Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Now, since Timur Bekmambetov, the director of the ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER has chosen his Mr. President last week (young Benjamin Walker) new rumors say that he now has
his eye on Joaquin Phoenix in the role of the mentor who would teach Lincoln how to hunt down and kill vampires. Apparently Tom Hardy was previously seen in that role, but since he joined THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, the role is now free for Joaquin if he wants it.

SHORT HEADLINES after rumors on Robin Williams joining THE DARK KNIGHT RISES alongside Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway, the rumors about Joseph Gordon Levitt joining the cast in an unknown role have surfaced again. There were stories last year that he might be the new Joker.

Here's the first official trailer for medieval action IRONCLAD which will premiere this Spring in UK. The film is set in 1215. King John (Paul Giamatti) has been forced to sign the Magna Carta,
a document that will ensure the freedom of men and form the basis of common law in England. Furious at having been forced to sign it, King John raises a vicious mercenary army and begins a rampage across the country to regain total power. But as the King’s army is on the brink of reaching London and taking back control of the country, one last castle stands between him and inevitable victory: Rochester. Gathered together by Baron Albany (Brian Cox), a small band of rebel warriors gather inside Rochester intent on holding off King John until reinforcements arrive: a Templar Knight (James Purefoy) whose soul is wracked with guilt over the atrocities he has committed during the crusades and his burgeoning feelings for Isabel (Kate Mara), the beautiful lady of the castle and lonely wife of the aging Reginald de Cornhill (Derek Jacobi), battle-hardened mercenaries such as Beckett (Jason Flemying), who fight not for God and country, but for money and bloodlust, and young soldiers like Guy (Aneurin Barnard), who’ll taste blood and battle for the first time – and perhaps the last.
And don't forget to read the post on Drew Barrymore bellow, it was supposed to be posted last evening, but my headquarters have been sabotaged by an electricity power cut (although I suspect that was just my penguins doing some mischief - the internal investigation is on).


  1. I love Drew! Glad she was picked. Now Lois Lane? I always pictured Lois Lane as dark haired...

    The Ironclad movie looks great! Lots of action and sword play. Also, love Phoenix. That Lincoln movie will be star-studded.

  2. Ironclad looks pretty amazing! I love the actor who plays the king (though his name escapes me at the moment).

  3. There's something always intriguing about Joaquin. When he's in a movie, you've got a pretty good chance that it's going to be good. IRONCLAD looks pretty intense too.

  4. @Clarissa
    girls which have blond hair in my poll can change into a brunette in no time :) Some of those blonds have already been brunettes.

    you have the names in the post above :) Glad you like the trailer!

    'tis true about Joaquin :)

  5. Ironclad looks effing sweet!

  6. Iron clad looks incredible. James Purefoy is amazing. Interesting about Joaquin. When he's not bouncing off the walls in his own private rubber room, he's quite a good actor. I'm always happy to see Joseph Gordon Levitt and I hope it's true he's the new Dark Knight.

  7. Ironclad looks totally awesome. Giamatti was excellent as John Adams, though that series went on a bit long.

  8. i've said it before, but it bears repeating! ironclad looks AWESOME!!!!
    and hooray for joseph gordon levitt- even though i'm not a big batman fan, i'm a levitt and williams fan- so i might have to watch that one!
    and joaquin is a very good actor in my opinion, so he's an excellent choice- although i'm still not sure about the concept of honest abe fighting vampires...

  9. I hope Joaquin, wants the role. He's one of my favourite actors :)

  10. Oh man, I just want to see Joaquin come back to acting, I'll see him in ANYTHING! Great photo of him, too, thanks Dezzy!

    As for JGL joining TDKR, I'm just meh on the whole casting that Nolan's putting together after Hathaway. I'd rather focus on Superman casting now.

  11. Good thing Phoenix isn't crazy anymore. And Giamatti is great in any role.

  12. @Zoe
    super sweet :)

    I loved Joaquin in THE GLADIATOR, he is still the only reason I find that movie good, but later on I haven't seen him in many good films. He is very talented, and he always reminds me of Jonathan Rhys Meyers :)

  13. @Matthew
    I remember that you loved IRONCLAD before as well, when I wrote about it last year :)

    ah, tell me about it sister, I'm not sure about the concept of "honest" Abe fighting vampires either :) Although he does kinda look like one himself...

  14. @Wendy
    he's great, isn't he?

    you know I always choose the best for you :) I also don't care about DARK KNIGHT, but not because of the actors :)

    are you sure he isn't?

  15. DEZ!!! I have missed stopping by your site, I have been just coming back to speed with everything. As always I love everything about what you do! I am so glad to have found it so I can see all the new things you put up all the time. thanks for always keeping everyone in the know...the research alone, must take a ton of time! =0) but I am grateful for the time you do put in!

  16. I think Joaquinn is a brilliant actor. Now watch, he'll do something even more weird than the last time. Since I love history, the other movie sounds great too.

    I will have a blog award on my post for you tomorrow.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  17. @Debs
    than's Debs, glad you have some fun whenever you drop by HOLLYWOOD SPY's headquarters :) And research doesn't take much time, just some love and love and love ;)

    Yep, he's gotta be weirder every time :) Oh, thanks, for the blog award, my dear, I'm honoured :)

  18. If the Abraham Lincoln vampire movie happens, it will be the greatest thing EVER....

  19. Looks like 3 interesting films. Will look forward to seeing them.

  20. Drew rocks!
    Ironclad looks good. Better not be in 3D!!!!!

    PS did you forget to feed your penguins?

  21. @Andrew
    it will happen most definitely
    glad you like it M ;)

    I do feed them, but they think I'm crazy for believing that all birds are vegetarian :)

  22. Robin Williams playing the joker? Awesome!

  23. It's just a rumor, but it sounds great, doesn't it? :)