Friday, February 25, 2011


Is Hollywood trying to fulfill my dreams here: two amazing actors (both in acting and visual department) Patrick Wilson and James Marsden could star together in LOFT, a tense thriller about five married friends who decide to rent a loft together where they can bring their mistresses. When the body of an unknown woman is found in the loft, they realize that they don't know each other as well as they thought and begin to suspect one another of murder.
SHORT HEADLINES *There are new names in the list of actors who might appear in the new THE THREE STOOGES: Justin Timberlake and Woody Harrelson could play Lary, while Hank Azaria could be Moe. *Warner Bros. is preparing a remake of BODYGUARD which featured the acting atrocity of
Whitney Houston's performance, and it seems we shall see acting atrocity again, since Rihanna is mentioned as the possible new lead star of the film. What? They didn't even ask Britney??? :)*Just when we yesterday thought robots would put an end to zombie infestation of Hollywood, the undead will strike us where it hurts most - they will attack our pets in ZOMBIE PET SHOP. The animated film will center on a mysterious plague that sweeps through a mall pet shop, turning all of the animals into zombies and the hero has to do something before humans take zombie pets back
to their homes.

If you like sf you might like this one: Wolfgang Petersen will direct a high budgeted adaptation of John Scalzi's futuristic saga OLD MAN'S WAR which follows a 75-year-old man who, after losing his true love, is given a younger, genetically enhanced body to combine the wisdom and experience of older age with the strength of youth. He then joins an outer-space military coalition to protect human colonies where he meets a woman who appears to be a younger version of his deceased wife.


  1. I would love to see rihanna in a film.
    i adore her :)

  2. Oh Lord, Rihanna? Blech! They might as well have asked Britney, this role is being treated like insert blow up doll here.

    James Marsden and Patrick Wilson together is like a decadent dessert on screen. ;)

  3. @Dark Blue
    uh, can't say I share your emotion, Dark :) I loved her work with UNFAITHFUL and UMBRELLA, but after that she just lost originality to me personally.

    he he ... exactly my opinion :)
    Totally decadent, my dear, totally decadent and sinful :)

  4. So when exactly are you going to make me a header for my blog? I just love what you did with leigh's blog. Well done!

  5. but your blog already has a very beautiful and sensual head banner :) I really like the picture that you have there.
    GLad you like the one I did today for Leigh :) She is now the Cinnamon Girl :)

  6. Oh that sounds like a good plotline for The Loft!
    And James sure is easy on the eyes...
    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  7. It does look wonderful and I do love my pic.

  8. @Angela
    glad you like it, Angela, and welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY ;)

    I could maybe work a bit on your letters there, but you need to send me that picture (without the letters) to my e-mail.

  9. I guess they're hoping that The Bodyguard might be improved w/ different stars...might.

  10. Haha The Three Stooges. I vouch for Woody Harrelson as Larry—he fits the mold right out of central casting.

  11. Old Man's War, could be interesting!
    Yes, James n' Patrick...Nice, I will enjoy this flick, for sure. Leave "The Bodyguard" alone
    been there, done that...augh~
    Great casting for Three Stooges, I think it will be hilarious~

  12. Wow, LOFT sounds like good-old-fashioned Hitchcock.

  13. That 3 Stooges movie still sounds like a joke.

    I'm interested in that Old Man's War-- not the movie as much as getting one of those enhanced bodies for me.

    Tossing It Out

  14. Patrick Wilson is pretty hot, no homo. Just being supportive.

  15. @Lisa
    well it doesn't sound as an improvement using Rihanna.

    yep, Woody was born as a Stooge :)

    it could be, for all of us who love sf. And aren't Patrick and JAmes a killer combination? :)

  16. @Robert
    it does sound like a great plot, it will actually be an English version of a Belgium film.

    you do realize that if we give you an enhanced body we will also send you on a battle field on Pluton to fight Borg :)

    he is hot as hell!

  17. Yes, Whitney's performance in The Bodyguard was atrocious, but Costner's was equally as bad!

    Loft sounds a good film to watch on a Friday night at home with your significant other and ponder if the other is cheating on you.

  18. 'tis true, Jonathon, Costner is one bad actor too. They were actually a fitting combination when you come to think about it :)))

  19. Dez,
    (1) go to 'design'
    (2)'Template Designer'
    You should be able to scroll down and view all the different fonts. However, it could depend on the layout you choose. But, I don't think so.

  20. ah, I see Blogger has added some new fonts there! Too bad all of them are quite ugly :(( Don't know why they didn't put there some nice ones too :(((

  21. i always think there should be a movie where marsden and jared leto play brothers, that would be fun to look at. i'm not sure who patrick wilson is???
    that old man's war picture is AMAZING!!! and the plot sounds interesting too!
    i know nothing about rihanna's acting (or even her music) but she is exceedingly beautiful!
    and i jotted over to leigh's blog to see your header art, and DEZZ!!!! GORGEOUS!!!! TERRIFIC JOB!!!

  22. I would love to see Rihanna in a Bodyguard remake. Then again, I would love to see Rihanna in just about anything.

  23. And who is this Leigh whose header art you did? I want to see!

  24. "Oh man!"--my first 2 words after reading your synopsis on Loft. Sounds crazy! I hope that it's good.

  25. OMG! The last thing this world needs is a Bodyguard remake!

  26. I don't really like the premise of LOFT but the idea of Wilson and Marsden together is indeed awesome!

  27. Loft sounds really tempting :) Can't wait!

    Oh da, btw, vratio sam se kao :D Eto!

  28. @Vics
    what? You haven't heard of Patrick Wilson? :) Why, I've been mentioning him at least once a week as his main intergalactic PR :) He's the talented gorgeous blond who starred in ANGELS IN AMERICA, in LITTLE CHILDREN alongside Kate Winslet, in PHANTOM OF THE OPERA....And did everyone hear about Leigh's new banner? I haven't told anyone :))

    You have Leigh's blog THAT'S WRITE here in my blog roll in the left sidebar ;)

    it's a crazy plot, isn't it, it comes from some Belgian film.

  29. @Allyson
    exactly my opinion, Allyson :)

    aren't they just the coolest combination??? :)

    pa, dobrodosao nazad, nadam se da si dao sve ispite .. uspesno :))

  30. Well, second to the coolest combo for me... the top one would be Gerry Berry + Henry Cavill!! :)

  31. I liked the book Old Man's War a lot.

    Still daydreaming about Gerard Butler and Henry Cavill since you put the idea in my head. :D

  32. @Flixy
    that would be a dreamy combination too :)

    and don't forget that 300 also featured Michael Fassbender, so imagine that trio - Fassbender, Butler and Cavill :)))

  33. I do not think Woody is funny, don't want to see him as Larry....but Justin, lol, he could play him:)

    Did not like the Bodyguard:(