Monday, July 25, 2011


I think that today we shall have a photo Monday, since I have a tone of brilliant new images to show you, so here we go: first you can check out a brand new poster for Tarsem's Greek epic
IMMORTALS which leaves me absolutely breath taken! You can see Henry Cavill as Theseus in the heat of the battle surrounded above his head with all other characters (Freida Pinto, Stephen Dorff) from the film and all the Greek Gods (Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz) who are helping him in his battle against evil king Hyperion (Michey Rourke)! The film will sweep the box offices this November! And the latest reports state that the journalists who were shown some footage from the film this weekend at Comic Con were all left stunned, dazzled and absolutely amazed by the revolutionary usage of visuals and 3D technique!
After Tarsem has amazed us with the first image of Lily Collins in his SNOW WHITE project last week, this weekend has brought us first images from the rival SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN project too.But unlike the first film which will be a
visually spectacular mix of fantasy, fairy tales and comedy, the second one looks dark, grim and less promising (due to the lead actress): the images show costumed cast - Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen, Sam Claflin as the prince and Chris
as the Huntsman. There's also the horrid Kristen Stewart trying to look like Snow White. This one premieres three months after Tarsem's project next June. 
Another treat for today are concept art character posters released this weekend for the AVENGERS movie which will gather all of the
biggest superheroes in one movie: Chris Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man .... After a bootlegged trailer from last week, we are
expecting an official one to come up soon! The film is currently in production! Click each of the images in the post to see them in bigger size!
And the last thing for today is a brand new trailer for BEL AMI which features some amazing and extremely beautiful and sensual music and some relatively one-dimensional acting from Robert Pattinson. Based on Maupassant's novel and set in the 19th
century Paris this film will chronicle a young man's rise to power in the French capital via his manipulation of the city's most influential and wealthy women who will be, judging from the trailer, marvelously portrayed by Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas.


  1. Saw the 3D trailer for Immortals and hate to say it - not impressed. The 3D effects were not that good and it felt so familiar. Be curious to see what critics say when it comes out.

  2. Having a good time until I got to the trailer. Could be really good movie with a better lead actor. Maybe it's just the trailer...

  3. sorry to hear that, you must be the first person to say that. People who saw clips at ComicCon think the film shows the best use of 3D ever, and I personally thought trailer was the most magnificent one we've seen this year. Special effects, costumes and visuals are outstanding. I'm guessing you're one of those people who've never seen Tarsem's films. He's an artist not a regular director.

  4. @Mary
    yep, RPats isn't the best of actors :) but the trailer does have a nice atmosphere.

  5. It's only the 24th where I am! Are you on the other side of the Earth? Anyway, great posts today or tomorrow--depending on where you are). I love a good trailer. Even if Edward is dressed up in Paris:).

  6. HOLLYWOOD SPY's secret headquarters are in Central Europe which means we are six hours ahead of you :)

  7. Yeah... I'm having trouble with Kirsten Stewart as Snow White...

  8. big trouble if you ask me :(

  9. Charlize Theron looks amazing. I just watched her in Monster the other night and am still amazed at how she transformed herself for that.

  10. Those are some really well done posters. Can't wait to see the actual film.

  11. I love the Marvel posters! I like the dark, grim side of Snow White and the Hunstman, but with Stewart in the lead I'm going to have to have to give it a miss.

  12. MOrning My Friend Dezmond the Great!!

    I am here do not panic!

    Who had the bright idea of giving those wretched Twilight stars more work? for crying out loud!!

    Hope you are well

  13. Belami looks ridiculous. Snow White and the Huntsmen looks weird with Thor.

  14. The Avengers is very promising but I'm still iffy on the Immortals, good work sir.

  15. wtf, these news are prolly the best I have ever read :S
    looking forward to the releases!!

  16. Charlize look stunning as the evil queen.

  17. @Luanne
    she does look great, and she was great in MONSTER not just physically but psychologically too, she was extremely realistic, one of the best deserved Oscars.

    glad you like it, Clarissa :)

    yes, I'm afraid lots of people will not go to see the film thanks to that Stewart wench. It will be watched mostly by teenagers I reckon

  18. @Custie
    ah, I was just about to start panicking :)
    Yes, we shall put the people who brought TWILIGHT stars back to life onto our black list!

    I see you have a strong reaction on today's news 8)

    ah, I'm sure you will be amazed by THE IMMORTALS in the end, Lurk :)

  19. @Magixx
    glad you think so, MAgixx, it was a strong weekend in the news department thanks to the COMIC CON!

    she sure does, but that knife also makes her look rather scary, but we know you like that :)

  20. how amazing looks Charlize!!! Thanks for sharing


  21. The snow white posters look great...but why o why she is in it!! you know of whom I am talking about ;)

  22. Can't wait to watch Captain America!

  23. Ooh! OOH! I saw the IMMORTALS trailer before Harry Potter and it was AMAZING! I really can't wait for that one.

  24. @David
    she does look amazing in the film, but Charlize always looks amazing :)

    yep, my point exactly!

    hurry up it's in cinemas right now breaking records.

    it is the most amazing trailer ever :) November is soooo far away :(

  25. ooo... gorgeous Snow White pix. but I have to say, not feelin the Bel Ami so much--although I love the setting and the location. Too bad~ :o) <3

  26. Nice collection of posters. The Immortals have been putting out inspiring pieces. Love the look of Belami and enjoyed the trailer.

  27. @Leigh
    yep, BEL AMI probably won't go all too well in the cinemas, but it will probably be nicely sold on the DVD marker later on :)

    glad you liked the trailer and the poster, Mary, IMMORTALS sure does look like the best film this year!

  28. Robert Pattinson is certainly no charmer. Twilight sapped whatever charm he'd had from his brief appearance in the HP films. He was the most boring part of this trailer. Kristen Scott Thomas was nearly as boring.

    Charlize looks divine as the evil queen. Damn, but I wish she was in Tarsem's version. I can't see Julia carrying off one his spectacular costumes.

  29. I'm with Melissa about this Snow White version, I just have no interest in seeing Kristen Stewart as Snow White, I wish Charlize had been in the Tarsem version. I think she has more edge than Julia as the evil queen.

    As for the Bel Ami trailer, looks ok, but like you said, it probably will be a bust. Wow, R-Patz against all those actresses who are older than him, heh he seems far too pale to be all that bewitching, but at least he's not sparkly in this one. Throw in Henry Cavill or Karl Urban in this role and I'd truly believe those guys can seduce these high society women.

  30. Chris Hemsworth looks good as The Huntsman in that Snow White version. Agreed on Kristen Stewart and her one-note expression.

    AVENGERS?! Excuse me while I clean up from this nerdgasm.

    I had high hopes for Robert Pattinson, but he just seems like a douche.

  31. @Melsy
    no charmer at all! He is about as charming as a zombie! The same goes for his horrid girfriend.
    And although I can't say I have something special against her, but Kristen Scott Thomas really makes you wanna doze off as soon as you see her on screen.
    I will also never understand why didn't Tarsem take Charlie instead of Julia????

    using Stewart in that role is probably the worst casting choice ever since they gave Storm role to Halle Berry :)
    Totally true, when you have a movie about a sexy seducer you can't give the lead role to someone as cold as RPatz! It's sad watching him try and try in the trailer but in vain.

    Chris would look good in pretty much any role :)
    What? You haven't heard of AVENGERS film before? You might get a new nerdgasm next week if we finally get the first official trailer.
    RPatz is a douche :)

  32. Oh, no, I have heard of it. But that concept art is spectacular.