Friday, March 25, 2011


Although we're not really interested in ROCK OF AGES remake, after the lead role went to Tom Cruise, the musical is, off course, still happening. The musical which centers on two people who meet at the Sunset Strip club "Rock of Ages", fall in love and try to stay together amid '80s rock anthems, already has Cruise, Mary J. Blige and Alec Baldwin in the cast, but now it seems Amy Adams could join them as well. If she gets the role she will be a journalist  who is doing an article on the  rock star Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise), and who ends up in bed with him. Since the musical features a lot of pop rock hits from the 80's, if she gets the role, Amy and Tom will sing "I Want To Know What Love Is" by Foreigner in one of the scenes.

SHORT HEADLINES Tea Leoni is coming back to TV, she will have her own sitcom at HBO. Set in the fashion world it will describe a dysfunctional partnership between two women with different approaches to career, family and friendship. *Edgar Ramirez (THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM), who will play Ares in the sequel to the epic adventure WRATH OF TITANS, is now also rumored as a possible villain in Zack Snyder's SUPERMAN, although it has not been revealed yet who will Superman actually fight against. As you know, Snyder has said himself that rumors about Viggo Mortensen playing a villain aren't true. *Chris Pine has revealed today that the STAR TREK II script is finally finished and that Captain Kirk will have a bit of romance and a love interest in the sequel to the mega successful 2009 sf blockbuster.

After we've seen the short Super Bowl teaser, you can now watch the first official long trailer for this summer's CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. The film will tell the story of young Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) who volunteers to participate in an experimental program that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America. Dressed in blue costume with his trade mark shield in his hand, Rogers joins forces with Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) to wage war on the evil HYDRA organization, led by the villainous Red Skull (Hugo Weaving).  The cast also includes Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee Jones, Richard Armitage and Dominic Cooper. It is quite shocking how they've made Chris Evans look small and thin before he becomes Captain America.


  1. Super excited for Star Trek II. I surprisingly loved the first one so I can only hope this one won't disappoint. Captain America: The First Avenger looks pretty good. It's amazing how believable Chris Evans looks small and thin.

  2. I will watch *any* movie with Tommy Lee Jones in it! It doesn't hurt that THE FIRST AVENGER also looks freakin' awesome! :)

  3. @Nicole
    STAR TREK really was an amazing film with marvelous cast! And I was also shocked how they've managed to make Chris look so skinny in the beginning :)

    ah, I remember you said recently you love Tommy Lee :)

  4. Oh Dez, the thought of Tom Cruise singing nauseates me. Can't wait for Star Trek 2 and I like Edgar Ramirez. Chris Evans may look believable, but as soon as he opens his mouth, all credibility is shot because he can't act. He should just be furniture. ;)

  5. he he ... so it's officially an epidemic, since Cruise nauseates me too :)
    But Chrissy Evans can act, you should watch him for example in LONDON, it was a lovely drama with his great performance. :)

  6. Is Rock of Ages going to feature Tom Cruise jumping on a couch, in a deliberately euphoric state? If so, count me in.

  7. he he ... I'm guessing we can expect the unexpected! ;)

  8. I wasn't that interseted in the Capt America film until I saw the trailer...

  9. On your recommendation I'll check out London. I trust your taste, my dear friend. :)

  10. I had wondered what had become of Tea Leoni. She looks different as a blonde.

    Thoughts in Progress

  11. I thought that the CGI-ed skinny Chris Evans in the Cap. America trailer looked so weird. Especially contrasting that with his ultra buff physique... and those moobies, sheesh, they're so distracting. Best part of the trailer was when the girl touched his pecks, LOL. Oh, and I kept looking for RA and rewound it a few times to get a close look of him. His voice is just so darn sexy. I hope he gets a decent enough screen time in it and don't get killed off too soon!

  12. I see now you also finally have your vitamin in your trailer list, Mr.Dezzyville :)
    I love the first Abrams' Star Trek, so you probably already knew how I can't wait for the sequel :)

  13. ~~~I didn't know Tom Cruise could sing? I'm not a real fan of musicals.
    ~~~Tea Leoni--I wondered where she went.
    ~~~Star Trek II? I need to watch #1.
    ~~~I loved the trailer. I'm a real fan of Armitage and can't wait to see him in it.

  14. I was really looking forward to the Captain America full trailer in the hope of having at least a glimpse of my favourite actor... Who could that be Dezz? LOL
    So I was more than happy to see baddie Heinz in action and answering CA question.."Who are you?..."The first of many"
    Can't wait to see the film this summer!

  15. I'm not a Tom Cruise fan, but a movie filled with 80s anthems does sound like fun!

  16. Yay! You mentioned 2 of my fave actors in the same post! (Richard Armitage and Amy Adams!) Now if only they were in the same movie...

  17. whoa. first time I've seen the trailer. Agreed, how the heck do they make him look scrawny? Love that movie magic.

  18. @Lyndy
    the trailer is quite great, isn't it?

    you must, it is a really unusual film. Great roles and great urban psychological drama. And lots of gorgeous people in it :)

    as far as I've noticed, she's been blonde for quite some time now, haven't seen her as redhead for ages

  19. @Alex

    ah, don't mention Chris' moobies :) Ever since we've seen them in the first teaser some time ago, I keep dreaming about them :) And I'm sure RA's role will be short but effective and memorable :)

    what do you mean finally? The trailer was released only yesterday :) And you know how much Dezz likes his vitamines. I can't wait for STAR TREK too!

  20. @Clarissa
    we still don't know if Cruise can sing, that remains to be seen, although I'm not anxious to find out :)) Didn't know you were a RA fan :) that means you're a fan of Dezzy too :) since RA ladies like Dezzy too and the love is mutual :)

    I've no idea whatsoever who could be your favourite actor. Nicolas Cage? Jonas Armstrong? Justin Bieber? :))))

  21. Oh spare us Cruise as a rock star or anything else.
    Avenger still bugs me with the shield. I'll see it because no one else in the family will go with the younger ones.

  22. @Susan
    yep, the 80's were the best age for music in history! We shall never have such great music as we had back in that decade! Bad fashion, great songs :)

    oooh, glad to have hit both of your favourites with just one strike :)

    those are the miracles of special effects :) Glad you liked the trailer ;)

  23. @Mary
    what problem do you have with the shield? :) And no reason to lie around here, Mary, we know you will go to see it for Chrissy Evans, not for the grandkids :PPP

  24. Not a Captain America fan, but I suppose I will have to watch for RA.

    I am finally watching the told me I would like it and so far, I do.

  25. I forgot to add that I am looking forward to Tommy Lee Jones in Captain America. He is one of my favorite actors. I liked him best when he played with Kate Blanchett in The Missing.

  26. and have you catch the glimpse of RA in the trailer, Avalon? :) All of my gorgeous RA ladies went crazy about it last night :) He appears in it for a few seconds.
    Have you started watching MERLIN Season 3 too? I'm finishing with it this weekend, I just adore Colin Morgan and Bradley James.

  27. I love Amy Adams. She is really talented. Have a lovely Friday and fun weekend

  28. I'm feeling better about Captain America after seeing this trailer.

    I wonder if Tom Cruise has been kind of missing Nicole.

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  29. DEZ - Ok so maybe it won't be just about the Grand kids. (Did you have to tell everybody?)
    The shield -- 2 things.
    If you're so great why do you need to carry that thing around?
    If the shield is so all fired protecting why can't ALL the soldiers have one.

    I think I may be burned out on the whole super hero thing.

  30. Did Tom Cruise sing before on film? I can't remember.

    Captain America looks good. I like WW2 setting.

    Star Trek 2 is expected. I just wish they hurry up with it.

    Still waiting for Conan full trailer. And Immortals trailer of course (although it's late in 2011).

  31. @Mary
    no one is great enough to avoid bullets :) And the shield is too expensive to be made for all the soldiers :)

    When it comes to Cruise singing in some earlier film, if he has, and I knew about it, I'm sure I forgot it deliberately :)

    yay indeed :)

  32. @Diana
    Everybody loves Amy :) Hope you'll have a nice weekend yourself ;)

    ooh, glad you like the trailer.
    I'm sure Nicole doesn't miss him since she has a kid and a new hubs :) And does he miss her? Possibly. Katie Holmes isn't really an adequate replacement for Nicole.

  33. Hey Dezzy - Star Trek 2 - YAY!!!! Looking forward to some Chris Pine. =D

    Also, I hope Tea does well in her new show. I like her.

  34. Hey, Shells, having some cool plans for the weekend? :)
    We do love both Pine and Leoni ;)

  35. The first Avenger actually looks really cool, If Emirez is to be in Snyders Superman I'm thinking Braniac, he could pull off the part well I think.

    Cool news as always Dez

  36. glad you like the news, Dempsey!

  37. I'm really looking forward to Captain America. Though I'm a sucker for most Marvel movie adaptations, so I'll be pretty psyched about it for a while :D

  38. I wasn't so excited with the first teaser, but this trailer looks quite good, so I'm definitely watching the film :)