Friday, March 4, 2011


 Oooh, these are some hot news: British beauty Elizabeth Hurley is joining the upcoming WONDER WOMAN TV show. She will join young Adrianne Palicki, who is playing Wonder Woman, in the role of her main villain. The story, which will revolve around Diana Prince, a successful  Los Angeles businesswoman by day who turns into a powerful vigilante by night and has a team of technical and computer wizards to help her, will premiere this Autumn on NBC produced by David E. Kelley. And you remember elegant Elizabeth Hurley from BEDAZZLED, SERVING SARA, AUSTIN POWERS THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME... There are rumors that the villain will be Veronica Cale, a highly educated head of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country who can't stand Wonder Woman.
SHORT HEADLINES *Emily Blunt will star in FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT, a film which will deal with the highs and lows of a long-term engagement. Jason Segel will play her eternal  fiancee. *BLADE RUNNER, the cult sf film with Harrison Ford, set in the distant future filled with human replicants, could get both a prequel and a sequel in the future, since Warner Bros. has acquired the rights on the sf classic. *Zack Snyder's SUPERMAN has got a new female member: Diane Lane will play Martha Kent, the mother of The Man of Steel to be played by Henry Cavill.*You can also check out the first official picture of the villainous Red Skull from CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, played by Hugo Weaving. The film, with Chris Evans in the title role will premiere this July.

Now, here's an interesting mishmash of everything in one film: HIGH MIDNIGHT will be a combination of thriller, horror, western and action set in the past, which will follow a broken-down sheriff who is forced to join forces with an obsessed Victorian vampire hunter to defeat an undead force consuming a small frontier town in 1892 New Mexico.The most interesting part of this film, which is set to premiere in summer 2012. is the cast which includes some of the forgotten Hollywood names - Vincent D'Onofrio, Rachel Leigh Cook, William Baldwin alongside the above mentioned Elizabeth Hurley and German star Thomas Kretschmann. The film has a crazy tagline: In the Wild West a lot of blood was spilled... but it didn't go to waste!


  1. I think Hurley is a perfect choice as Wonder Woman villain, she's been absent for a while from movies, hasn't she?

    And that's one hot mama Supes will have. Diane Lane is still smokin'!

  2. As for Red Skull, Hugo Weaving is one of the reasons I'm kinda anticipating Capt. America... oh and Richard Armitage of course. I do hope he'll get bigger roles soon!

  3. I like Elizabeth Hurley. She'll be a nice addition to the movie. I think she could even have played WW.
    Also, the Jason Segal and Emily Blunt sounds like a cute comedy (I'm assuming comedy).

  4. @Flixy
    They made me happy as well with the choice of Hurley, and now I'm interested in the show, even though I wasn't previously. She has, she got married to that Indian man and left films, but I think she is divorcing him now ...

    We like her too :) What's not to like :)
    And I also think she might have made a better WW than Adrienne Palicki!

  5. Haven't seen Elizabeth in a while - sounds good!

  6. That's a great tag line for the vampire movie. Wonder woman, I hope it is better than the first one.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  7. i love what hurley is wearing.
    that pic has been photoshoped to death lol

  8. Hurley is hot and it's nice to see that she's on film again!

  9. five year engagement sounds GREAT!!!! i think you can guess why! :D

  10. Diane Lane as Superman's Mom is a great choice. It's great to see Liz back on screen.

    I'm loving that vampire flick already, plus what combo of Hollywood's lost as the cast.

  11. Diane Lane brings grace and integrity to whatever she does!

  12. High Midnight does sound like an interesting mismash! Still not quite sure what to make of it, but I like horror and thrillers, so could be pretty good.

  13. Great pic of Red Skull! Thanks Dezzy.

    Richard Armitage is going to be one of the leads in The Hobbit - you can't get bigger than that really :-)

  14. @Alex
    yes, she had private obligations, but it seems she's back now!

    it is a cool tagline and plus a cool and a witty title as well :)

    he he ... but we absolutely love photoshopped pics :)) I'd photoshop myself if I knew how :)

  15. @Clarissa
    she really is hot, and who would believe she's over 40!

    I've absolutely no idea whatsoever :))

    yep, both Diane and Liz are cool ladies and the vampire cast is uber cool :)

  16. @Robert
    she does!

    I think they wanted to confuse us and then amuse us :)

    glad you liked it, hope you won't dream it :)

  17. How did I miss a Wonder Woman revival? I remember loving it as a kid, so I got all the seasons on dvd a while back. Ok, cheesy... but, I'll be excited to see what D.E.K does with it. I love Diane Lane - she'll be a perfect Martha!

  18. I didn't know Wonder Woman was coming back. Cool.

  19. @Donea
    we are keeping our fingers crossed that new WW will be worth watching!

    what do you mean you didn't know? I posted the picture of new WW last week here at HOLLYWOOD SPY:)

  20. I like Elizabeth Hurley, and she'll probably be great in this role. I believe it's a good thing to have female rivalry in Wonder Woman show. Better than male archenemy. At least in the begining.
    However, Elizabeth is a little old for WW role (for herself) these days. And, she's British, with a strong accent. American audience would not have had her, even if we would have. :)

    Diane Lane as Superman's mother is good news, but I'm still waiting for other, more important, cast. And for plot of course.

    Res Skull looks "decent". :) If nothing else, he looks more real than Two-Face in last Batman film.

    High Midnight sounds interesting. I hope it turns out to be entertaining.

  21. yes, and since she is British, she currently has problems with getting a visa for USA :( So her role still isn't secured.

  22. That last picture reinforces my belief that real men love kitties. :)

    HIGH MIDNIGHT is going on my to-watch list. It's either going to be really good, or really terrible.

  23. I think Red Skull looks amazing, and very happy that Diane Lane is cast as Martha Kent. As I love comic book tv shows /movies I can't wait to see the new take on Wonder Woman, think Liz might make a good villain

  24. @Steph
    'tis true, I'm a living proof :) I also love kitties and have one :)
    HIGH MIDNIGHT will be really good even if it becomes really bad :) If you get what I mean.

    Liz will be super amazing if she gets working visa for USA.