GREAT EXPECTATIONS (don't mix it up with the film version coming up with Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes) in which Gillian Anderson will play the rich miss Havisham,
Ray Winstone is evil Magwitch in the cast which will also have David Suchet (famous Poirot) and Mark Addy (from GAME OF THRONES). Young Douglas Booth, whom we shall soon see in new ROMEO AND JULIET, is taking the lead role of orphan Pip. Speaking of Romeo and Juliet, Fox is doing a film adaptation of ROSALINE, Rebbeca Serle's novel a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, set in the 16th century and following Rosaline Caplet, who is in love with her best friend, Rob Monteg. Rosaline's beautiful cousin, Juliet, steals Rob away, as revenge for Rosie's uncle having an affair with her mother years before. Rob eventually wants to win Rosie back, but she already has her eye on the quirky Ren.
One of the films we are looking for this summer is visually breathtaking and action packed remake of CONAN THE
with Jason Momoa, gorgeous Rachel Nichols, Rose McGowan and Ron Perlman, and today you can check out a brand new, totally amazing, poster for the film. According to latest rumors Naomie Harris (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN)  will not be a Bond girl but Miss Moneypenny in the new JAMES BOND 23. As you know Javier Bardem will probably play a villain and Ralph Fiennes will also play a rather grim character beside James Blond Daniel Craig.
And I've finally found some time to show you the second trailer for THE THREE MUSKETEERS which premieres this October. As you remember, although we didn't expect much from it, the first
trailer managed to surprise the audience in a positive way bringing lots of entertaining steampunk elements and stunning visual images into the old tale.  Another news is that British band Take That are singing the lead song for the film which will be called "When We Were Young". If you remember Take That also had a beautiful "Rule The World" song in STARDUST, and they also had the lead song in X-MEN FIRST CLASS this summer. As you know the film will star Logan Lerman, Luke Evans, Orlando Bloom, Matthew McFadyen, Ray Stevenson, Christoph Waltz, Mads Mikelsen, Milla Jovovich ....


  1. Musketeers looks surprisingly good.

  2. it's true, I don't remember being so positively surprised by a trailer as with this one.

  3. im not really excited about the musketeers but i'll give it a go, i might get a nice surprise

  4. I wasn't excited either, before I saw the trailer :)

  5. I didn't realize The Three Muskateers had gone steampunk. Could prove popular. Liked the trailer.

  6. they had :) Love those flying war ships :) and the moving staircases in the floor and Milady's fight choreography :)

  7. I love this trailer. It truly got me excited for the movie!

  8. Glad to hear Naomie Harris is not a Bond Girl, she's attractive but just doesn't scream leading lady in a Bond film.

  9. How many filmed versions of "Great Expectations" does the world really need?

  10. Whoa - The Three Musketeers goes Steampunk! Intriguing... I will definitely want to catch this one.

    And Gillian Anderson as Miss Haversham? Perfect!

    Thanks - great sum-up, as always, Dezzy!

  11. Conan 3D, yes!!
    I really like the actors in it and it will be in 3D! :D

  12. The 3D experiences of Musketeer mustaches. How steampunk-ly entertaining is that? :))

  13. @Raquel
    it really is an entertaining and exciting trailer isn't it? :)

    it's true, Answer, but it's also true that in last ten years most Bond girls were mediocre and quite unattractive, kinda like the Blond Bond himself. Since they are choosing some bigger names for villains I wonder if they will go for a better known actresses for Bong girls too?

    this will be just a TV version since British audience likes watching classics at Christmas.

  14. @Ishta
    we do love us some steampunk :)
    Glad you liked the news today!

    hey, Magixx, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY ;) CONAN should be really great this August!

    very entertaining, very entertaining :)

  15. I'll watch the three musketeers only for Christoph Waltz!!

  16. he will be a nice villain, I'm sure ;)

  17. The Three Musketeers surprised me; I'm looking forward to seeing it. Love the steampunk elements!

  18. i agree looks good! wana see it! and can i just say you have the most amazing blog! :)

  19. side do i get to be a charmer you want ppl to spy on? ;) you can email me at alexisxjakobs@gmail

  20. @Jamie
    they've managed to surprise everybody with the steampunk splendor and RESIDENT EVIL fight scenes

    thanks for loving the blog ;)
    And I've sent you an e-mail with the answer.

  21. @Dezmond - I think they've had some more attractive Bond girls in recent memories, in terms of acting that's never been high on the list for Bond Girl qualifications. I also find Craig to be one of the better Bonds, second to only Sean Connery.

  22. I reckon you have certain miss Green in mind :)
    I have nothing against Craig's acting, he is more or less fine in that, but I just don't see him physically as Bond, and to me personally he is in the rank of Lazenby - rather unmemorable. Sean Connery still is the best one among them!

  23. Hvala na sugestiji, pozdrav za fellow blogger-a! :) P.S Odlican blog ali ne mogu da nadjem follow widget :(

  24. Resident Evil 7: The Three Zombie Muskateers

    Like seriously, this looks like a typical soulless P.W. Anderson crap. The tone looks pure silly.

    Who knows, maybe it'll be a masterpiece. I suppose I did kinda like EVENT HORIZON back in the day.

  25. @Bojan
    nema na cemu, pitaj uvek ako ti je potrebna pomoc oko engleskog :)
    Tu je follow widget sa desne strane pod naslovom SOME HOT PEOPLE, samo Blogger nekada zeza pa se ne vidi uvek, evo sada ponovo radi :)

    but of course :)

    I think the movie is intended to be just pure fun, nothing too deep.

  26. I love it when they make the classics into movies! Awesome.

  27. yep, it's nice seeing books we loved on film too :)

  28. I am so excited for Gillian. I knew her way back when at DePaul University. She was a Theater student and I was an English major, but I worked for the theater school and used to talk with her many times. She was always very nice.

    I am getting more and more excited for The Three Musketeers. I love steampunk.

  29. So they managed to surprise me with new elements in The Three Musketeers. :) Didn't think that was possible with this (well known) story.
    But those flying ships... :)

    I'm looking forward to both Conan and The Three Musketeers. We didn't have many high production action-adventure period films these last several years. (Beside works of Asian cinematography.)

  30. @Melsy
    I always knew you were secretly hanging out with celebs and hiding it from us :PP

    hey, Bels, how ya' doin'?
    Nobody thought Musketeers could surprise us but they sure did :)
    In my opinion autumn and winter will be a much stronger cinematic season than summer at least when it comes to creativity and quality.

  31. Well, you know, my circle of friends is the hippest thing going. ;) LOL If you asked Gillian about that time, she'd say "Who?"

  32. oh, please, are you saying that you and me aren't just about the hippest people around? :) Celebs should beg us to hang out with them :)

  33. Is it just me or does Orlando Bloom look like a complete douche in that poster? Or maybe that's the point?

  34. well, he does play a villain in the film :)