Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Even though he is a marvelous actor, which he proved giving stunning performances in  CRASH, GODS AND MONSTERS and THE QUIET AMERICAN, Brendan Fraser does have a tendency of acting in films with crazy plots. Here's another one:
WHOLE LOTTA SOLE will have him star in a story about a young man who robs a fish shop to pay off a gambling debt. The heist goes wrong and it turns into a hostage situation.  Fraser will play the owner of the fish shop, who is also hiding out from his gangster father-in-law. The film will be directed by Terry George (HOTEL RWANDA, RESERVATION ROAD).
SHORT HEADLINES Although Baz Luhrmann has kinda delayed his work on the film adaptation of THE GREAT GATSBY(which is no wonder to me, since he gathered a really horrible cast including De Caprio, Toby Maguire and Carey Mulligan), the latest news say that Bradley Cooper wants to play Tom Buchanan, Gatsby's main rival, in it.  *Sony Pictures is
planning to shoot AGENT OX, a sf film about a human spy living on an alien planet who tries to stop the aliens from invading Earth. The film comes from the producer of BATTLE: LOS ANGELES which just topped box office charts this weekend. *Yet another future sf film is 7TH DAY, produced by Martha De Laurentis, which will describe a journey to create a new colony in outer space. *I've told you this weekend that young Jennifer Lawrence will probably take the lead role in the film adaptation of the famous fantasy saga THE HUNGER GAMES, but now we have the main candidates for male lead - Alex Pettyfer and Josh Hutcherson. Both are quite popular these days with their I AM NUMBER FOUR and THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT roles.

Check out the first trailer for Wayne Wang's upcoming Asian saga SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN, a movie adaptation of Lisa See bestselling book. The story in this visually spectacular drama is set in 19th century China and centers on the lifelong friendship between two girls who develop their own secret code as a way to contend with the rigid cultural norms imposed on women.  Drawing on the lessons of the past, the two modern women must understand the story of their ancestral connection, hidden from them in the folds of the antique white silk fan, or risk losing one another forever. Starring Gianna Jun and Li Bing Bing as two "sisters" and super star Hugh Jackman as well, the film brings two parallel storylines, one set in contemporary Shanghai, the other in 19th Century China. The film should hit cinemas this July.


  1. Dezzy - Whoa! Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous! Can't wait for the movie. =D

  2. she is :) especially in that ESQUIRE photo shoot :) She will make a great couple with Pettyfer or Hutcherson.

  3. ah, Mary, don't tell me we've finally found a film for you? :))))

  4. I'll have to look up Josh Hutcherson and check him out. I can't wait for the Hunger Games movie! It will be intense!

  5. Hi Dezzy, there might be a typo in the paragraph above '...to pay off a gambling debut,' you mean 'debt' right? :) Sounds like an interesting premise, I like Brendan doing more serious drama/thriller instead of those silly stuff like Furry Vengeance.

    I've never heard of 'Snow Flower,' looks really sad... reminds me of Joy Luck Club. Hugh Jackman is in it?? He's not in the trailer though.

  6. i have not heard of Snow Flower n the Secret Fan until now. it's plot sounded so interesting! movies that has the classic china feel to it are usually rather critical, for either being very good, or very bad. n i can't wait to find one which category this one belongs to! :)

  7. Oh, I hope they don't ruin The Great Gatsby! The original is one of my favorite films. Love the trailer.

  8. I don't know what to think on "Whole Lotta Sole." It sounds kind of silly but I hope it will prove me wrong because I like Brendan Fraser a lot. As for Alex Pettyfer being possibly casted in "The Hunger Games" that is exciting. I think he is a pretty good actor after seeing "Beastly." I'm becoming a fan of his lately.

    I'm sorry to hear about your country's slightly recent experience with an earthquake. I hope all is well now. : )

  9. I like Brendan Fraser, he can pull it off~
    Snow Flower looks good; I loved "The Joy Luck Club". I'm torn on "The Great Gatsby"?!

  10. ok why exactly would dicaprio and carey mulligan make a bad cast??

    and i sure hope they don't mess up the hunger games. though i wouldn't mind pettyfer... i saw him in #4 and i think he did pretty good. (and he's pretty!)

  11. I loved Snow Flower and I so cannot wait for this movie. It looks positively gorgeous. I do hope Brendan's film will rise above its name and its crazy plot. He needs a hit after his last dismal outings.

  12. I agree with you Dez! Fraser definitely exhibits that "Nicholas Cage" trait when it comes to choosing characters in films with crazy plots. And sometimes, his hair is almost as bizarre (though not nearly as atrocious as Cage).

    Snow Flower sounds fantastic. I love the parallel storyline approach.

  13. snow flower was an exceptional book. It looks like they are adding more to the current day storyline.

  14. Thanks for keeping us updated about the magical world of cinema.

    Have a super week Dezz!!!

  15. I like Brendan Fraser. Not one of my favorite actors, but I definitely like him. He has some definite good work under his belt. And some that are just enjoyable popcorn flicks like The Mummy.

    I'm hoping the remark about DiCaprio, Maguire and Mulligan being a horrible cast was sarcasm...? Those are some fine actors. Especially DiCaprio. I'll be interested in that project when it finally gets done.

    Agent Ox and 7th Day both sound interesting. Agent Ox even more so. Seems like a refreshing take on the genre. I'll have to keep an eye out on that one.

    The Hunger Games should make for an awesome movie. I'm definitely curious to see how Lawrence does. She did a wonderful job in Winter's Bone. And I'm looking for her to solidify herself as a respectable actress.

  16. my mom adores frazer. :) hutcherson is a great actor, but not really what i pictured for gale...

  17. @Kelly
    you can use the search button here in the right sidebar, I've posted pics of Hutcherson a few times, he is a nice and cute young actor.

    I shall correct the typo :) I thought you heard about SECRET FAN, I've written about it a few times in last year and a half. I haven't seen Hugh in the trailer either :(

    I'm sure it will be a good film, it seems like a profound and touching drama with lovely settings :)

  18. @Clarissa
    the original had Robert Redford. yes?

    yep, both Fraser and Pettyfer are super charming actors and we love watching them in films :)
    Thanks, Nicole, but unfortunately when disasters happen in my country they leave bigger problems than when they happen in the West since we are a poor country and don't have money for rebuilding. We still haven't rebuilt most of the buildings and bridges and schools which were destroyed back in 1999, when UK and US aggressors were bombing our people and children for almost three months :( It's horrible when problems strike poor countries.

    must admit I haven't heard off THE JOY LUCK CLUB, is it also Asian?

  19. @Kristin
    because both of them represent the lead stars of the new generation of extremely mediocre actors who don't have any dramatic talent in themselves and who never gave a single profound performance :)
    Pettyfer could get the role, since they've chosen Lawrence for female lead, and since she's a bit older they might cast him instead of Hutcherson who is still a teen.

    you might also wanna read the SECRET FAN book before the film comes out, I hear it's a lovely book :)

    yes, something definitely did happen with his hair, it was so beautiful in his younger years, when he was the star of MUMMY but now it's kinda feathery and strange :) But, unlike me, at least he still has it he he he :)

  20. @Harrygoaz
    hey, Harry, how's it going? Haven't seen you lately, and you know we like when you drop by for a drink ;)

    yes, I hear the book is quite lovely, and the second book of the same author has also been sold for a movie adaptation, but I forgot it's name, I wrote about it last year.

    Ah, yes, Brendan's role in THE MUMMY is one of the best roles in that genre, and the movie itself is still number one in the genre of fun historical adventures.
    No, it's not skepticism :) I really think Caprio and Mulligan are extremely bad actors, who ruin every film they appear in :) I prefer educated refined thespians with deep charisma and intelligent performances, which is why the list of my fav actors has 99% of Brits and Australians :)
    I'm also looking forward to Jennifer's career, hope she will show us more of her talent in the upcoming films, and she is also very lovely.

    we all adore Fraser :) Josh might not get the role, he did talk with the director but so did many other young actors in Hollywood. But he is a hot thing among the younger actors these days, so he also might get it in the end if Pettyfer doesn't.

  21. I can't wait for the HUNGER GAMES movie. Nice to know who's up for the male lead!

  22. you can always count on your Spy to keep you informed on such things, Juls :)

  23. Snowflower sounds good.

    I was thought Brendan is adorable.

  24. Wow, to call DiCaprio an extremely bad actor. I can't even fathom how one could even begin to say that. Maybe some people may not care for him, but to flat out call him a bad actor? Sorry but I have to not only disagree with you, but just plainly state you're wrong. Have you seen his movies? The Aviator, Catch Me If You Can, Gangs of New York, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Beach...? You may not like him (maybe he just annoys you), but anybody that can play the roles he did in any of those movies (especially Aviator, The Beach and What's Eating Gilbert Grape) can't be a bad actor. That's just not even up for debate.

  25. Ugh. I really, REALLY hope they don't choose Alex Pettyfer for THE HUNGER GAMES. I just saw him in BEASTLY and his acting was beyond atrocious. I've literally seen better in high school plays. Really, I spent the whole movie wishing I could shoot myself.

    If he's in THE HUNGER GAMES, despite the fact I've been dying for the movie for a very long time now, I will not go see it.

  26. Ah, any period movie with Hugh Jackman in it will be a good one! Hmmm..Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, huh? Could work. Still not sure about Alex P. for, I'm guessing, Peeta? And Josh Hutcherson for Gale? Really? He's not quite darkly handsome enough for me, but...I guess we'll see!

  27. Sounds like some interesting scifi coming our way. I kind of like the title "Whole Lotta Sole"--it sounds as stupid as the premise of the movie, which could spell good quirky fun.

    Tossing It Out

  28. Snow Flower looks interesting.

    And Agent Ox sounds amazing. I love the concept of it.

  29. @Avalon
    it does sound good and he is adorable :)

    than we shall not debate it :) And yes, I've seen all of those films.

    he he ... Emsy, than we shall keep our fingers crossed, for your sake, that he doesn't get the role ;)

  30. @Donea
    yep, Hugh is a great ingredient in any film ;) And I'm not sure, but I think both Alex and Josh compete for the same role.

    I shall agree with you, good sir, on both things you said ;)

    it does have a cool and interesting concept!

  31. Jennifer Lawrence. WOW. Thank you for that.

  32. be welcome, Rapid :) She has officially signed to play in HUNGER GAMES today :) And the photo shoot is from ESQUIRE if you wanna google it ;)