Friday, March 18, 2011


Yesterday, HOLLYWOOD SPY informed you that the reboot of DAREDEVIL is being planned in Hollywood, and now we already have the first candidates for the role of the blind super hero. But if you ask me it seems the new Daredevil could get an ever worse lead actor than Ben Afleck in the original film since currently the main candidate is Robert Pattinson. He already worked with DAREDEVIL's director David Slade on TWILIGHT. But he's not the only one in the list - Bradley Cooper and TRON LEGACY's Garrett Hedlund are also being mentioned as actors who are interested in taking the role.

SHORT HEADLINES Breck Eisner might direct THE LAST WITCH HUNTER, a film about one of the last remaining witch hunters, a breed that keeps the population of witches and warlocks in check. *Jennifer Lawrence has officially signed on to star in fantasy saga THE HUNGER GAMES today, and there are new rumors that the male lead, the character of Peeta Mellark could go to young Hunter Parrish (WEEDS). *Darren Aronofsky has decided not to direct WOLVERINE sequel because he needs time to solve custody issues around his son he has with Rachel Weisz whom he recently divorced.

A new comic book film adaptation is ready in Tinseltown. D.J.Caruso (I AM NUMBER FOUR) will direct PREACHER, in which the story revolves around a possessed Texas preacher who
teams up with a vampire on a quest to find God and hold him accountable for his negligence. "Playlist" has published the first rumors on who could take the lead roles in the film: apparently Chris Pine, Alex Pettyfer and Shia La Beouf are all interested in playing the three main characters in the film - Jesse,  the Saint Of Killers and Arseface .  They would certainly make quite a cool cast!


  1. Pattinson as Daredevil? Blech! I'm all about Alex and Chris in Preacher, but Shia the Beef, hell no. I'm sick of his twitches and yelling being mistaken for acting. He needs to go behind the camera, not in front of it. LOL

  2. he he he ... I will agree on everything you said here, Melsy :))

  3. quest to find God and hold him accountable for his negligence..bigger lol.

  4. Robert Pattinson as Daredevil? Laughable!

  5. YES!!! Finger crossing works! Keep it up Dezzy! I'm counting on you. I might actually be able to watch THE HUNGER GAMES. :)

  6. I think I like Hunter Parrish better for Peeta than Alex P. I heard Alex is kind of a dick, and Peeta is such a good guy! And Hunter looks more like I pictured Peeta in the book.

  7. Oh man, I think I may have lost hope for "Daredevil." None of those people can be an action hero except for maybe Garrett Hedlund but I'm not totally convinced by that either. Hunter Parrish as the male lead is exciting though. I think he is a pretty good actor at least on "Weeds". Great post!!

  8. Hmmm...Hunter Parrish could work for me as Peeta. A fresher face, I think, would be great! But, a remake of Daredevil? Really? Is it just me, or is it remake after remake after remake in Hollywood lately? Maybe I should ditch the novel and write an original screenplay instead... :)

  9. robert pattinson gets a lot of hate but i saw a recent movie of his that wasn't twilight, and he was very good in it. i can't remember the name of it, but it was that movie that dealt with the tensions between him and his father.

    but yeah thanks for following. i didn't see your comment until now. following back. i love movies. i have a collection of probably 500+ movies. geez that actually seems kind of pathetic when i think about it haha.

  10. nooo, robert again? but i'm already sick of him. honestly, i don't know if it was his cast in twilight or he really does his acting like that, i wasn't even captivated by his so-called "charmed". it surprised even myself, for i'm so biased towards vampires, i didn't think any actors could ruin that!

  11. You can add another that's evidently interested in the Daredevil role: Jason Statham. I'm not sure what to think of that. I like Statham and I'd kinda like to see that, but at the same time, not really sure he could pull it off.

    If they make Pattinson Daredevil though I would stay far FAR away from the movie. That would be an absolute joke. Not really sure who I'd want to play Daredevil right now. Then again, I didn't entirely mind Affleck as Daredevil, just didn't care for the movie itself all that much.

    You think that's pathetic? I have a collection of over 1200 DVDs, plus another ~100 Blu-rays added to that hahaha

  12. well that guy looks kind in that pic- which would be just right for peeta... still though- :( about katniss' casting.

  13. @Lyndy
    what? You don't believe he will find Him? :)))

    I'm still laughing, but I might start crying soon as well :)

    now you've seen the powers of Dezz :))))

  14. @Kelly
    I would kinda like for both of them to appear in the film, since I heard there are two male characters in the book? I love both Pettyfer and Parrish :)

    yes, Hunter Parrish really is a talented young actors and an extremely gorgeous man, he really needs a chance in Hollywood.

  15. @Donea
    yes, sister, didn't you realize that already? Screenplays pay off better than writing books :)) When you write your book, you must first offer it to Hollywood and only then to publishers :)

    I think I have around 1000 or so :) Who would know the number :)
    I've seen Pattinson in other films as well, and never liked his acting, he is plastic and frigid just like his girlfriend, that horrible actress from TWILIGHT. I just don't like actors who seem like they accidentally appeared at the set of a film. :)
    PS Hope to see you here often ;)

  16. @Levita
    he he he that's a good one - Robert has ruined vampires for you :)))))) I can certainly understand how he could do that :)

    Ooooh, Statham?!? I love it! I hated most of his movies, but for some reason I positively adore that man :) He could be nice as Daredevil if he doesn't speak at all in the film :) I think Karl Urban would make a nice DAredevil, but he is saving himself for BATMAN TV show which is secretly planned in a few years after the film saga ends, and the studio wants him in the bat cape :)

    yep, your favourite didn't get the role :( But Parrish really is super adorable and extremely charismatic, I think you will like him as Peeta.And you may wanna Google his pics, he is known as someone who likes posing scantily clad in shows and films :)))

  17. Blastr had a long list of possible actors for Daredevil. Don't know why they need to remake it though.

  18. Did you know Pattinson was cast in a western? lol, cant wait for this....:)

  19. A worse Daredevil? Wow, that's mindboggling.

  20. oh, yeah. Hunter Parrish. Totally Peeta. But I wasn't expecting the girl they picked for Katniss--Winter's Bone girl. I thought True Grit would've been more fitting... not worried! Can't wait to see it~ ((hugs))

  21. seems silly to reboot daredevil... i wasn't impressed with the storyline enough i guess.

    and hurray for hunger games!! one step closer to filming!

  22. Dezzy - Hunter as Peeta. Yay, I like that. =D

    Happy Friday, friend. xoxo

  23. @Alex
    never heard of Blastr

    hope he isn't playing a Native American :))

    he he he ... :))

  24. @Leigh
    he is, isn't he? :)
    TRUE GRIT girl is too young, and they are going for an older teen movie.

    I see a lot of ladies are excited about THE HUNGER GAMES :)

    I knew you would like it/him :)
    Hope you're having a nice weekend with juniors and hubs ;)

  25. I just spent the entire brunch time with my husband talking about who should play Daredevil! I have a post in my draft that I'll be posting later this week but none of these guys would make my list, especially NOT Bradley Cooper, yeesh!

  26. yep, Flixy, I'd personally rather put one of the other boys from this post Hunter Parrish or Alex Pettyfer in the Daredevil role instead of the above mentioned candidates :)

  27. How about Matt Bomer? LOL. He's really a great actor especially in Chuck and White Collar. I think he will be great and fit playing a role as Matt Murdock (DareDevil). He's smart, charismatic, and he has a great body too. That's my opinion. But, I don't mind if Garrett Hedlund take a lead although maybe he's too young for this role. Anyway, BIG NO NO FOR JASON STATHAM, ROBERT PATTINSON, BRADLEY COOPER, MICHAEL C. HALL. THEY DON'T FIT FOR DAREDEVIL. SORRY, GUYS. I just give my suggestion between MATT BOMER and GARRETT HEDLUND playing a role as Matt Murdock(DD). LOL

  28. Actually Ben Affleck was great playing DareDevil. Maybe the story and the filmmaking was so weak. Yes, it's very disapponting but I love Ben Affleck, he's absolutely awesome playing as blind lawyer. Great Job!!! Two Thumbs Up For You, Ben. :D

  29. @Anon
    I must admit I've never heard of Matt Bomer, so I had to Google him a bit :) And don't know him as an actor, but he sure does look breathtaking and has eyes which could kill any unsuspecting victim :)

  30. okay, you can see this picture from this link.
    I can see the the aura of Matt Murdock in this picture. It can't be doubted that Matt Bomer is the potential candidate. I think he's not too pretty. He's perfect fit for this role in my opinion. Well, I think you should watch White Collar. He plays a role as Neal Caffrey in this show. He did great job. Season 3 will be premiere on June 7th, 2011 on Usanetwork. lol. :)