Monday, February 28, 2011


So, did you watch Oscars last night? I'm happy that THE KING'S SPEECH won most of the major awards, I was also happy with Christian Bale winning, and I thought female awards went into wrong hands. The stage was lovely this year and Anne Hathaway and James Franco were cute but they didn't make me laugh at all (although I did fall asleep after first hour and a half :))
And I really must admit these were probably the weakest Oscars in last ten years when speaking about fashion. I didn't see a single breathtaking gown. What happened? When it comes to best dressed most of you will agree with me that Mila Kunis looked beautiful in her refined Elie Saab gown which matched her angelic blue eyes beautifully.
Young Mandy Moore also looked refined in her beige sparkly dress, while dame Helen Mirren looked quite noble in her graphite gray dress (those puffed sleeves looked great on her). The only sexy dress came from Matthew McConaughey's partner Camila Elves, she really had a wow factor.
There were also three big disappointments: I was very excited to see my favourite Cate Blanchett at the Oscars, and I can't say her dress was ugly but it was strange, overly retro, and it left me disappointed. And I will never understand what happened to adorable Amy Adams? What on Earth made her choose that green jewelry with a violet dress??? Nicole Kidman has lost her title of style icon long time ago, and this time she proved that her obsession with too many details leaves us constantly disappointed.
But I think you will all agree that Jennifer Hudson was the main freak (click to see) of the night! Although her dress was lovely by itself, her boobs looked so horrible in it, that now I think I have a boob phobia :)
When it comes to gentlemen, young Jesse Eisenberg and style icon Justin Timberlake, who was also great on stage, were the most dashing among them all.
So, whom did you like or didn't like this year at the red carpet?


  1. I didn't watch the Oscars but I do agree with you on the dresses. I like Mirren. She's beautiful and classy.

  2. I watched some of it - and then sleep called! The hosts this year did nothing for me.

  3. @Clarissa
    glad you agree, Clarissa, Mirren is very classy which couldn't be said for her partner at the stage, Russel Brand.

    yep, Anne and Franco were bad. Franco especially, he was cold, weird, uninterested and plastic, and he left everything to Anne who had to sweat and toil to make the show work, but you can't make the show solely on her cuteness and charm. I wished for Hugh Jackman to get onto the stage and take over the job from them :)

  4. I agree with you about Cate Blanchett, didn't like her dress at all. I liked Jennifer Hudson's dress, but not her hair, made her look older. I liked Gwyneth Paltrow's dress, simple yet glamorous, but her earrings may have looked great in person, but not on TV. Helen Mirren always looks great for any age! Love her!

    The men all looked great, no surprises there as all were dressed rather predictably. I miss the days of "creative dressing" also. Now everyone has a stylist.

    Thanks Dez :)

  5. Glad you agree with me, Fabo :)
    I guess Cate made us used to seeing her in the most refined gowns and this one was a bit too pathetic for me. Although I cant' say I hated it.
    Jennifer's dress was lovely but definitely not on her, she has no cleavage nor personality to wear it. She just looked slutty.
    Yep, it would've been nice seeing some of the men in dark blue, dark gray, maybe even white ... :)

  6. I didn't watch, but now I have to go look up Jennifer Hudson's dress.

  7. I didn't see Camila Alves. That is stunning!!!!
    Also, I did love Jennifer Hudson's dress, but yes, the boobs were distracting. If they were popped into the fabric, it would have been perfect! I loved the bright color.

  8. Yeah, J.Hudson's dress had some weird stuff going on. I'm going to say it's because she's lost so much weight recently...

    I thought James Franco and Anne were awful. The whole ceremony had a distinct lack of class, if you ask me. Kirk Douglas was adorable, though.

    Cate Blanchett's dress was hideous. Absolutely hideous, which is a shame, because she's a beautiful woman (though I like her hair long). Gwenyth Paltrow's dress was lovely, though, and I liked Mila Kunis's as well. I didn't watch the red carpet part, just the awards ceremony, so I only saw the folks if they presented.

  9. I didn't watch the Oscars, but I have to disagree with you Dez. Judging from the pics you have here, Jennifer Hudson was the hottest of them all. Smooth curves with a little sexy exposure, all wrapped up in that awesome dress.

  10. I watched the entire train wreck from red carpet to the singing munchkins. Franco was awful, he checked out before the show started. And he had the nerve to slam Gervais. At least Ricky was present at the Globes. Anne would have been better off hosting alone. Then she would have known the show was all on her.

    You're right, no dresses really stood out, though I did like Camila and Helen's looks. Mila looked great. Natalie looked alright as well as Scar Jo. Cate looked average and surprisingly matron like in her dress. I'm having boob trauma as well with J-Hud's dress. All I kept saying after I saw her was "My eyes!!"

  11. I think Cate Blanchett has borrowed my Grandmother chair and successfully turned it into a dress :))

  12. Hello Dezzy, glad we share the same sentiment about King's Speech and Bale winning, and yeah, the hosts had zero chemistry and they weren't funny. At least Anne attempt to be jubilant as if to make up for Franco's stoned expression.

    I love Cate but I'm not crazy about her bib dress, what's with that? I thought Halle Berry looked lovely in her nude sparkly dress, and yeah Milla is lovely as always. Oh, I like the white dress Anne wore in the beginning of the hosting speech, too, very flattering.

  13. Cate was great, that is a haute couture givenchy dress, and I think it fits her real nicely! Really unique!

  14. this, however i don't really like the hats :S

  15. I am a fan of the simple tuxedo look. That's how I would if I went to the Oscars. So, I thought Timberlake's loook was the most solid.

  16. I didn't see the red carpet or the first part of the Oscars because I was away, but I saw Cate Blanchett's dress and was appalled at it. Bizarre! Wasn't keen on Amy Adams number, either. I like some of Anne Hathaway's gowns but not all of them. From what I saw, nothing was terribly exciting at all, but I'd have to go and look at some other pictures because, like I said, I missed out on a lot. Man, though, is Anne Hathaway ever THIN. OMG, someone needs to give that girl a milkshake. Actually, Natalie's Portman's dress was very elegant.

  17. Yeah, I usually love Oscar night, but last night's show was a huge disappointment. It was just boring. The only really great part was the little video montage at that beginning with HP and Twilight. And Alec Baldwin was funny.
    I thought James and Anne were good together but they didn't have enough pizazz to pull off the whole show.
    Ok, so Cate's dress was just weird, but didn't surprise me, as she's a little bit odd. But I love her for it. And I actually thought Jennifer Hudson looked fab. So nice and trim. Mila and Halle looked by far the best IMO. And Jude and Robert D. looked smashing. Gwyneth looked gorgeous, but her song was awful. And I loved Natalie's speech. I give her props just for being up there pregnant. I really would've liked to see Hailee win for Supporting Actress and HTTY Dragon for best animation.
    I love Colin Firth, but would've loved an upset with Jesse winning for best actor. Was satisfied with Christian Bale winning. He is a phenomonal actor.
    But geez, bring back Steve Martin or Billy Crystal for host next year. Something that long really needs more humor.

  18. Great coverage, Dezz.

    Have a super week!!!


  19. I agree with you saying that there was not really one stunning suit, only nice, cute or classy, but nothing more. But I disagree with you when you say that Nicole Kidman had it all wrong: her dress is fine! ;-P
    But yes, usually during the Oscars every single woman looks like a limited edition of a Barbie princess. I liked the dress of Busy Phillips, btw!
    You seem disappointed that Miss Portman got the award, aren't you? I know you're not that keen on her ;)


  20. I thought Cate Blanchett's gown horrible. So Little House on the Prairie looking. Most of them seemed off on their fashion and/or makeup. I still miss Cher on the red carpet. She was always an event unto herself.

  21. Got to disagree about the Hudson Dress. She's looking goooooood.

    Aren't the men boring? Men's clothes are boring. Wish I had the courage to do something about it - he says slipping on a t-shirt and jeans,

  22. ohman! i don't watch the oscars, but i flipped through the fashion recap online, just because i KNEW you would cover it and wanted to come prepared! ok! i know i'm like the only one, but i kinda like cate's dress- except right where the chest is- that shape made her look flat chested and reminded me of an antique spoon. i thought mila looked lovely, and quite a bit of them looked nice- but safe. i think jennifer hudson is a beautiful woman and super talented, but the color of her dress was too bright, and i didn't like the bust line AT ALL. blech! and jesse eisenberg was BY FAR the best dressed male celebrity in my opinion. his outfit was a little different and very age appropriate. i thought the little girl from true grit looked so completely adorable! and hooray for a young girl actually dressing YOUNG!!!!!
    i thought the worst was some celebrity's wife- but i can't remember which one she was... she had a black and white top with a skirt in a hideos shade of red/orange. and my favorite was Matt McConaughey's gal Camila Alves, who i've NEVER heard of before (that i can remember) but who was breathtakingly stunning... though i'm not sure if it was her dress or just her! this was fun! just like watching project runway- except no tim gunn, which is like a travesty! :)

  23. @Matthew
    you have the link right up there beside her name

    wasn't Camila just wowza? :) I mean McConaughey is also wowza, but she is really wowza :)

    there really was too many weird things going on at the Oscars this year :) both at stage an in the fashion deparment

    ah, so you're into plastic boobs :))

  24. @Melissa
    you're totally right, Anne would've done much better by herself! And for the record, my eyes still hurt :))))

    you know, that's quite possible :)

    yes, the white gown from the beginning was nice, although it did have a bit too much bling in around her torso, but it was lovely.

    yes, Doo, I know it was haute couture, but these events are more suited for the gowns from more commercial and glamorous designers, like Elie Saab who's the king of haute couture and always makes the best dress for Oscars every year (last year Elizabeth Banks, this year Mila Kunis). By the way you can check out my own haute couture designs at my Facebook page.

  25. @Matty
    ah, a tuxedo would look great on you for sure, Matty, since we've seen you naked and we know you have the flawless body for it :)) You were probably born for a tux :)

    yes, she should come to taste some of your and mine recipes :)) And wasn't Amy weird for some reason?

    unfortunately I haven't seen Jude :( I fell asleep after first hour and a half :( I'm sure he looked stunning as always.

    thanks, Harry, glad you liked it :)

  26. @Lucinda
    yep, the name of that tutu wearing person is forbidden in this realm :)

    ah, that's totally what we missed last night - a little bit of crazy Cher to spice up the evening :) Why didn't they invite her? She did have BURLESQUE last year.

    ah, Oscars need a little bit of Dezzy to show them some men style :))) I'd probably wear some dark blue suit with dark blue tie and shirt, but I might go crazy and go in a modernized medieval tunic like a knight:)

    ah, nice report, student Vics :) I see you did your research :) Yes, Cate's dress was problematic around breasts and shoulders, it wouldn't look that weird with a nice cleavage line. I think I saw that celebrity wife too and deliberately forgot her name :))) And yes, wasn't Camila just stunning? That's the kind of glamor and sexy elegance we need at event like these!

  27. Sorry but Cate Blanchett's dress is too strange for me. And while it didn't work, I'm pleased to see Nicole Kidman trying a different style for a change.

  28. I was unable to watch this year, but I couldn't help but keep my eye to the red carpet recap on The Today Show as I worked out this morning.

    I agree, Mila Kunis looks stunning; just like a crocus in April. I personally love the way Amy Adam's emerald jewelry looks against her night sky gown.

    I had extremely high hopes for Franco and Hathaway...I suppose it's good I missed the show.

  29. @Lyndy
    it is too strange, too fashiony! Made for a catwalk not for a real event :) Nicole different? I personally don't see it, she always had this style of wearing too much details and having gowns which look like Vienna cake :)

    probably for the best, Jonathon, it seems nobody liked the host this year.
    Mila is stunning, Elie Saab always makes the best dresses. He's my favourite designer.

  30. I was so excited about the hosts, but they really disappointed me.
    I also agree with the dresses, so bad and nothing spectacular.

    The show was a little lame, tbh. Don't know what happened there.

    I liked Nathalie Portman getting the Oscar. I think she deserved it, but that's arguable I guess.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  31. Ended up having a great time watching the Oscars this year, didn't turn the tv off this time, instead had a great time tweeting during the event. I liked Anne Hathaway but not James Franco, he really looked weird and out of place, in his own world lol
    For me the worst dress was Cate's .
    Very happy Colin Firth, Christian Bale, Nathalie Portman and The King's Speech got the Oscars.

  32. Great Oscar post Dez, Kings Speech I havnt seen yet, I was kind of gunning for Social Network, so glad to see Bale get an oscar for Fighter, that guy is so committed to his movies

  33. @Nahno
    yep, it seems everybody is disappointed with the host, guess their plan to use young inexperienced people didn't work :(

    I thought about setting a live chat here during the Oscars, but since it is broadcast at night here in Europe, I could stay awake to be the host :)

    glad you liked the post, Dempsey.

  34. Mila Kunis did look amazing! and, in my opinion, so did Natalie Portman, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Hailee Steinfeld, Scarlett Johansson, and Helena Bonham Carter!!

  35. Justin almost always looks good.

    Since I am a hillbilly rancher and know O about style, the next local event that requires me in formal ware, I will ask you to help me pick out a dress.....but I warn you, I cant walk in heels:)

  36. but you gotta get onto high heels at least in special occasions :)