Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The second and the final part of WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE FOREIGNER IN HOLLYWOOD poll is over and we have a winner. German superstar Til Schweiger has won the title with 28% of your votes, leaving gorgeous Salma Hayek in the second place with22 % of your votes, while Milla Jovovich finished third (15%).

Beside being the biggest and the most successful German film star, super dashing and magnetically charismatic Til Schweiger is also one of the most popular European actors. Being so talented and striking, Til wasn't neglected by Hollywood producers either,so he had quite a lot of memorable performances
in US films too. We remember his roles in THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS,  LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER, then there was his great role of Barbaric prince Cynric in KING ARTHUR in which he shined beside  Clive Owen. Most of you remember him from INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, while this year we shall watch him in THIS MEANS WAR and THE THREE MUSKETEERS. Here in Europe we also know him as Lucky Luke from LES DALTON and for his roles in THE RED BARON and RABBIT WITHOUT EARS.
The most gorgeous Latina in Hollywood, Salma Hayek, has it all - a spicy and seductive temper, a breathtaking curvelicious body and a profound acting talent. She can entertain us with fun roles (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, FOOLS RUSH IN, WILD WILD WES) but she can also amaze us with her passionate acting as in her Oscar nominated role in FRIDA. In the future she will be a mafia matriarch in SAVAGES. Can you believe that she is 46?!? She is Hollywood's highest paid Latina actress ever.

Now, let us do a poll just for my gorgeous ladies! Eight cheeky young Hollywood stars, all dashing, all mischievous,  all witty and always ready for action will compete next two weeks for the title of YOUR FAVOURITE NAUGHTY BOY IN HOLLYWOOD. So, who shall it be? Who's the naughtiest among them: GI Joe Channing Tatum, Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds, crazy Ashton Kutcher, mega naughty Tom Hardy, fast and furious Paul Walker,  flirtatious Bradley Cooper, or that Irish bad boy Colin Farrell? You can vote as much as you like next two weeks. Hope my ladies will enjoy the pics :)


  1. Cool! I'll vote for the next one when the photos arrive. I just can't make up my mind yet.

  2. the photos are here, Clarissa, hope you like them, although I believe they will make it more difficult for you to vote :)

  3. hmmm... voting here on picture alone. gotta go for tom hardy for this one. although, i've only ever heard of him over here on your blog! what's up with ashton kutcher? that's one strange photo! whatever does it for demi though, right? :)

  4. Wow!! I can't stop drooling Dez. You're like my dealer in man candy. I think I'm going to vote for everyone of them, often. ;)

  5. Glad "mi paisana" (my fellow country woman) Salma got second place. We Latinas are very charismatic ;) LOL
    Ready for your naughty boys poll but can't access to that section on mobile...will check on laptop later! Can't wait to see your nominees!

  6. Silly me...didn't notice the "view web version" LOL So just voted! Lots of eye candy...great selection of candidates!

  7. INGLORIOUS BASTERDS was a great role for him. Thanks for this entertaining post, D!

  8. Who is Til Shweiger? I've never heard of him. Like that's unusual for me I guess.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  9. My vote will always go for Bradley Cooper. That man is so effing hot. If it wasn't for Mr. A, I would be actively pursuing him.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. yay! I really like Salma, although my husband finds her annoying. Me = what??? :D I'm not familiar w/the guy, but yay! very hot~ <3

  11. @Vics
    that's the famous pic of Ashton in which some doctors are doing some silly things to poor naked him :)))But then again you must admit that such bodily perfection demands a closer examination :)

    just don't start licking the screen again, it's still wet from the last time you got excited, sister :))))

    'tis true, Latinas are hot and spicy :) And yes, you can view HOLLYWOOD SPY from mobile phone since I've set it like that thanks to one of our RA ladies who told me to do it :)

  12. @Jonathon
    glad you found the post interesting, buddy!

    I would have been be kinda shocked if you knew who he was, Lee :))

    he he ... you would actively pursue him :))))

  13. @Leigh
    what????? How on Earth can he find Salmonela annoying? I mean, Penelope Cruz yes, but Salmonela????

    I was totally shocked!

    the hottest of them all.

  14. I love Til Schweiger.
    It's so sad that you guys don't really get to see his awesome German performances. He even made a couple of fanatastic films, one which has now gone into sequels because of the astounding success.

    Hollywood tried or tries to buy the idea from the sequels and make it into one of their HW productions, but I doubt it could work without him and his creative input. It's just amazing comedy and simultaneously realistic.

  15. Who doesn't love a naughty boy? I can see why Til won.

  16. @Nahno
    I knew you would gonna like the winner ;)
    I've actually seen quite a lot of his German flick, since I live in Europe. He had a great one last year, didn't he, the one which had One Republic and Kerry Hilson in its soundtrack?

    it's rather obvious, isn't it :))

  17. YAY!! I am sooo happy he won!!

  18. @Allyson
    ah, sorry to hear that, but I hope they like you :PPP

    let's drink one in his honour :)

  19. With a name like 'Til' you better be good looking, and he is indeed :)

  20. is really is a super cool name :) Although, in Serbian "til" means "tulle" :)

  21. Yes, Dezmond, that's the one I was talking about. It's nicely translated called "None-earbunnies" and the second one "Twoear-chick"

  22. @Nahno
    that's the one I mentioned in the post, then, about the BUNNY without EARS :)

    indeed she is ;)