Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Our dear Rupert Penry Jones, who won a number of polls at HOLLYWOOD SPY, is going to star in an unusual British film called MANOR HUNT BALL in which a gang of local youths crash a high-class party at a country manor where they discover that the modern gentry are now hunting people instead of foxes. Running for their lives the gang must find a means of escape before they are picked off one by one. This mix of action, thriller and horror will also star Sean Pertwee (EVENT HORIZONT, EQUILIBRIUM, CAMELOT), music star Plan B (HARRY BROWN),  and possibly Anna Friel, Brenda Blethyn (ATONEMENT, SAVING GRACE) and Matthew Macfayden (ROBIN HOOD, THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH).
SHORT HEADLINES Some time ago, I've mentioned that Olivia Wilde might play Lara Croft in a possible new film, and now it seems that TOMB RAIDER saga will really continue. According to "Variety" the rights have just been purchased, and the reboot of the story is expected to appear in cinemas in 2013. *Today, you can also check out a new, Italian, and a bit bizarre, poster for THE SMURFS which are premiering this August with little blue cuties being lost in the middle of New York. *According to "Beyond Hollywood" Marvel is planning to film INHUMANS, a film about aliens who were put on Earth as sleeper cell aliens to eventually call back their race to take over the planet. Ultimately, the group of aliens fully assimilates and don’t want to cause war.

Although we are all super happy that Henry Cavill got the role of SUPERMAN in Zack Snyder's reboot of the Man of Steel story, you do remember that hunky Joe Manganiello from TRUE BLOOD was actually the first choice for the role. "MovieWeb" has tried to reveal what went wrong with his casting, and it seems that the only reason Manganiello didn't get the role was the fact that he didn't have the time to go to Warner Bross. and do the screen testing in costume, since he was busy shooting new episodes for TRUE BLOOD. Quite a strange choice - choosing a not so popular show over a life changing movie role.


  1. You've had me at Rupert Penry-Jones! :D Add in MacFayden and I'm sold!

  2. Ah, you know Dezzy knows your price :)))

  3. That is an odd choice. And I think Oliva would be great in the role!

  4. I knew you would gonna like that one, Lyndy :))

  5. The Smurfs!!!! I love that all these cartoons I grew up with are now becoming movies. It makes me feel nostalgic. :)

  6. I love Macfayden and Jones. I can't believe they're in the same movie. Well, both played roles on the tv series Spooks.

  7. I like that name, Penry. There was someone named Benry, which I did't care for. Much better with a P.

    Joe is nice to look at. I would suppose he has contract obligations with True Blood.

  8. Sorry Dez. I was so enjoying the eye candy I forgot to read about the movies. Were they good?

  9. Manor Hunt Ball has a really interesting premise - hope it's good!

  10. I love Rupert and Matthew both very much. I will see anything they are in. Inhumans sounds very intriguing. Too bad for Joe, but yay for us as we get Henry. A sexy, sexy Man of Steel.

  11. Hey Dez, haven't been by in a while and thought I'd drop by and say hi. I'm looking forward to Smurfs in NY. Hopefully they'll put some money into the script which I think they will. Anything has to be better than movies with two guys with their shirts unbuttoned.

  12. Oddly enough I'm excited for the continuing of the "Tomb Raider" saga and Olivia Wilde is an excellent choice! I could also see Megan Fox but her talent may not be strong enough. Now for the "Smurfs" I like the poster but I'm afraid of not liking the film itself but we shall see... : )

  13. @Emily
    ah, yes, The SMurfs certainly bring back some nostalgic feelings and memories :))

    they are both great actors, and we do love us some great British gents, don't we? :)

    it's a dashing British name :) Who could resist it? :)

  14. @Mary
    not were but will, Mary, here at HOLLYWOOD SPY we only use future tense when speaking about movies :)

    it is an interesting plot, isn't it? Quite intriguing and tense.

    as far as I've heard INHUMANS will be quite different from what they are in Marvel comics in which they apparently have their own exciting planet and empire and everything.

  15. @Stephen
    why do I have a feeling you wouldn't complain if there were some unbuttoned ladies instead of gents? :P

    yes, I'm also afraid I won't like the plot in THE SMURFS since the film won't be set in their cute little shroom village but in urban NY surroundings, and I don't like that :(

  16. Everything is fine in my residence, dear nanny ;) Thanks for your attention.
    Those blue creatures looks more and more squeezed in that poster. Until now, I still feel the film will just become another Garfield, Scooby-doo, Chipmunks or Yogi.

  17. It probably will, Jaccsonville, especially having in mind that they've already ruined the story by putting little Smurfs in the middle of Central Park :(
    Say Hello, to Mrs. Jaccsonville, for me :)

  18. Hmm. Manor Hunt Ball sounds a lot like the Island of Dr. Morrow without the island. Could/should be interesting :)

    That's the funniest poster I've seen for a movie in a while. Thanks. I needed that this morning.

    PS--If you have a chance, stop by my blog today. I have something waiting for you there :)

  19. ooooh, THE ISLAND OF DR. MOROE was one of my favourite sf books back when I was a teen, and I liked the film as well :)
    Glad the Smurfs made you smile :)
    And put some tea on, I'm coming over :)

  20. yeah the manor hunt ball could be super scary goodness if handled well- wasn't there a short story with the same premise... it seems like i've read something like that.
    and the smurfs poster was super cute! :)

  21. Smurfs poster is cute and absurd!

    I'll have to read more on Inhumans, but that premise is intriguing.

  22. @Vics
    hey, Vics, how's the hiatus going? :)
    The plot does sound a bit familiar, but I guess it's one of those stories that repeat from time to time.

    yep, Inhumans are quite intriguing in Marvel's world :)

  23. though happy with Cavill,Joe would have been my top choice for the superman role, can't believe he was fazed out because of not having the time for a screen test at the same time can't believe he didnt do anything to make the time too!

  24. yep, it's quite strange of an explanation. Maybe he said this just as an excuse after missing the opportunity? We shall never know, but I'm overly happy with Cavill :)