Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 Our latest poll in which we were choosing WHO SHOULD BE NEW LOIS LANE is over, and Emily Blunt won with stunning 42% votes, leaving Mila Kunis as the first runner up with 16%, and Alexis Bledel on the third spot with 7%.
Now, although the chances that she could get the Lois Lane role in the new SUPERMAN beside Henry Cavill are very small, since she wasn't mentioned in the lists of actresses who already
auditioned for the role, it's true that Emily and Henry would make the best possible couple ever being both gorgeous, extremely talented and profoundly charismatic.
British beauty Emily Blunt has won our MOST STARLICIOUS YOUNG ACTRESS poll two years ago here at HOLLYWOOD SPY, and as we can see today, she really is ready to take over the Hollywood throne some time in the future. Having Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep (who said herself that Emily is the best young actress she's ever worked with) and Nicole Kidman as her favourite actresses, Emily has also shown their elegant and versatile acting talent combined with the refined, almost angelic looks and spellbinding charisma. You've seen her in DEVIL WEARS PRADA where she basically stole the show from Anne Hathaway portraying Meryl Streep's snobbish but lovable and charmingly neurotic assistant.
In the period drama THE YOUNG VICTORIA she truly shined playing the righteous British monarch, and her chemistry with Rupert Friend was almost unbelievable. She was probably the only good thing in the Victorian horror THE WOLFMAN, she was forced to star in GULLIVER'S TRAVELS due to her contract with the studio.  You can hear her lovely voice currently  in GNOMEO AND JULIET. And we shall be seeing her in THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU with Matt Damon, in SALMON FISHING IN YEMEN with Ewan McGregor, and in LOOPER beside Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt. The roles she was considered for but didn't get them, include films such as IRON MAN, THE DARK KNIGHT, MY FAIR LADY, CAPTAIN AMERICA THE FIRST AVENGER ...
 As you know she is married to actor John Krasinski (she was engaged to singer Michael Buble before that and her and John's wedding was held in George Clooney's villa in Italy), and her best friend is Anne Hathaway. She's won a Golden Globe and was nominated for Oscars and Baftas.
So let us move to the final part of WHO SHOULD BE NEW JAMES BOND poll. Richard Armitage and Henry Cavill won first two rounds, so lets see who will win it this time: shall we have a naughty 007 Matthew Goode (WATCHMEN, LEAP YEAR), kind 007 Hugh Jackman (AUSTRALIA, WOLVERINE), adorable 007 Lee Pace (PUSHING DAISIES, THE FALL), blond 007 Paul Bettany (LEGION, PRIEST), magnetic 007 Toby Stephens (DIE ANOTHER DAY, JANE EYRE), sexy 007 Michael Fassbender (CENTURION, 300),  dashing 007 James Purefoy (ROME, SOLOMON KANE) or a German 007 Thomas Kretschmann (WANTED, THE YOUNG VICTORIA, VALKYRIE). You can vote as much as you want next two weeks.


  1. I love Emily. Her talent astounds me every time I see her on film. She should be Lois Lane, I should start a petition to Zack Snyder...

  2. Does Emily not eat? She'd need Superman to look after her and catch her every time a gust of wind came along...

  3. Emily Blunt would have been an awesome Lois Lane. It's simply a fact that anyone named Emily is astoundingly talented. :)

  4. Emily is fantastic (LOVE The Young Victoria!!), though I voted for Alexis, mostly because I'd seen her do her journalist thing on Gilmore Girls for years and I miss it soooooo. :) Though I sort of feel Alexis is more of a TV show actress than the big screen...

  5. Well you've got some real smart readers Dezzy! Too bad they're not casting Lois Lane as Emily would be awesome opposite Henry in Superman. I totally agree w/ you that her chemistry w/ Rupert Friend in 'Victoria' was lovely... I like the film so much more because of those two.

  6. @Melissa
    ooh, I will be the first one to sign the petition :))

    you think she's too thin?

    he he ...it's true :)))

  7. @Kristin
    I kinda miss GILMORE GIRLS too :( And yes, Alexis never really made it into movies although she did try

    as somebody said before, Dezzy should be the casting director of all lovely flicks in HOLLYWOOD :)) I'm not happy with the men they are connecting Emily with on film (Jack Black, horrible, Matt Damon, ultra horrible, Benicio Del Toro, horrible) and she needs more Rupert and Henry types as her partners on film!

  8. Yes, Emily should be Lois Lane! Wow, her and Henry what fun that would be to watch~

    Tough call on the BOND BOYS, but I'll give it a try ;-D

  9. She'd be my first choice too, if ya know what I mean!

  10. @Ella
    it would've been a feast for eyes and all senses!

    ;) I know, too bad Krasinski already made her HIS first chocie :)

  11. Emily Blunt would make a great Lois Lane.

  12. look at her legs in the first pic. Every girl knows she should always stay clear of those fancy lacy leggings because they make us look fat. Emily instead looks tinsy. Yep I think miss emily could enjoy food more ;)

  13. blunt is extremely talented and lovely- i voted for kunis though- she'd be a sassier lois! :)
    ohman! your new poll is so difficult! lee pace and paul bettany!?!?!? i have to vote for paul because he's the best EVER!!! but i really hope he never actually becomes a bond- because then i'd have to watch a bond movie! blech!

  14. Blunt looks nasty yet stunning beautiful in those photos ;)
    Buddy, I think you should start teasing Snyder with your own nastiness, so he'll finally choose Blunt for the role :))

  15. @Doo
    oooh, I like that :)

    glad you do, Avalon ;)

    not if I go straight to her first ;)

    indeed she would! :)

  16. @Lynda
    ah, please, Lyndylove, I'm sure you would look equally gorgeous in some lacy leggings just like Emily :))

    he he ... I knew I would give some tough time to some people with the new poll :) I also usually don't want my favourite actors to become 007.

    ah, I shall try to convince Zack tonight when he comes over for dinner :))

  17. Love her. Great choice voters.

  18. Cool, I think she would do a great job!

  19. @Lil'Vics
    great choice, great choice :)

    indeed she would ;)

  20. Dezzy, we should partner as casting manager!! Seriously, Hollywood can only benefit from all the movies filled with beautiful, charismatic people, ahah!

  21. we could partner about it :) but I'm afraid we might fight about you wanting to put Keira, Mulligan or Portman in our films, and about me wanting to put Channing Tatum in our films he he :))) We would have to compromise all the time settling with Blanchett, Fassbender, Gerry, Emily, Cavill .... such a tough compromise :)))