Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well, this could end up being a film with a very interesting cast: according to "Aceshwobiz" both Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson could take roles in British heist film TRANCE to be
directed by Danny Boyle (TRAIN SPOTTING). The film already has James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in the cast and Scarlett and Colin could join them, although there are rumors that Firth might actually replace Fassbender. The story centers on an assistant at an auction house who masterminds a heist and joins a group of thieves to steal a valuable painting. He's the key in the gang since he's the only one who knows where the painting is. Unfortunately, he then gets a hit in the head and wakes up with amnesia so that he cannot remember where the painting is hidden. After he fails to recall his lost memory, the gang hire a female hypnotist to get into his brain.
According to "MovieWeb" Dimension Films has acquired rights for the movie adaptation of the bestselling book HOW TO DEFEAT YOUR OWN CLONE.  In the year 2013 the first
human clone was created and within years clones were in most homes only to be taken advantage of by their human owners and treated as slaves. Following a revolution, civil war erupted between Mankind and their Clone creations who were fighting for their freedom. The Clones won. In this new world where Clones dominate, the film will follow Ethan on his quest to turn the tide of the war back in our favor against impossible odds. Clones may have the same DNA blueprint as humans, but they are younger, stronger, healthier and more evolved. Is Mankind prepared to outsmart and defeat their own clones?
I don't know if you've noticed, but almost all of this summer's big blockbusters will get sequels. GREEN LANTERN is getting second part (hopefully with Blake Lively as Star Sapphire), THOR is
getting a sequel (but without its director Kenneth Branagh), and TRANSFORMERS and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN will probably get their gazillionth sequels since they've become the biggest earners at the box office. Judging from the interesting clip bellow, it seems that CAPTAIN AMERICA THE FIRST AVENGER could also get its sequel if it performs well on July 22nd. Although it is set in the WW2 the film features scenes in which Chris Evans is shown in the modern day (in the clip bellow he is discovered frozen in the ice in the modern days), which means that the second part of the film could be made with Captain America set in our days. And as you know, Captain America will also appear beside other superheros in THE AVENGERS which comes out in 2012.


  1. HOW TO DEFEAT YOUR OWN CLONE sound interesting. I also like the sound of TRANCE. And of course Captain A looks great.

  2. glad you like all three, Lyndy, it was extremely difficult finding news in last four days since nobody works in Hollywood due to holidays :(

  3. James McAvoy and Colin Firth could fold laundry and I'd pull up a chair and watch. :)

  4. Those look like three really great movies. I love Firth and would watch any movie with him in it.

  5. How to Defeat Your Own Clone sounds very intriguing as does Trance. I hope Fassbender stays.

    Still not interested by Captain America. He bores me to no end as a hero. He's too apple pie, mama and the American Flag. Superman pulls that act off much better. Even with Evans, who yes I know he can act, :) it's going to be a yawner for me. I've beyond bored by the trailers. And that whole frozen in the ice deal is just ridiculous. I mean what is he, a mastadon? ;)

  6. Im not missing Capt. America for the world! Ill be there asap!

  7. OMG. I am drooling at the thought of TRANCE. Someone hand me a tissue, quick! ;-)

  8. Wow, that is some male cast they're considering for TRANCE. Not crazy about Scarlet though, she's getting so overrated these days.

  9. Ah Dezzy; you're such a tease with that excerpt of Capt America. If we begs you does you gives us more . .

    Clones wars looks like a mix of Blade Runner/Bicentennial Man/I Robot; only using clones instead of androids. Hmm, I like the concept. Wait, where's my pencil; I gotta write down these movies to watch this weekend in preparation for clones.

    Trance sounds like a remake of Thomas Crown Affair, but I'd never turn down a Colin Firth movie. And I'll be Scarlett is awesome.

    I see some excellent movie watching in my future. Thanks Dez.


  10. Trance sounds like an Oscar contender already! Love Boyle and I get excited when I see his name on a new project.

  11. How to Defeat Your Own Clone... Cool!
    Loved the Johansson's image. If she can get rid of that unnecessary sweater, it could be more awesome ;P :)

  12. well you did an excellent job (as always) :)

  13. What is the matter with James McAvoy's eye in that picture, looks like he has been punched!!

    A sequel to Thor? I am still to see the first one!!


  14. That How to Defeat your own Clone sounds great (will probably get the book) and I still await Captain America goodness (hopefully)

  15. I'm always game for another superhero movie.

    Still confused why Captain America didn't come out last week, but mostly because I was hoping Dad and I could see it when they were in town last weekend.

  16. @Luanne
    now that would be some interesting laundry folding :) Especially if they would be doing the laundry because they didn't have any on them :P

    glad you like it, Clarissa :)

    I'm with you on CAPTAIN AMERICA. You do know that they will even have to change the title in a number of countries around the world because antiamerican feeling around the world is extremely strong. I'm also not into that particular hero, but I do love Chris Evans. Hailee Atwell is one of the names which will keep me from watching the movie.

  17. @Devour
    just two weeks of waiting :)

    all the ladies love them some firth :)

    he he the story is a bit droolworthy, I admit :)

    as you know, I'm not crazy about Scarlett either, she is just to cold and zombielike for me

  18. @Donnzie
    hey, Donnzie, well I did post the whole trailer for CAPTAIN AMERICA before :) so if you use the search button in the right sidebar you might find it :) Glad to see you excited about the film :)

    not sure about the Oscar thing, since I reckon it will be more of an action film, but who knows, the male part of the cast certainly is great

    not gonna happen, Jaccsy, and besides you're a married man now :) go and rip a sweater off your Mrs :P

  19. @Custie
    ah, don't you know that you are supposed to wear some make-up when you put a tux on? Don't you know anything about red carpet fashion? :PPP

    glad you think so :)

    the clone film does have an interesting plot, it's true!

    yes, I reckon CAPTAIN AMERICA would've been a more logical film for the 4th of July than TRANSFORMERS :)

  20. Sequels already?! I haven't even seen the first ones yet! :) How to defeat your own clone sounds really interesting. I know how to defeat my own clone.. With Scarlett Johansson!

  21. I love Scarlet but really can't wait for the Captain America movie.

  22. I'll have to check out How to Defeat Your Own Clone. Some great things coming down the pike. :)

  23. @HiFi
    yep, Hollywood is quite quick these days :) And maybe you should take Scarlett's clone too, so that you can have two of them ;)

    the waiting is over in just two weeks :)

    it does sound like a possibly interesting movie :)