Friday, March 11, 2011


Ah, so today we shall have a TV day at HOLLYWOOD SPY :) Lots of new projects and cast choices have been announced this week connected with the shows we will be watching this Autumn. So here
we go:
Two of the upcoming new shows I've  mentioned this week have new cast additions: gorgeous Kristin Kreuk has joined NBC'S 17TH PRECINCT, a crime show set in a town in which magic and supernatural elements rule over science. The show already has Jamie Bamber, Tricia Helfer, Stockard Channing and James Callis in the cast.  On the other hand,  LOST's Terry O'Quinn will be the villain in ABC's musical pilot (the show will have lots of gospel music) HALLELUJAH from the creator of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Marc Cherry about a stranger who comes to a town ruled by forces of good and evil and tries to solve the clash.

Another new show I've mentioned recently with a new cast member is ABC's POE,  a 19th century set crime show in which famous writer Edgar Allan Poe will also be a detective using unconventional means to uncover mysteries. As you know Christopher Egan will take the lead role of Poe and the prettiest  TV actress ever, Tabrett Bethell will play his muse, but now they are also joined by Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn from THE TUDORS) who will play a character called Celeste.
SHORT TV HEADLINES Since CBS has finally kicked Charlie Sheen from their top sitcom TWO AND A HALF MEN
(and he has just sued them for $100 million), the rumors have started about the possible actor to replace him. Apparently the main contenders for the role are Rob Lowe and John Stamos (who kinda even looks like Sheen if you ask me). *Stephen Spielberg's pre-historic show TERRA NOVA, with the $20 million pilot episode, has got an order for another 13 episodes even before the premiere. *Julianne Moore will play Sarah Palin in HBO's GAME CHANGE, TV film on 2008 elections.  *HBO is also planning HOBGOBLIN, a pilot about magicians and con men who fight Hitler.

Another of the upcoming shows which has new cast members is ABC's ONCE UPON A TIME charming new fantasy series. According to "MovieWeb" Jennifer Morrison (HOUSE) will take the lead role of a woman who discovers the sleepy town of Storybrook, where fictional fairy tales seem to come to life. Ginnifer Goodwin will play Snow White, Lana Parrilla will play the Evil Queen who has most of Storybrook under her spell. Robert Carlyle will play Rumplestiltskin, Joshua Dallas (plays Fandral in THOR) will play Prince Charming, Jamie Dornan  (top model) will be Storybrook's sheriff while young Jared Gilmore will play Henry, Anna's young son who is the only one in town who isn't under the Queen's spell so he goes out to find his mother and bring her to Storybrook to help defeat the Queen. The show is created by the writers of TRON: LEGACY.


  1. Ginnifer Goodwin will make a great SNow White!
    And I'd rather see John Stamos on Men than Rob Lowe. Would they play the same character or be someone totally new I wonder?

  2. I'm not sure, Kelly, but it's possible Rob won't get the role since he is already starring in some new, not so popular, show.

  3. Cool news! I can't wait to see how they do Poe. Now I have to read more about Sheen! What's he up to?

  4. POE should be really good with Chris and Tabby! It could easily become my favourite new show :)
    I'm not sure Sheen knows himself what's he up to :)

  5. I'm happy to see Kristin Kreuk again.
    I don't think replacing Charlie Sheen will work. he is supposed to have carried the whole series by being himself and not acting at all, so who could do better than that. (I personally am not a fan actually)
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  6. yep, it will be nice seeing Kristin again especially among such a gorgeous cast.
    And I've also never been a fan of that sitcom :) nor of Sheen.

  7. Wow, the 17TH PRECINCT is going to have a lot of well-known people in it.

  8. That is simply awesome. Rob Lowe or John Stamos to replace Sheen! I might actually watch it now. : ) Charlie Sheen has never really done it for me as an actor. Not that John Stamos is a world class act but come on he's Uncle Jesse!! hahaha.

  9. Wow - these all sound great! Of course, since I think that, they'll all be cancelled mid-season... :) Will definitely watch 17th Precinct - it's a BSG reunion with Lana Lang thrown in- Woo hoo!

  10. In the minority here, but I love Two and a Half Men. The writing is superb and I always laugh. Guess that's just my twisted humor. Not a fan of Charlie's, though. John Stamos would be a cool replacement.

    Julianne is playing Sister Sarah? Wonder how she'll tackle the role of the ultimate ignorant bitch? ;)

  11. POE could be interesting.
    ONCE UPON A TIME sounds, well, odd.

  12. @Holly
    yep, it will be a starstudded cast :) especially if you liked BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!

    and don't forget that Stamos was married to Rebbeca Romijn so can't be all that bad :))) That woman has great taste, beside being a gorgeous and talented actress!

  13. @Donea
    well, these will all first be pilots, which means that they might not even get a second episode, but I hope they will :)

    he he he... Sister Sarah :))) Well, I'm guessing playing an ignorant bitch isn't that hard, evil roles are usually the easiest ones :)

    well, "odd" is the new trend in TV shows :) but I'm guessing it will be a great show with all those crazy fairy tale characters in reality.

  14. wow, i like the sound of hobgoblin. especially when it involved some historic figure, which in this case is Hitler. i'm not too familiar when it comes to historic figure, but it's always the most fun to learn about them through tv! :)

  15. I love John Stamos, but I have to confess: I've never watched that show! But I'm sure he'd do a great job... And that Poe show just is so odd to me. Poe as a detective? But... that's so not his personality! It's just bizarre... :o) <3 ((hug))

  16. If John Stamos messes this up Charlie will definitely be winning after all lol

  17. Looks like it's going to be an interesting time in TV land. Poe will be one to watch.

    Thoughts in Progress

  18. once upon a time sounds excellent!
    and sheen... all i can say is "at last."

  19. Since I don't watch a whole lot of TV I probably won't see any of these. Although I should watch some old episodes of 2 1/2 Men to see what it was like with Charlie Sheen. The guy has been so darn entertaining of late.

    Tossing It Out

  20. @Levian
    it's true, although I'm not sure you will learn much from this particular one, since it seems it will have comical elements :)

    I tried watching it a few times and it never won me over. But Poe was always into occult things and mysteries, why do you think it doesn't fit him?

    I believe Charlie already considers himself a winner :)

  21. @Mason
    it will be very interesting, quite imaginative and creative. Hope it won't all turn out bad.

    he he ... I have a feeling we won't be seeing the last of him :))

    I don't watch much TV, either, maybe 2 hours tops weekly, but those two hours are usually for my favourite shows

    greetings to Malaysia! :)

  22. Lowe or Stamos? Guess they're staying with the 80's brat pack.

  23. Kristin Kreuk looks fabulous in that pic, I'm glad we'll soon see her performance in TV series again.

  24. @Alex
    the past is here to haunt us again

    ah, you should see the whole pic, Jaccsy, I couldn't put it here since it's too wide, but take a look:

  25. Woah, lucky miss Kreuk! Man, I can't wait for 17th Precinct!! Btw Dezzy, did you know Kristin is part Indonesian? We Indo girls are pretty cute, he..he..

  26. eh, I'm sure she isn't nearly as pretty as certain Dezmond's Indonesian Angel :)

  27. I'm very interested to see Terre Nova and 17th Precinct.

    Didn't think the network would give up on its hit show so easily despite CS going over to ... Britneyland. I don't really care to watch folks melt down.

  28. Glad to see Kristin Kruek back, missed her since the good old Smallville days, 17th Precinct is looking so cool....and ohhhhhhh Jamie Duran!

  29. @MPax
    both could be very cool new shows :)
    He he and CS really did go to Britney/Mel land :)

    must admit I'm shocked you're the first and the only one to notice our dashing Jamie Dornan :)

  30. I'm excited to see 17th Precinct n' Poe.
    Charlie Sheen doesn't need to be replaced. They need a spin off show,each week a celebrity guest. Sheen's character is on a walk-a-bout, finding himself or something.

  31. yep, both POE and 17TH PRECINCT could be cool shows, Ella ;)