Tuesday, March 1, 2011


 Our poll is over and you say that James Purefoy SHOULD BE THE NEXT JAMES BOND. You gave him 35% of votes, which either means you like him a lot or the poll has been hi-jacked by his fans :) Matthew Goode took second place with 23% of votes while Hugh Jackman finished third (15%)

James Purefoy is one of those actors who were simply born to play charming bad boys and elegant but naughty heroes. He always shines in period movies and epics: "George and the Dragon", "Vanity Fair", "Blackbeard", "Solomon Kane", "A Knight's Tale" are just few of his films from that genre which presented him as a dashing knight or a seductive hero, but we all remember him best as Mark Antony in the legendary TV series "Rome"
which was the role of his life, at least for now. In the future we shall watch him in some equally heroic and wonderful roles: he will be a brave knight in medieval epic "Ironclad", king Lot in STARZ epic series "Camelot", Cantos Kan, the captain of the Xavarian, the kingdom of Helium's grand warship in the upcoming space opera "John Carter of Mars" (I'm literally dying to see that one), brave lord Somerset in "Heaven and Earth"... He is still a candidate for James Bond for which he already auditioned back in the time of "Goldeneye" but lost the role to Pierce Brosnan.

Now let us move to our next poll. Are you in the mood for choosing BEST FOREIGNER IN HOLLYWOOD? There are so many lovely non-English actors working in Tinseltown, so who do you like best? This will be just the first part, so if you have some
favourites please write it bellow in the comments and I might add them in part two or three of this poll this March. The first round includes: French hunk Vincent Cassel(BLACK SWAN, OCEAN'S TWELVE, ELIZABETH, IRREVERSIBLE), French thespian Juliette Binoche (CHOCOLAT, BREAKING AND ENTERING, THE ENGLISH PATIENT), Nordic God Alexander Skarsgard (TRUE BLOOD, BATTLESHIP), French epitome of gorgeousness Emmanuelle Beart (8 WOMEN, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE), Brazilian heartbreaker Rodrigo Santoro (300, LOST, LOVE ACTUALLY), Scandinavian hunkViggo Mortensen (LORD OF THE RINGS, THE ROAD, HIDALGO), Italian vixen and Vincent Cassel's wife Monica Bellucci (MATRIX, THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE) and Spanish stud Antonio Banderas (ZORO, SHREK, THE 13TH WARRIOR). You can vote next two weeks as much as you like :)


  1. Well, my pick did not win. :( But the one who did pleases me just as well as my first choice. :)

  2. that would be my reaction too, Emily :) James is such a great and charismatic actor and he can sure do a big film to launch him into Hollywood.

  3. Isn't it weird that the British would never go with a black James Bond. Makes you wonder just how progressive the UK is.

  4. He's a good choice. Very Bond looking. Hope he likes martinis. :)

  5. If only the Broccolis read your blog, Dezzy. Mr. Purefoy would make an excellent James Bond, fantastic eye candy too. No offense to Craig but he'd never make my heart go pit-a-pat the way Timothy Dalton did, but Purefoy could certainly do that :)

    @Movies on my Mind, it's a shame they won't go with a black Bond. I'd say Idris Elba could make a tough and cool 007.

  6. @Movies
    I'm not sure that would be good. Since James Bond was written as a white character, making it a black one would be the same as choosing a white actor to play Martin Luter King. I don't think that political correctness should delve into traditional characters and heroes. But, if one day we really get a black Bond, I do like Flixy's idea bellow - of Idriz Elba getting the role :)

    I'm sure he does :) And he really is pleasant for the eye :)

    Purefoy would do miracles with your love towards Bond, Flixy :) And he has that naughtiness that Connery had alongside Dalton's and Brosnan's elegance.

  7. Yep, I reckon he'd make a good 007 -- as long as he doesn't wear that white suit ;)

  8. I'm black and I'm not cool with picking a black dude as james bond! That just kinda gives me the creeps really.

  9. @Lyndy
    now why doncha like the white suit? :))

    I'm glad you agree with me, Falsy darling. I love people of all colours and races as you know, but when it comes to art and traditional stories and characters people really must be objective.

  10. James would be the best Bond ever...aside from Sean Connery of course

  11. James would definitely make a scrumptious Bond. I have loved him since Resident Evil and Knight's Tale.

    Picking a favorite foreigner will be difficult. Guess I will just have to vote often. ;)

  12. @Farfraesfaery
    indeed he would :) and Sean was also great!

    he would certainly attract lots of female audience :)
    Yep, you should vote on a daily basis :) So, far I'm surprised with Skarsgard getting into second place. Didn't know he was that popular, but I do love him :) And I'm also happy somebody gave a vote to sensual beauty Emmanuelle :)

  13. Dezzy, Thundercat, I guess you made an excellent point. I'm Asian and I wouldn't want to see an Asian Bond either, come to think of it. I mean, it's written as a white English guy, so even I don't want an American playing Bond.

  14. @Flixy
    hey, Flixy, you didn't say anything about the new poll, I though you would be the first one to comment on it :))

    one James Purefy, fresh and packed, coming to your house :)

  15. Oh yes, yes, give me James in any way, shape or form!

  16. what, what? Oh, I will have to write this day down in the calender - Prairie girl has visited our headquarters instead of just lurking from the shadows and enjoying the sexy view :) Nice to see you here, sister ;)