Saturday, March 19, 2011


Universal is preparing DESPERADOS, a comedy which will have lovely Isla Fisher (CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC, and you can hear her in RANGO currently)  as the lead star.  The film, which is supposed to be a female HANGOVER, will revolve around a woman who sends an indignant email to her new boyfriend, who has gone silent after they had sex, only to discover he's comatose in a Mexican hospital. Panicking, she races south of the border with her friends in tow to intercept the email before he recovers.

SHORT HEADLINES Today you can check out a brand new poster for THOR. Premiering May 6th, and following the adventures of the famous Norse super hero, the film will star Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins and is
directed by Kenneth Branagh. *Christina Applegate is preparing a new sitcom with NBC. She will play a working mother who has to deal with her stay-at-home husband and parents, in this new untitled comedy show. *Tommy Lee Jones will probably join Meryl Streep and Steve Carell in GREAT HOPE SPRINGS, a film about a couple which has problems after 30 years of marriage so they decide to put their future in the hands of a marriage counselor for one weekend. *Shia LaBeouf will star in HORNS, in which the crazy plot revolves around a guy who wakes up after a night of hard drinking and discovers there are horns growing out of his head.

Ah, this is seriously awful, NBC has released the first picture (click on it to see it bigger) of Adrienne Palicki as WONDER WOMAN in their upcoming new pilot which will also star Elizabeth Hurley as her enemy and Cary Elwes as her boss. I'm not sure what's worse, the hair which looks shockingly fake or the extremely cheep and plastic looking costume. I seriously hope they are just making a joke with us with this picture! The reactions around the Net are really really bad, and everybody swears they thought this was a picture of some anonymous girl dressed as Wonder Woman for a party.  Produced by David E. Kelley, the show will revolve around Diana Prince who is a corporate executive by day, but turns into a powerful super hero WONDER WOMAN by night to fight crime and villains.


  1. thor! oh yeah. thanks for the poster

  2. Tommy Lee Jones is one of my fave actors ever, so I'm happy to hear he has something new coming out. :)

  3. @Arcita
    it's the first good THOR poster so far :) Glad you like it ;)

    he's not yet signed for the role, but rumors say he might get it :) He and Meryl would be quite crazy as a couple :)

  4. They would make a great couple indeed!

  5. you will be seeing Tommy this summer in CAPTAIN AMERICA too, so you have something to look forward a bit sooner :)

  6. ~ Isla Fisher is so beautiful! Although, the movie premise sounds kinda lame.
    ~directed by Kenneth Branagh!? I didn't know that.
    ~horns growing out his head? I think they're running out of ideas...
    ~Wonder woman does look stupid.
    Great post.

  7. Wandered over from Kristin's blog to check out your music. Great song! And I love Adele.

    I really wish they'd stop remaking classic tv shows. Why?!?!?! Okay...I'll get over it.

    Thanks for the news!

    Have fantastic weekend. :)

  8. Great poster for Thor. And Isla did a good job in Rango - she really laid on a thick accent!

  9. @Clarissa
    what do you mean you didn't know? I've mentioned it million of times here :))) That HORNS idea could be cool if they make it a psychological drama about guilt or something, and not a comedy. Glad you agree with me on WW :))

  10. @Jamie
    welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY,Jamie, hope we shall be seeing you here often :) Yep, those songs and the voices are amazing! We need more such music in today's world! Wishing you a nice weekend too ;)

    yes, I hear her voice role was amazing in RANGO!

  11. Oh no, that Wonder Woman costume looks like a cheap porn costume. I have a feeling this tv show is going to be really, really bad. They should hire me to write and direct this show.

    Shia the Beef with horns? Sounds ridiculous like his attempts at acting. ;)

  12. I just saw Isla Fisher in The Lookout this past week and I am once again reminded of how lucky Sasha Baren Cohen is!

  13. That poster made "Thor" look like a cheap direct to DVD movie not a lavish summer superhero flick :))

  14. Desperados could be fun.

    Adrienne Palicki does have the figure for that costume (she's so tall...), but the costume/style doesn't look good. That tiara especially looks fake.
    But I guess they had to satisfy WW fans. They are mostly 40 year old men, who are too set in their ways to accept change. They are probably fine with that impractical strapless bodice, but dissatisfied with pants. After all, star covered shorts are WW iconic style. :)

    Costume looks plastic, same way Thor's costume does. It doesn't have plastic/metal sleeves like Thor's, but it looks even flashier.

    I would even be OK with that costume if they toned it down. But more than a little tone down.
    It probably won't happen though. If Thor can keep his fake plastic scalemail sleeves in an A production movie, than TV show cant keep its plastic costume.

    Let's hope her costumed scenes take place at night. Dark could make that fabric/plastic look less flashy.

    If not, at least she can try to blind her enemies by reflecting sunlight in their eyes. :))

    On that note... Why does everything plastic have to be so shiny nowadays? I'm all for lights and colours, but please stop with those reflective surfaces. Especially black plastic. I can't touch anything without leaving my fingerprints on. Phones, televisions, computers, tables, even furniture. I swear, some of them are so shiny, I can shave myself while looking at them. :))

    Haven't designers ever heard of matte?

  15. Hello Dezmond :) I just saw this Wonder Woman.... It's not sexy. It doesn't works. And it's funny, that William M. Marston - Wonder Woman Creator invented one of lie detectors and he should use this on creator of this costiume.

  16. @Melsy
    yep, the costume looks porn, too bad the show won't be porn too :)))
    And I knew you would gonna say that about Shia :)

    it is one of those deep mysteries of the universe: what on Earth made Isla marry that moronic idiot, excuse my French :)

    I kinda like the poster :) I hated the previous ones which were poor attempts of something artsy :)

  17. @Bels
    I hear you brother, I have to wipe and clean my Samsung mobile telephone like ten times a day from fingerprints and grease :(
    I'm guessing she will wear the costume during night, since she is a businesswoman during day, but it will still look trashy if they keep it like this. And I don't even believe that Adrienne has enough charisma to make us interested :( Another show ruined before its start.

    yes, sadly, it really doesn't work :( I didn't know that he invented a lie detector, that's interesting :)

  18. i think that thor poster looks pretty darn good! ww costume- not so much- eeks!

    i'm going to go on the record as a shia lebeouf fan. not his personal life- but his early roles: even stevens, holes, transformers- these were great! he does so well at comedy and awkward. i don't really buy him as a serious action hero. but his comedy can be golden.

  19. ...geez Dez, totally in agreement with Wonder Woman's costume. It's 2011 for crying out loud...I think they can come up with something a bit more appealing!


  20. @Vics
    yep, the poster's quite nice, unlike the WW costume :)
    I've never personally liked him, since he has just one facial expression :) but I do understand why other people could like him.

    hope all the criticism around the Net will make them change the costume and do something better.

  21. Til Schweiger, yessss.
    Well, I'm not so convinced about the new Shia movie, but we'll see what else comes to the story.

  22. Oooooh, didn't know you're into Til ... I like that :)
    Yep, Shia's new film could be either cool or horrible.

  23. Yay for THOR!!! That's going to be an awesome movie! I do have one positive for the WW poster: Palicki's body looks fabulous in all that tightness. It's a brave kind of woman who would dare to wear that. But yeah, it looks like some cheap walmart costume. You'd think they'd have the money to make something that didn't look so cheesy.

  24. It seems the whole world, but NBC's producers, agrees that the costume is horrible :(

  25. I'm excited for Isla Fisher in Deperados. I think she is so wonderful on screen and I'm confident she can pull this type of film off nicely! That "Thor" Poster looks pretty awesome! However I can't say the same for the Wonder Woman picture. What the hell!! That looks like a really cheap halloween costume!

  26. Have to agree with Nicole, the Thor poster looks pretty cool, though not sure that'll be enough to entice me to part with my hard earned money for it.

  27. @Nicole
    she does have a lovely presence on screen :) and THOR poster does look awesome! And WW costume is worse than a Halloween one :)

    hey, Ronan, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, hope we shall be seeing you here often ;)

  28. I'm still not sold on THOR and this poster (and the other 'floating heads' one) certainly hasn't swayed me in the other direction.

  29. I have a problem only with one floating head in that poster, and you know which one it is :)) It kinda makes me barf whenever I see her face.

  30. Ah, man! As someone who made WW bracelets out of aluminum foil as I kid, I find this truly upsetting.

  31. he he :) Hilarious ... although the costume really is deeply sad not hilarious :(