Monday, March 21, 2011


I often ask myself where has Madeleine Stowe disappear? Well, it seems she's coming back. According to "MovieWeb" she will star in ABC's drama show REVENGE, which will follow a mysterious woman who  comes to the Hamptons to
exact revenge on the Graysons who destroyed her  family. Madeleine Stowe will play the matriarch of the Grayson family and a social power broker who had mercilessly destroyed the girl's father sending his daughter to foster homes and who now doesn't know that the mysterious new woman in town is actually the girl who wants to take revenge on her.
SHORT HEADLINES *Disney is moving on with the production of HORIZONS a sf film based on graphic novel OBLIVION about a soldier guarding a lifeless planet, who eventually encounters a mysterious traveler. The futuristic epic will be directed by TRON's Joseph Kosinski. *The film on James Patterson's novel I, ALEX CROSS will have Tyler Perry in the lead role of the famous detective (played by Morgan Freeman in KISS THE GIRLS and ALONG CAME A SPIDER), Edward Burns will be his
partner, while Matthew Fox (LOST) will play a killer who wants to take revenge on Cross. *When it comes to super hero films news - it has been confirmed that the Lizard will indeed be the main villain in THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN, Joseph Gordon Levitt has officially signed for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (he will apparently play The Holiday Killer according to "Variety") and the producers are also interested in young Juno Temple as a street smart Gotham girl. *The producers of the super popular zombie show THE WALKING DEAD are in talks with Stephen King who could write an episode for the second season.

April 3rd, the premiere time for Showtime's stunning new epic show THE BORGIAS is around the corner. Over a decade in the making,  this series will be the sordid saga of one of the most remarkable and legendary families in history. Set in 15th century Italy at the height of the Renaissance, THE BORGIAS chronicles the corrupt rise of patriarch Rodrigo Borgia  (Jeremy Irons) to the papacy, where he proceeds to commit every sin in the book to amass and retain power, influence and enormous wealth for himself and his family. The unbounded audacity of this original crime family went on to inspire many writers who wrote about mafia and criminal clans. Don't miss a
minute of the lavish, sexy, scandalous drama from the creative mind of Academy Award winner Neil Jordan. The show also stars Francois Arnaud as violent and dashing Cesare Borgia, stunning Holliday Grainger as sinful Lucrezia Borgia, brilliant David Oakes as the favored son Juan Borgia,  Joanne Whalley as the mother of Borgia family, Colm Feore as Rodrigo Borgia's chief rival for the papacy.


  1. I'm not sure what I feel about the Bogias...It certainly looks pretty enough but I'm starting to see a standard formula with these kind of shows.

  2. it's not really the standard formula behind these kind of shows, Lyndy, but the standard formula behind history which repeats almost all the time.

  3. Oh good for Madeleine Stowe, I had a post a while ago wondering where all the great actresses have gone, and she's definitely one of them.

    Ha..ha... I just saw the Borgias ad in W magazine and I immediately thought of you Dezzy, as that's the first time I learned about that show.

  4. You mean I'm the first person you've learned from about the show, since I've been writing about it for more than a year now :)

    I don't know what has happened to Madeleine's directorial debut. She was supposed to direct some western, don't know whether she did it or not?

  5. The Borgias actually looks really interesting, I may have to check that out sometime.

    Great blog!


  6. The Borgias sound intriguing with mysteries and secrets around every corner.

    Thoughts in Progress

  7. Joseph Gordon Levitt playing the villain! that would be something i look forward to see. he can be so mischievous in some films, n so fierce in others. like Heath Ledger, i'm sure he's a villain we can't hate! :)

  8. Hi Dezzy!

    Holy hot sauce, I love that red dress. It's so girly and pretty. I want one so I can dance and twirl in it. LOL

  9. The Borgias is something I must see. I have a passion for all things Renaissance Italy and the Borgias were so delightfully evil. I have been waiting on this forever. This trailer is so delicious. ;)

    And JGL as the Holiday Killer? Too cool. Evil is certainly scoring some points lately. LOL

  10. JGL love. Who is the Holiday Killer?

  11. I've never heard of the Borgias but now I'm intrigued.

  12. @Erika
    thanks, glad you like both the show and the blog ;)

    yep, it will be extremely intriguing and scandalous, since they were quite a naughty family back in their days.

  13. @Levian
    it's true, Levian, Gordon Levitt does have a bit of natural naughtiness in himself and he will probably have quite an interesting performance.

    he he he I'm guessing you have Madeleine's dress in mind, not pope Borgia's :))))

  14. @Melsy
    that period of history certainly was super intriguing. I've read a number of books on Borgias earlier and they really were a true mobster family. The relationships between Lucrezia and her brother Cesare and Juan were more than scandalous and thus they are perfect for a TV show.

    he is a leader of some Gotham mafia or a gang if I remember correctly, his father appeared in BATMAN BEGINS I think. But I can't stand these new BATMAN movies, so don't trust me 100% on this :)

    what do you mean you've never heard about THE BORGIAS, Clarissa? :))) I've been writing about them for more than a year now :)
    As family, here in Europe they are pretty much known and popular as the Mediccis are.

  15. Oo Joseph Gordon Levitt! Excited to see him in "The Dark Knight Rises." I'm also interested to see how Anne Hathaway will do as Catwoman. I think she is just beautiful but I never pictured her as someone who would play Catwoman.

  16. JGL should make an exceptional Alberto Falcone. Holiday Killer will represent what this entire franchise has said regarding villains.

  17. After the loss of The Tutors MY FAVORITE SHOW I hope this new one from Showtime is a decent replacement!

  18. @Nicole
    yes, nobody really pictures her as a Catwoman, and I'm guessing she got the role because she is very popular in Hollywood these days for some reason. But I'm not an optimist. She is cute, but not an actress of that type.

  19. @Jaccsy
    ah, Jacksonville, I know you like your villains served as evil as possible in films :PP

    ah, sister, I think you will enjoy THE BORGIAS much more than THE TUDORS, since this new show will be filled with sex,scandals and intrigue :) and I'm expecting a lot of nudity too :)

  20. I do like Levitt, but I've never heard of the "Holiday Killer". But I'll watch it.

    Tossing It Out

  21. I've never heard about him before either, Lee, he is apparently some gang boss or something like that. I've never heard about Bane either, the other villain of the movie, played by Tom Hardy.

  22. All of those sound really great! Im going to check them out. Have a nice Monday

  23. We're really looking forward to the Borgia's at my house. They were the bad guys in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

  24. The Borgias looks like it'll be in the same veign as The Tudors so heavy on the sex and costumes and light on quality writing and content. Lets hope I'm probed wrong.

  25. The Borgias starts here April 3 on Bravo network, and I think I'll have to watch it!

  26. Oh, I'd love to see Madeleine Stowe again! Hmm...The Borgias...sounds like the same set up as The Tudors, maybe? Could be intersting. Thanks, Dez! As always, you're a fountain of HW-insider goodness ~ :)

  27. @Diana
    glad you like the new, Diana ;) Hope you will have a nice week!

    they were one of the biggest bad guys in history

    yep, THE TUDORS had a lot of sex and stunning costumes, although I would quite agree they were light in the quality of writing. The first season had a lot of depth and profound drama and performances especially around Queen Catherine of Aragon. The weakest seasons were the ones around Anne Boleyn. And the last one was kinda hurried.

  28. @Allyson
    aaaaaahhh, finally a show which will be broadcast directly in Canada :))) We shall watch it together :)

    hey, Donea, glad you enjoyed some of the news :) And, THE BORGIAS will surely be interesting. And yes, we do miss Madeleine ;)

  29. The Borgia's looks enticing - I think its the costumes. And I love Batman movies.

    Wow, lots of good films listed here to check out. I'm glad you keep up with these Dez, I'd never know what's coming out otherwise.


  30. Horizons sounds really interesting. I love historical fiction, so will probably enjoy The Borgias.

  31. The Borgias looks like a good one!
    I'm also a fan of J.G. Levitt--looking forward to seeing him in that movie. I loved him in Inception.

  32. @Donna
    it certainly does look enticing, Donna ;)
    Glad you liked the news, the new ones are coming in exactly 30 minutes :)

    it is interesting, if you use SEARCH BUTTON in my right sidebar with word OBLIVION you will find some pics too

  33. @Lydia
    THE BORGIAS could be a super exciting new show, and it starts right before the other two epic shows this spring GAME OF THRONES and CAMELOT :)

  34. so happy that JGL is now signed for Dark Knight Rises.....but The Holiday Killer, I hope that changes could he could play such a better villain