Monday, February 14, 2011


Attention all sf lovers! According to "MovieWeb" Ryan Gosling is close to signing the deal to take the lead role in the remake of the sf classic LOGAN'S RUN 
set in a domed utopian society which is protected from the fallout of the 23rd Century apocalypse. Although the residents live in utter peace and harmony, everyone is required to die at age 30. Gosling will play Logan 5, a man whose job is to catch those who try to escape their requisite death. As Logan 5 approaches his own death sentence, he goes on the run from his coworkers.

Now, I've told you before that my favourite Wentworth Miller is also a screenwriter, and  now his script STOKER will be made into a film
with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. It will be a mystery-drama about a moody teenager whose mysterious uncle (Firth) comes back into her family's lives after the death of her father. Kidman will play the mother. The film will be directed by famous Korean director Park Chan-wook.

According to "Playlist" her imperial majesty Judi Dench (everybody bow immediately) has joined BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY, a strange new thriller about a pharmacist (Jeremy Renner) who begins a prescription drug-fueled affair with a trophy wife (Jennifer Garner) that leads to the two plotting to kill her husband.

SHORT HEADLINES *Novel THE HOST, which Stephenie Meyer wrote after TWILIGHT saga, will be adapted by Andrew Niccol,  following a girl who discovers her body has become a host for an alien soul. *Well, if you ask me, from a possible blockbuster, the casting choice has turned ABRAHAM LINCOLN THE VAMPIRE HUNTER into just another vampire flick. After choosing unknown Benjamin Walker instead of Eric Bana or Tom Hardy for the lead role, the producers have now chosen Dominic Cooper (not that we don't like him) instead of  Joaquin Phoenix as Abraham's teacher in fighting vampires.

And HOLLYWOOD SPY expects you to make some sweet sweet love today (if possible many times) since it's St Valentines. So go on and seduce your wives, hubs, girlfriends, boyfriends ... or some sexy strangers if you find a volunteer :) HOLLYWOOD SPY loves you and there's nothing you can do about it!


  1. oh! LOGAN'S RUN remake? I hope that goes ahead. That's one remake worth doing. What a classic!

  2. I should be paying more attention to HS, Dezzy, I had no idea Wentworth is a screenwriter. WOW, that's a great cast he's got there, both are Oscar nominees this year, too.

  3. hey, look two of my official angels together commenting :)

    I must admit I hated the original :) since for some reason I can't stand Michael York, but I do love the story, the plot and the genre, so I can't wait for the remake :)

    ah,indeed you should my dear :) You actually have a post here from last year in which I mentioned a number of his writing projects, all of them quite interesting :)

  4. Be interesting to see what they do with a new Logan's Run.

  5. it would, Alex, after all it's our sf ;)

  6. Hey DEZMOND - The Host was such a great book IMO. I loved it. Made me cry. It could've been my mood at the time - I don't know. I read it before I read the Twilight series. It'll make a great movie - maybe - depends of who they pick and so on. I'd better read the book again. LOL.

    Logan's Run actually could be a great remake because of the kinds of effects we have now. We'll see. =D

  7. Oh Wentworth...What a multi-talented guy...*sigh*

  8. @RaShelle
    why just read the book, you could audition for a role in the film :)

    I'm sighing with you, sister :)

  9. Awww, you're so sweet.

    I didn't know Miller was a writer but I love Firth and together, they'll make a great combination.

  10. Too many Vampires for me.

    You are Valentine's Guy:)

  11. A remake of Logan's Run will be interesting. Hope you have a wonderful and Happy Valentine's Day too Dez.

    Thoughts in Progress

  12. Any word on whether Better Living Through Chemistry is based on a true story? It sounds like something that actually happened here in North Carolina around about the time that I moved here.

  13. You look adorable all decked out in red and roses, Dez. Kisses to you and Happy Valentine's Day. :)

    Wentworth Miller, what a multi-talented man he is. I can't wait to see what he's created. And the venerable Judi will be majestic as always.

  14. @Clarissa
    thanks, Clarissa :) And yes, they will be a great team. Too bad Wenty isn't acting in the film as well.

    thanks, Lee!

    ah, I'm a stupid Cupid :))

  15. @Zoe
    glad you like it, Zoe ;)

    thanks, I wish you the same. Mine will be a working Valentines as usual.

    hope it wasn't you :)

    I am positively adorable :))) Hope you will get some nice Valentines presents today ;)

  16. I really like the casting choice for 'Logan's Run' Ryan will be terrific as Logan 5. The original is one of my favorite childhood films. I can't see Roscoe Lee Brown in anything without thinking of the Robot Boxx.

  17. ooh! i hope it's a big movie for gosling! and hooray for miller's script!!!

    happy v-day dezz!!!! :)

  18. Nice! A Logan's Run remake. I remember watching that movie in class when I was in middle school. It's special effects could definitely use a technological upgrade.

  19. Holy shenanigans, someone passed on Joaquin Phoenix?!?!

    The Host is one of my favorite books ever. It's written in a completely different way than Twilight. In fact, it's really well written. I am curious to see how they adapt 500 pages of description into a two hour film.

    Lots of cool movies to look forward to.

  20. Ahh... I wonder if I'll like Logan's Run better without all the tinfoil props? :D And I actually enjoyed the book The Host... I skimmed some parts, but I bet it makes an interesting film. Have a romantic day, Dez~ :o) <3

  21. I remember that quirky looking Logan's Run. That sweet and surreal 70ies style. :)
    I always look for most realism, even in fantasy, but you gotta love some of the stuff done in ages past. :) It's nice when you can see and taste the spirit of some other time.
    But only in small doses. :)

    I hope Logan's Run remake doesn't turn out to be some bland, monochromatic, SF thriller.

  22. Ooh! Those are some really great sounding movies!

    I'm particularly excited about THE HOST and LOGAN'S RUN.

  23. @Vics
    thanks, Vics, hope you're having a nice day filled with love :)

    he he ... yep, they will definitely need an upgrade :))

    glad you liked the book, it seems many other people loved it as well, unlike TWILIGHT :)

  24. @Leigh
    he he tinfoil props :))))

    sweet??? :) 70's were visually the most horrible decade of all times:))
    Hope it won't be monochromatic, for your sake :)

    glad you're excited, Emily ;)

  25. You can be sweet and horrible at the same time. :)

  26. I remember seeing "Logan's Run" I think it will be fun to see it updated.

    Wow Wentworth, has a few surprises up his sleeve, sounds worth seeing!

    I haven't read, "The Host", but I might now.

    Thanks for the sentiment! Dez. Happy Valentine's Day to you; Hope it is sweet xXx

  27. Happy Valentines!

    I loved the original Logan's Run. The next two movies actually sound interesting.

  28. Gosling is such a good actor, it'll be interesting to see what he does with Logan. Dominic Cooper looks a bit cold in that pic. Someone should've given the poor fella a big sweater.

  29. @Bels
    'tis true :)

    Wenty is always full of surprises :)) Thanks, hope your Valentines was nice and romantic!

    glad you like the upcoming movies, Pax ;)

    He he ... during winter I like posting pics in which celebs look cold :) to be in the winterish atmosphere, but to reveal a secret - in less than an hour, the new Tuesday's post will be hot and ultra steamy, believe me :)

  30. Great movies and actors expecting us! :)

  31. Are there NO classics that Hollywood isn't willing to just leave alone? I'm sorry, but Logan's Run is a classic and despite it's obvious age, I still think it's a great movie. One that shouldn't be touched. Sigh...

  32. ah, Eric, they will make the film whether you want it or not :))

  33. LOL, thanks for shattering my illusions of any actual influence, Dez. sigh...

  34. what can I tell you, we are but little fish in the Hollywood ocean ... :(