Wednesday, February 2, 2011


After two weeks of voting we have chosen THE BEST ROMANTIC ACTRESS and it's Drew Barrymore with 28% of your votes, followed by Sandra Bullock (20%), Katherine Heigl and Amy Adams (both 13%).
Drew Barrymore really is one of a kind in Hollywood: at the same time she is a goof everybody loves, a romantic cutie pie everyone cheers for, a witty girl that isn't ashamed to show  her tender and her humorous and vulnerable side.
Although her romantic movies don't bring as much money at the box office as Sandra Bullock's or Jennifer Aniston's, it's true that they are the ones we remember even ten years after we have seen them. She has so many memorable, unforgettable, heart warming romantic comedies: she will always be our Cinderella from the enchanting tale EVER AFTER, and we shall never forget the scene when she finally appears at the ball in the medieval castle wearing a sparkly gown with those magical butterfly wings. She will always be our girl who has NEVER BEEN KISSED, in the cutest romcom of all times in which we've all cheered for the love of the eternal social outsider and her dashing professor. We shall never forget her 50 FIRST DATES when Adam Sandler had to fight for her love since she only had a short term memory. Even us, who don't know a thing about baseball got into FEVER PITCH when she had to choose between the real love and the love for a sports team. We sang and laughed with her and Hugh Grant
in MUSIC AND LYRICS. She was adorable trying to (mis)read and predict the behaviour of people in love in HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.  And we saw her proving how love can cross any distance in GOING THE DISTANCE. In 2012 she will try to save whales who have become trapped under the ice of the Arctic Circle while finding some love too alongside John Krasinski and Dermot Mulroney in EVERYBODY LOVES WHALES.
Unfortunately, it seems our darling Drew doesn't have the same luck when it comes to romances in her private life. She is known for being married twice in marriages which lasted less than a year in both cases. She is currently in love with Justin Long in an on and off relationship.
Now since we've heard this weekend that Henry Cavill is the new SUPERMAN, what do you think WHO SHOULD BE NEW LOIS LANE? Here are the candidates you can vote for next two weeks as much as you want: Emily Blunt (THE YOUNG VICTORIA, WOLFMAN), Hayden Panettiere (HEROES), Alexis Bledel (GILMORE GIRLS), Rachel Bilson (O.C.), Milla Kunis (BLACK SWAN), Imogen Poots (CENTURION), Rose Byrne (TROY), Camilla Belle (10,000 BC), Teresa Palmer (MAD MAX, I AM NUMBER FOUR) or Malin Ackerman (WATCHMEN whose name has already appeared in gossips around the net).


  1. None of the above. Rachel McAdams FTW.

  2. ..."Just breathe. Just breathe."

    Only one of the best movie lines of our time, perfect for that moment.

    Great post, Dez:)

  3. I've had a crush on Drew Barrymore ever since E.T. I'm about her age so it's not creepy, I promise.

    I like Mila Kunis the best of these choices for overall hotness, but I'm not sure she'd be a fit for Lois Lane. I vote for Emily Blunt.

  4. @BANANA
    she is cute sometimes, but to weak, and I don't really see her physically next to super charismatic Henry Cavill. He needs more charisma beside him, more elegance and profound aura, all the things that he has too.

    thanks, El, glad you enjoyed the post :)

    he he ... we shall tell Drew about your crush :) Emily would be a great choice. As far as I saw around the net, she's the main candidate if you ask movie fans.

  5. I would love to see Drew take a wack at the role! That would be very interesting!!! ;)~

  6. Such a great post about Drew. I have always loved her movies and I own them all. If I see them on tv, I watch them, too. :)

    Lois Lane hmmm...You've gathered some awesome candidates, Dez. I think you should be a casting agent. My vote would have to be for Emily Blunt because she's very strong, direct and has an amazing on screen presence.

  7. THREE CHEERS FOR DREW!!!! :) i agree 100% with everything you said!!! (although i haven't seen going the distance) AND!!! the whales movie sounds GREAT! i love john krasinski too!
    yet again- you've picked too many good choices for lois.. i'll have to think about this one! :)

  8. hmm... I just don't think of Drew that way. My vote was for little Amanda Seyfried. Can't wait for RRH! As for Lois... good choices! I want to say Blunt, but Mila! She would be awesome~ <3

  9. Wow, you know her a lot ;)

    She deserved to win, of course. The pics are wonderful, I never saw this "animal" photoshoot, she looks like a queen =)

    I won't vote for the new poll, since I don't know any of these actresses very much...


  10. Meh, I voted for Sandra :(

    As for your new poll, I initially wanted Emily Blunt but she's getting increasingly popular now so I think a relative unknown is better for the role. I don't see Olivia Wilde here or I'd have voted for her as she seems to have a similar spunk like Margot Kidder as Lois Lane. But from your list, I voted for Rose Byrne, I just like her a lot.

  11. @Falsy
    I have no idea what that means, and I'm afraid to ask :)))

    glad you like the post, my dear. And yes, Emily is one of the most amazing actresses out there, and yes, I really should be a casting agent :) I'd be perfect for the job :)_

    glad you like my post ;) We love Krasinski too :) and his wife EMily Blunt.

  12. @Leigh
    ah, yes, Amanda is such an adorable new face in Hollywood. I think she will be big in the future!

    yes, she hangs out at my place every day :)The pics were done by Annie Leibovitz, whom I often use in my posts.

    Sandra was second :) I do like Olivia but I've noticed most people find her irritating for some reason, so I decided not to put her here. She did appear in one of our previous polls, I forgot which one. I also like Olivia Munn :) Lyn Collins would also make a fine Lois Lane.

  13. Irritating how? I thought she's fun to watch in interviews, not at all a bimbo even though she is gorgeous. Anyhow, Lyn Collins is the one in Wolverine right? Hmmm, not sure if she has the personality to pull off the role.

  14. Don't ask me, I personally find her charming :), I'm just saying what kind of comments people were leaving here every time I mentioned Olivia before :( Oh, Lyn has the right personality, check her out in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE if you don't believe :)

  15. Drew Berrymore always kind of creeped me out....
    And I think Mila Kunis would be perfect for the role of Lois Lane.

  16. I think Drew will be a very good actress playing for this role. This is also be a big break for her in case.