Thursday, March 24, 2011


SHORT HEADLINES *Alan Rickman has just joined Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz in GAMBIT, a film about a huge art heist in which Firth and Diaz will try to steal some things from the richest man in Britain. *So, it seems the craziest rumor of the year is true - Cher has confirmed that she has indeed met with the Farrelly brothers about playing a nun in their remake of THE THREE STOOGES. *It also seems that the most heart wrecking rumor of the year is also true - Paramount has, alas, decided not to shoot a remake of sf epic DUNE after all :((( *If Hollywood decides to shoot another sequel in THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA saga it will be based on THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW book according to latest news.

Brothers Strause who directed last year's SKYLINE, are preparing quite an interesting epic adventure as their next project. The story of WAR OF THE AGES starts when an ancient artifact is uncovered, time gets shattered and the seven greatest war leaders in history have to battle each other out. According to the directors, it will be a mix of  LORD OF THE RINGS and GLADIATOR in which we shall see Napoleon vs. Julius Caesar vs. Attila the Hun vs. Genghis Khan vs. Alexander vs. Hannibal. And they plan to shoot it as a 3D  sword-and-sandal epic.

You've probably all heard that Elizabeth Taylor has died today. Which of her movies and roles did you like best? I will remember her for CLEOPATRA and ELEPHANT WALK.


  1. Elizabeth Taylor was a wonderful actor and she will be missed? What was my favorite of her movies? Cleopatra.

    Too bad about Dune. :(

  2. Yes, although a bad and unsuccessful movie, CLEOPATRA really did show Elizabeth's royal charisma.
    Yep, in the ocean of remakes, I can't believe Hollywood won't do the only one which we could really need.

  3. When I think of Rosario Dawson the first thing I think of is the totally bizarre sicko rape revenge movie Descent, not to be confused with the film of the same name with the gals that go into the cave.

    I happened to like Cleopatra--so much grandeur.

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  4. Sad about Elizabeth. I loved her in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Elephant Walk and Suddenly, Last Summer. Cleo was good as well. Too bad about Dune, we could have really used a remake.

  5. @Arlee
    you should then watch ALEXANDER, Arlee, after that the first thing you will think about when you think about Rosario will be the scene with her full nude fight with Colin Alexander Farrell :))) She has the most amazing body.

    Yes, two things to cry about today - Liz and Dune :(((((

  6. Elizabeth Taylor had some wonderful movies. The first ones that come to mind for me are Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, Giant, and Cleopatra. She will be missed.

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  7. So sad about Elizabeth.

    I'd really like to see Dune remade! The book is full of amazing visuals - it would make a great movie with the technology available these days!

  8. I thought people would be too scared to work with Meagan Fox again? Maybe she chilled out alittle bit.

  9. Megan Fox may be an awful actress, but she still remains one of my biggest celebrity crushes. Is it enough for me to see her film on the big screen. Doubtful. There's always Netflix.

  10. War of the Ages sounds delicious! to have all those big characters on screen, n fighting each other didn't seem possible in any previous films. i hope the Strause brothers will manage to come out with something better than Skyline! :)

  11. the Liz Taylor news is sad. She was like the 2nd most beautiful woman ever, after Audrey Hepburn of course. It is almost as sad as the dune news.

  12. Sad news about Elizabeth; I finally had to build my own fort, sorry I've been away!
    I loved her in Cleopatra...she really made the part her own.
    Gambit sounds interesting; what a gamble, Cher as a nun! I bet she will be great~

  13. Don't know why we'd need yet another version of Dune, but a little bummed they would do the Narnia books out of order. That one has the least amount of story. Yes, Silver Chair is dark and sometimes depressing, but at least it has a full movie's worth of story - and it's next!

  14. Cher as a nun....Oh that is awesome!! Is it bad that I want Megan Fox to get the part? I know she kind of sucks, especially in Jonah Hex (awful movie overall) but something about her is so captivating on screen. Perhaps her gorgeous looks, I don't know. : )

    It is so sad about Elizabeth Taylor. I was pretty shocked when I heard about it.

  15. @Mason
    we shall also remember her for her charity work, beside some classic films.

    yes, DUNE could look great with the new technology that we didn't have back in the old days when the original movie was made.

    he he I guess everything is forgiven when you are super gorgeous and stunningly sexy :)

  16. @Matty
    well, looking at that pic above, Matty, I can certainly see why you would like Megan even though she is a bad actress and a person without much intelligence :) She really is breathtakingly beautiful.

    yes, I just hope they won't make another NIGHT IN MUSEUM or something like that out of it :)

    yes, it is almost as sad as the DUNE news :(((

  17. While the third Narnian film did slightly less box office business than its two previous, it still made just over $400 million worldwide, so another installment just makes sense.

  18. @Ella
    as well as you are now protected from chocolate craving zombies, all is forgiven :)))Cher will be super great :)

    what? As a member of sf circles how you ask such a blasphemous question??? We need a new DUNE not every 20 years but every five years.

    Megan is gorgeous, sometimes it's even unbelievable how gorgeous she is. If she wasn't such a flimsy character and crazy person, she would probably be the queen of Hollywood by now.

  19. @Jaccsy
    yep, we shall see what the studio says, as far as I got it, Fox hasn't made the decision yet, although Walden Media already has a plan for the third installment.

  20. It's a shame about DUNE, but I'm a fan of the original, so I'm not *totally* disappointed.

    I *do* hope they do THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW! That was my favorite book of the bunch! :)

  21. I'm also a huge fan of the original DUNE, but I wanted a new version too, something better than the horrible TV versions from SyFy channel :(
    He he ... I see you don't agree with Alex above on NARNIA. :)

  22. so much to comment on! No Dune? And the Magician's Nephew? Former space employees???

    Cher as a NUN! :D crazy times. Thanks, Dezzy~ <3

  23. I've left you speechless with today's news, haven't I? :)))

  24. Do we really NEED another Dune? I always liked the David Lynch movie, cheesy special effects aside. I'm sure someone saw a space epic franchise, although the last few books just get kind of...political rant-y.

    Napoleon? *cocks eyebrow*

  25. you have something against Napoleon? :))
    And yes, we DO NEED another DUNE :) I loved the original, but I want a new film too, since the saga has so many fans.

  26. Wow, what a concept for War of the Ages! Not sure whether to call it insanely ambitious or brilliant. Of course it remains to be seen if they could actually pull it off or not. Btw Dezzy, you know that Gerry Berry played Attila, right? Accuracy be darned, with that stringy hair, muscled tan and green eyes, he was definitely the most gorgeous world leader ever on film :)

  27. There was the Sci-Fi channels remake of the original Dune, which was, surprisingly, pretty good. Children of Dune was also not bad.

    As for Napoleon...I was just saying "One of these things is not like the other..."

  28. @Flixy
    'tis true, my dear, it could turn out to be epic of mega "floppic" :)
    Yes, we talked about ATILLA before, Flixy, you remember I told you that's the first film I've noticed Butler in. He really was stunning in it!

    Must admit I totally hated Sy-Fy's DUNE mini series, they were extremely boring, didn't have a vision and they also had the most horrible costumes I've ever seen. The only good thing about it was that they kinda discovered James McAvoy for us :)

  29. Cleopatra is an obvious favourite for me, so sad she's gone, was shocked to here the news :(