Thursday, March 3, 2011


If summer puts you in the mood for nice romantic comedies you might like ONE FOR THE MONEY, which will premiere this July starring Katherine Heigl as a down-and-out woman who takes a last-ditch job working for her cousin's bail bond business, and her biggest client turns out to be her high-school heartbreaker. Her partner in the film will be dashing Jason O'Mara whom we will be seeing this summer as the lead in Stephen Spielberg's pre-historic show TERRA NOVA. The film is based on the popular book by Janet Evanovich.
SHORT HEADLINES *Channing Tatum will star in PETER PAN BEINGS, an adventure film which will trace the origins of the eternal boy Pan. *Nicholas Hoult (the new JACK THE GIANT KILLER) will star in WARM BODIES, a crazy film about an existentially tormented zombie who begins an unlikely friendship with the girlfriend of one of his victims. *Salma Hayek and Kevin James will star in HERE COMES THE BOOM,  a comedy about a teacher who moonlights as a mixed martial arts fighter in order to save his school's music program. *Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will star in JUNGLE CRUISE, Disney's expensive film based off the Magic Kingdom theme park ride (a steamboat which floats through
African wilderness).

Here are some fresh news on upcoming TV projects: Jenna Elfman (DARMA AND GREG) will lead ABC's new show BAD MOM, a comedy about a mom who has relied on her own mother to take care of her kids. When her mother decides to get her life back, she's left alone to take her of her children but is not so good in it. ABC is also collaborating with famous Darren Star on GOOD CHRISTIAN BITCHES which is planned as a top show in the line of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and SEX AND THE CITY.
In the show, Leslie Bibb will play Amanda, once the ultimate mean girl in high school, who returns home to Dallas after her marriage ends in scandal only to become the center of salacious gossip from the community's churchgoing wives. On the other side, Jaime King and Rachel Bilson will star in CW's HART OF DIXIE, a dramedy about a young New York City doctor (Bilson) who inherits a medical practice in a small Southern town inhabited by an eclectic and eccentric group of characters. Jaime King will play a beautiful, overly effusive young woman, one of the elite "Blue Belles", a group of southern debutante-types who keep the town history alive by performing in period dress.


  1. I'm just stuck on the title "good christian bitches"! I'm already going to hell, why not fly first class! I'm so gonna watch this show lol

  2. Now I just have to see a show called Good Christian Bitches.:) Warm Bodies also sounds quite interesting. A tortured zombie, who knew?

  3. he he he I'm also hooked on that amazingly witty title ladies :)

  4. Great update, thanks for the info!

  5. Yup - the title made me smile as well! :)

  6. Tatum...Peter Pan??? booo

  7. Jungle Cruise sounds like the perfect kind of visual escapist film that I loved as a kid. I may be all grown-up, but Tom Hanks seldom disappoints.

    That is one sexy pose from Jaime King!

  8. WARM BODIES sounds...well... odd. All the other movies you mentioned sound cool though.

  9. Peter Pan Beings sounds original and fresh.
    Warm Bodies....too many zombies these days, about like vampires.
    lol, Bad Mom....Bad Teachers....
    Good Christian Bitches is another show I will be skipping.
    Heart of Dixie sounds like something I have seen before, cant remember what now, jet-lag:( Glad you mentioned it, sounds like something I might like.
    Have missed your blog, glad to be home, but sadly leaving out again next week:(

  10. You can tell what generation I'm from, the movie with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen sounds interesting to me. LOL

    Thoughts in Progress

  11. you know, i don't know why, but the word "bitch" always hits me sourly in the stomach. i just feel like it's dehumanizing, you know. like racial slurs or derrogatory sneers in general... maybe i'm old-fashioned that way?
    but the premise sounds interesting, and very believable.
    not sure about the warm bodies concept- zombies are getting played out, but it sounds like it could be different, and hoult does well at different.
    and i can TOTALLY see heigel working as a bail-bondswoman! hilarious! :)
    and peter pan begins sounds AWESOME! great premise!

  12. Why Disney has to make films based off their rides? Museum of the Weird and Magic Kingdom also their two prospective first entries in ride-turned-movie franchises.

  13. Tatum as Peter Pan? So didnt see that one coming! Could be good, but then is that just because Im obsessed with Channing ha ha

  14. @Raw
    be welcome :)

    how can it not? :)

    sorry to leave you disappointed

    it will probably be something in the line of THE NIGHT IN MUSEUM. Glad you like Jaime :)

  15. @Lynda
    WARM BODIES does sound strange, even the title is strange :)

    we shall miss you, but it's good when you have job and work to do, because it means money is coming as well :)

    I also like anything with Tim Allen!

    it is a harsh word, although, you will probably admit that there are such creatures who deserve to be called that way :) For example all of those monster moms who send their kids to TODDLERS AND TIARAS are mega BITCHES and I'm not afraid to say it, not to mention all the evil politicians among ladies ... :) Glad you like all the other movies.

  16. @Zakk
    glad you like it, Zakk ;)

    guess they are trying to cash in even more money than they already have :)

    we sure won't protest against seeing him in some green tights :)

  17. Wow, lots of great movies coming up. I like the premise of bad mom. It's something I see a lot of with teenage pregnancies and I wish moms with own up!

  18. yep, I'm hoping the BAD MOM show will have a moral to the story beside just being funny.

  19. I'm surprised Disney hasn't made a movie inspired by the Jungle Cruise ride til now. It's such a natural since it's filled with so many exotic visuals. Sounds like a movie I would have liked when I was a kid, but maybe not so much now.

    Tossing It Out

  20. wow. KH looks different every time I see her! :D and SS did a Rom-com? Interesting... :D Channing Tatum. Hmmm... ;o) <3

  21. @Arlee
    it is a surprise, especially since such movies aren't really that popular now as they were before.

    who is SS? :) I always have trouble deciphering your codes and acronyms :)

  22. DEZMOND - You're coming up with all these totally hotter than hot pics. Yowya!!! I could just be me.

    The show with Jenna Elfman sounds like fun. Hope it does well. =D

  23. Well, somebody has to warm up your winters, so why not me :)

  24. Warming Bodies is certainly original. I do hate zombies though. Big update today.

  25. Ah, MPax, who could love them? :))

  26. I'm very interested in Peter Pan Begins with Channing Tatum. Wonder what will the plot look like?

    Another romantic comedy with Katherine Heigl. I'll probably see it, if it looks funny and entertaining.

    And Dezz, try not to think too much about TODDLERS AND TIARAS and other such shows and behaviours. It is appalling, and I completely agree with you, but you'll only give yourself migraines if you think about it.

  27. ah, seeing TODDLERS AND TIARAS inspires in me the same emotions of deep hatred and animal fury I have in me while watching somebody killing baby seals :((((((((