Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ah, this really is quite a silly story, but when you have two stunning young creatures in the cast who cares about silly plot: according to latest rumors Teresa Palmer might join Nicholas Hoult in WARM BODIES,  a film adaptation of the yet to be published book which follows an existentially tormented zombie named R that begins an unlikely friendship with the human girlfriend of one of his victims. The blossoming relationship starts a chain reaction that will transform him, his fellow zombies and maybe the whole lifeless world. Teresa will play the daughter of one of the humans' military leaders who is tired of constantly fighting off zombie attacks.

SHORT HEADLINES *New horror flick that I mentioned earlier I, FRANKEN STEIN has found a director.  Stuart Beattie will helm the story of the town of Darkhaven, where Frankenstein and several other legendary monsters dwell beneath the city's surface, being the city's sole protectors against ghastly creatures and evil beings who want to escape to the surface. *Tim Burton's DARK SHADOWS film adaptation about the crazy monster family has just signed young Thomas McDonell who will play the young version of vampire Barnabas in the cast which already includes Johnny Depp, Eva Green,
Jackie Earle Haley, Michelle Pfeiffer
and Helena Bonham Carter.

Here's another upcoming film with not so interesting story but with more than interesting group of great actors. According to "MovieWeb" filmmaker Sheldon Turner will direct dramatic thriller called BY VIRTUE FALLS,  in which the story will revolve around a newly-released ex-convict who seeks revenge upon his mentor who framed him for a crime he didn't commit. Now here's the interesting cast: Eric Bana, James Spader, Ryan Phillippe and lovely Carla Gugino.


  1. *ahem* May I just compliment you on your new poll and sidebar. :)

  2. Depp and Bonham-Carter in a Burton movie? Who would've thought!

  3. @L.G.
    indeed you may, my dear ;)

    it's a shock isn't it?

  4. Is it me, or is Ryan FINALLY looking like a grown ass man and not some man child lol

  5. he's been looking grown up for quite some time now, Falsy :)

  6. Those are some phenomenal casts, but the actual stories don't pique my interest. I hate it when that happens. :(

  7. This seems to be Johnny Depp's year.

  8. Aha, another Depp and Burton collaboration, a "crazy monster family" seems perfectly suitable for their sensibilities. I like it!

  9. hee hee hee! alex said it perfectly! come on mr. burton! there are other actresses and actors in the world!!! branch out you brilliant man!!!! yikes!
    i don't know why... but that zombie thing actually sounds interesting to me... i'm kinda shocked at myself! :)

  10. I agree w/ you Dezzy, neither Warm Bodies or By Virtue Falls appeal to me plot-wise, but the cast is interesting. I love Eric Bana but he hasn't been in anything worth watching as of late. Hanna sounds more like a rental.

  11. These are some films to die for. Sexy and monstrous is a strangely alluring combination and I can't wait to see these.

  12. I am a huge fan of Frankenstein so I, Frankenstein is definitely something I'm looking forward to. Dark Shadows with no doubt will be nothing short of amazing or at least that is my prediction. Anything with Depp or Burton attached to it usually comes out a hit. Warm Bodies however sounds ridiculous but I will still probably watch it since its a zombie film and Nicholas Hoult is in it. I guess it could be great as a comedy.

  13. Thomas seemed like he had great potential! i can't wait to see him working alongside with Johnny Depp. it must be awesome to have such a unique actor to learn from! :)

  14. Finally, some concrete news on the film. I look forward to seeing Johnny Deppp and tim Burton's take on Dark Shadows.

  15. Warm bodies sounds really interesting - they don't usually cover that side of a zombie story. the only other one I can think of is a low budget British film called Colin, which is pretty cool. I'll keep an eye out for Warm Bodies, thanks :D

  16. I must be getting old, I haven't heard of so many of these young actors. Now, on to voting!

  17. @Emily
    it's true, Emily, the plots of the upcoming films haven't been very creative recently :(

    you mean, Depp's decade :))

    it seems the two of them can't live without each other, maybe Tim and Depp should marry and live happily ever after :)

  18. @Vics
    I'm also not into zombies, but this one sounds possibly cool, especially with those two cutie pies in the cast :)

    it's true darling, I haven't seen Bana in anything good since forever, although his roles are always great. He was stunning and flawless in TROY, MUNICH and THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL even though those films were horrible.

    Dezz knows what combination you like best ;))

  19. @Nicole
    I,FRANKENSTEIN could be quite good, since the plot sounds interesting and unique, and we will be able to cheer for dear old Frankie :)

    yes, I'm sure young Thomas will be super excited to work with Depp and Burton!

    maybe you could audition for a role in the film before they start shooting :) You would look great as a vampire ;))

  20. @JAMIE
    It's true, the only thing I'm still not sure is whether it will be a serious action mixed with drama and romance, or will it have comedy elements as well. But I don't expect a regular zombie movie.

    those are the latest young stars of Hollywood, Clarissa, they are still on the rise, their time is coming :)

  21. Hey, another zombie movie. I am all for it. Zombie love is kinda of strange though. By strange I mean gross.

  22. You're right. Sounds like a bizarre premise for a zombie movie, and I don't know how well something like that will work. I mean, zombie with an existential crisis? Really? Then again, all the classic lore is being challenged these days, so, what the hell, why not? Why can't zombies think about more than waddling around with their arms out, looking to eat brains and guts? Let's instead have him questioning life as we know it and the meaning of zombieness. But, yeah, the cast will probably be enough to get me to watch it :)

    Oh, and ditto to Alex's sarcasm :)

  23. The Frankenstein movie sounds interesting.

    Seriously though, wouldn't people freak if there started to really be movie-like zombies in the real world? I'm not talking about metaphorical zombies, but real honest to goodness brain-eating zombies. I'll bet these zombie movies wouldn't be as much fun then, would they. Just a thought for the zombie lovers out there.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  24. A zombie with feelings??? doesn't quite compute does it.

  25. I hate zombies. I'll be skipping that one. Virtue Falls sounds interesing. Certainly an interesting cast.

  26. Not sure about that zombie one...although, I'd be interested to see how he keeps his hunger in check long enough to make friends with a "warm body"...hmm.

    Dark Shadows sounds fun! :)

  27. @Budd
    well, zombies have the right to love too :)

    the meaning of zombieness he he he :)))

    you mean you've never seen real zombies around you? I certainly have quite a lot :)

  28. @Michael
    well, just because you don't have all the limbs, half of your head, that your body is rotten, that you have no blood ... doesn't mean you have no feelings :)))

    glad you like the cast, Mary

    that's one of the mysteries we shall reveal in the film :)

  29. I'm still holding out hope for Bana. I mean he's the only great thing in TROY, I lost interest the second he died. It'd be great if he stars w/ Gerry Berry in a movie one day... I'd probably pass out of hyperventilation :D

  30. Ah, don't even mention TROY, I also totally lost interest in the film after they kill Hector :( It was such a great performance from Bana.