Saturday, March 5, 2011


Here are some of the cool new TV projects coming our way: according to "Hollywood Reporter" ABC is preparing ONCE UPON A TIME a show in which Ginnifer Goodwin
will play Snow White. Here's the plot: When a young boy who purports to be her son shows up on her doorstep, Anna Swan is drawn into a town where the magic and mystery of fairy tales may be real and hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her troubled past. And something that boys will like is new NBC show PLAYBOY, centering on Nick Dalton (Jeff Hephner) who is the ultimate playboy. He is an attorney in Chicago and a keyholder at the glamorous, exclusive Playboy Club. A fixer who knows how to make problems disappear, he has mysterious ties to the mob. The show will be set in the 60's and will also have gorgeous Amber Heard and Jenna Dewan Tatum in the cast.
SHORT HEADLINES *Stellan Skarsgaard will play the villain in THE AVENGERS, and it will be the role of Doctor Selva, the one he portrays in THOR as well. *Upcoming sequel G.I. JOE 2 won't have all the characters from the first part. Only Snake Eyes (Ray Park), Storm Shadow (Byung-hun Lee), and Duke (Channing Tatum) will return, which means that my favourite Scarlett (Rachel Nichols) isn't returning :( *Director George Miller will officially start production on two sequels MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and MAD MAX: FURIOSA in January with Tom Hardy in the title role and Charlize Theron as an armless heroine.

Something that will surely bring us lots of fun is PUSS IN BOOTS, the SHREK spin-off focusing on our favourite Puss, which "took nine lives in making" :). The film which premieres this November has just got its first trailer and it's indescribably adorable. The hilarious animated film will tell the hilarious and courageous tale of Puss's (magnificent voice of Antonio Banderas) early adventures as he teams with mastermind Humpty Dumpty and the street-savvy Kitty  to steal the famed Goose that lays the Golden Eggs. Check out the trailer and tell me what you think, it seems Puss could be even more charming than in last SHREK in which he had a few pounds more if you remember :)


  1. Banderas as Puss' voice is pretty funny but w/ that said I think I'm done w/ anything Shrek-related. Only the first one was really funny for me.

  2. I'm with you on SHREK, I've never liked him, but Puss is something special :)

  3. Just curious...that picture of Jenna D-T is odd...She looks either bruised or dirty...What is up with that?

  4. Puss in Boots, well that will be fun. I agree.

    The Avengers, interesting. Just this week as part of the festival here, I attended a talk with the original British Avenger's girl, Honor Blackman. She is a blast, I can tell you, even though she is old now.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  5. not much from the trailer, but it looks cute. PNB was my absolute FAVE book as a little girl, and I bought it for my two, who also love it.

    And of course... Antonio Banderas... (insert tongue-rolling sound ;o) We'll check it out~ :o)

  6. Looks like Puss in Boots is going to be funny. Antonio Banderas is perfect for the voice.

    Thoughts in Progress

  7. Jenna Dewan is amazingly attractive!

    I like Stellan Skarsgard as a villain in The Avengers. I liken him to a more sinister version of Liam Neeson.

  8. I love the Mad Max movies so much, but Mel is part of what made them so great. Hope this Tom Hardy guy can pull it off. Of course, it all might be worth it to see Charlize Theron as an armless heroine (????). What's that all about?

    Tossing It Out

  9. The networks all seem to have Mad Men fever, this is like the second or third big network show to be set in the 60's.

    Charlize, armless??? Interesting...

    Love me the Puss N Boots. he is soo adorable. :)

  10. @Allyson
    it was a photo shoot for one of men magazines, and as you can see she is kneeling on some black sand and got a bit dirty :)

    sounds like you had a nice time at that festival!

    yes, the trailer doesn't show the plot, just Puss working his charms :)

  11. @Mason
    it's true. I myself have never liked Banderas too much as an actor, but I adore the work he did with Puss in Boots, it's absolutely creative and adorable :)

    believe it or not, while I was choosing the right Jenna's picture and saw this one you were the first person to fall on my mind :) I knew you would gonna like it :)

  12. @Arlee
    yep, rumor has it that Charlize Theron won't be some beauty in the MAD MAX films but a fighter missing one of her arms. Something scary I guess, like Tina Turner from the original series :)

    yes, I'm not sure what to think about this 60's craze. I personally never liked 60's nor 70's. I guess they think those costumes and certain freedoms which existed then are appealing to the audiences.

  13. ...I've heard "The Avengers" will be filmed in the Cleve...roughly an hour north on I-71. Can you say, "Road trip?"


  14. wow, you might even end up with a role in AVENGERS, Elliot ;))

  15. Saw the Puss in Boots trailer last night before Rango.

  16. I love that trailer. Can't wait to see it. Sounds like it will have a cool soundtrack.

  17. yep, Clarissa, the soundtrack will probably be super charming :))

  18. Puss and Donky always were my fave characters in Shrek so this will be fun to watch. GI Joe bored me so not too excited about that sequel really. Mad Max however -cant wait.

  19. Puss was the best :) And how can you say GI JOE was boring, haven't you seen Channing in it? Ah, you disappoint me, Dempsey :)