Monday, February 21, 2011


Now, this is nice news: the favourite comedian of our childhoods (back in the days when humor was witty, kind and appropriate an not vulgar and unrefined like today), Tim Allen is coming back to
the world of sitcoms. The star of cult show HOME IMPROVEMENT will join ABC again in an untitled sitcom (it was called THE LAST DAYS OF MAN previously) about a man who is struggling to survive in a world where females dominate most aspects of life. The new pilot comes from the producer of 30 ROCK.

SHORT HEADLINES *OMG  do you remember our favourite childhood animated character the lazy bull Ferdinand  who would rather graze in a pasture and smell the flowers than fight matadors? :) Well, he's coming back! Fox has bought the rights to the original book THE STORY OF FERDINAND and Carlos Saldanha (we shall his parrot film RIO this year, and he also did all three ICE AGE movies for the studio) will direct the adaptation.*Summit is preparing
THE SECRET LIFE OF HOUDINI which will be a mix of Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones and will center on the famous magician and illusionist who was also a British spy.

Now, here's a nice (or shall I say sexy) cast: according to "MovieWeb" Sofia Vergara (trying to sell you some coffee in the pic), Alex Pettyfer and Bradley Cooper could all join THE PAPERBOY, which will follow the lazy son of a newspaper publisher who gets dragged into a murder investigation by his big brother, a seasoned journalist. They try to determine whether or not the man sentence to death row for the crime is truly responsible. Alex Pettyfer will play the younger slacker, Bradley Cooper will portray the big brother journalist, and SofĂ­a Vergara will play the wife of a death row inmate.The film will be directed by Lee Daniels (PRECIOUS).


  1. I was going to say something about the Tim Allen sitcom, but Sofia distracted me...

  2. I knew that would happen, that's why I told her to go with the strong blend of coffee...

  3. I like Tim Allen. Very much as it happens. He plays a delightful Santa Claus and writes very funny books. And, like you so eloquently said dear Dezmond, his humor is indeed witty, kind and appropriate rather than vulgar and unrefined like today.

    We can't be having vulgar now, can we? :)

  4. well, those were the times of family TV not of dark fanboy or vampire-loving fangirl TV :)
    I'm kinda happy that we grew up watching such lovely family sitcoms with innocent but yet wise and intelligent humour like in HOME IMPROVEMENT, COSBY SHOW, GOLDEN GIRLS, THE NANNY, FRIENDS ...

  5. I'm not familiar with it, but I like the sound of THE STORY OF FERDINAND. :)

  6. Loved Home Improvement - hope this new show for Tim Allen is a fun one too!

  7. That's cool about Tim Allen, and I agree about what you said about him.

    Wow Dezzy, that's some pic of Sofia! I don't think the boys will be thinking much about coffee seeing that photo!

    @Alex, I bet a lot of the other guys will share your sentiment ;)

  8. I LOVE Ferdinand! That's wonderful news, and I also love 30 Rock, so I have high hopes for the new sitcom. Thanks, D~ :o) <3

  9. I have deep affection for that flower sniffing bull, Ferdinand. One of my favorite books and cartoons as a kid. They will ruin it if they have him talk and give him all kinds of goofy friends to go along on his adventure. Talking animals are SO done. Think of 'Tangled'. The horse and the chameleon in that movie never said a word and they were the best things in an already cool movie. I don't need to hear Ferdinand go on and on about his reasons for not wanting to fight. He is a stoner, he just wants to chillax in front of the flowers. That's it. You change the essense of the character and you mess up a great story.

  10. Sofia should bring her coffee to my Cafe :)

  11. I love the bull, Tim Allen, and the idea of a Houdini. The Paperboy maybe... Quite the caffeine buzz ;-D

  12. I think Tim Allen is a welcome addition to any TV lineup.
    And ay, ay, ay. Sofia is saucy!

  13. Sofia Vergara is my pick for sexiest woman on TV right now! I'll definitely watch The Paperboy because of the cast!

  14. @Lyndy
    you aren't? It was a very old short animated movie, about ten minutes long, it was often played on TV when we were kids, about a young bull who refuses to fight in corida and prefers to just sit and smell flowers all day :) It was amazingly cute and benevolent. Something our kids don't have :(

    ah, I adored HOME IMPROVEMENT as a kid!

    it was very difficult choosing the right pic of Sofia since all of her pics are scorching hot, but when I saw this one I knew my mission was over :)

  15. @Leigh
    wasn't Ferdinand just superb? :)

    it's true, it might be better if Ferdinand doesn't talk, after all he's too lazy to talk with all the flowers he needs to smell every day and all the sitting he must do :)

    black or latte, or maybe esspreso? :)

  16. @Ella
    we had some lovely news today, didn't we? :)

    yep, Tim rules! :)

    we all do :)

    I knew you would approve :)

  17. That new Tim Allen show sounds great! I can't wait for it to come out.

  18. I loved Home Improvement! Can't wait to see Allen on TV again.

  19. I'm here just sipping my coffee and daydreaming. But I do like the idea of the movie that features Houdini. I wonder if there will be any jugglers in it?

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  20. @Emily
    me too :)

    we all loved HOME IMPROVEMENT :)

    daydreaming is always free here at HOLLYWOOD SPY's headquarters!

  21. The new Tim Allen show sounds interesting. Still dreaming of a Galaxy Quest sequel ...

  22. Glad to hear Tim Allen is coming back. I loved Home Improvement. Sofia distracted me, too. ;) And I love Ferdinand, that's awesome that he's getting his own feature and who better than the man who brought us Scrat.

  23. @MPax
    ah, GALAXY QUEST sequel? Do you hate us that much :)))))

    oooh, didn't know Sofia would have such an impact on you too :)) Yep, that's what I love about Ferdinand remake most - it will be done by inventor of Scrat! :)

  24. "back in the days when humor was witty, kind and appropriate an not vulgar and unrefined like today" VERY WISE WORDS DEZZ, so very true true true. I love watching Home Improvement reruns for this reason too. Back when sitcoms had a moral to the story above all else. I look forward to seeing Tim Allen back on prime time :)

  25. Yes, today's shows and sitcoms don't have moral to the story, and today's singers and pop stars also don't have any morals :(