Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ridley Scott's exciting new futuristic epic movie PROMETHEUS is adding more and more cool cast members: Idris Elba (we will be seeing him as Heimdall in this year's biggest super hero flick THOR and you have also seen him in THE OFFICE, THE LOSERS and ROCK N ROLLA) has just joined the cast which already includes the stunning duo of two talented and gorgeous blue-eyed creatures Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender. Ridley has already promised that the sf film will be epic telling the story of creation, the gods and the man who stood against them. He also said that PROMETHEUS will not be a prequel to ALIEN.

SHORT HEADLINES *According to latest rumors, Zack Snyder might hire Viggo Mortensen to play the main villain, probably General Zod, in the upcoming SUPERMAN alongside Henry Cavill as the caped hero.  Alice Eve, Rosamund Pike and Diane Kruger could play Zod's assistant Ursa. *According to "MovieWeb" BLACKBIRD has added new cast members:  the film centers on a brother-sister pair of fugitives (Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde) who encounter a young boxer (Charlie Hunnam) recently released from prison. Treat Williams and Kate Mara will play a father and daughter whose story line is connected with the main plot while Sissy Spacek and Kris Kristofferson will play the boxer's parents.*Shia LaBeouf is the new candidate for the lead in THE BOURNE LEGACY.
Well, this is shaping up to be a helluva cast: according to "Playlist" Jude Law could join 360, complicated drama from Fernando Meirelles which already includes Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz, Ben Foster. The film will consist of series of interconnected stories in which one couple has a love scene and then one of the partners moves into the next scene to have a love scene with some other partner who then moves to another scene ... The film will show relationships of people from different social backgrounds.


  1. Viggo as a villain? He'll always be Aragorn to me.

  2. yes, he will always be Aragorn to us Elven people too :)

  3. Viggo was awesome in 28 Days. But he nailed Aragorn so well, that he'll never have a roll that dazzles like that one again. Poor Viggo.
    Prometheus sounds fab. Can't wait!

    Oscar party on Twitter tomorrow night. #WatchOscars

  4. I'm not watching Oscars :) Reason one- it's about 2AM when it starts here in Europe :) and reason two - too many bad films and bad actors nominated :)
    But I'm doing the BEST/WORST from the red carpet on Monday!

  5. Viggo will be great in superman :)

    Ocekivao sam da ces gledati oskare :) Kakve god da su nominacije =]

  6. I'm not watching the Oscars either but I will see posts of who won so I'm sure I'll find out. Some great movies coming up with some super cast members.

  7. I'm still curious, buddy. If you're one of the judges, what 10 films would you pick to enter 2011 Oscar best picture nominees?

  8. Viggo Mortenson as a villain will be awesome to watch! Let's hope it happens!

  9. @Doo
    he could be an interesting combination with Henry Cavill! Ne, prestao sam da pomno pratim Oskare kada su poceli da ih dele likovima poput Halve Beri, Dzulije Roberts, Hilarije Svonk i slicnim frikovima koji veze sa glumom nemaju, a ove godine ce biti isto, pogotovo u zenskoj kategoriji. Sta da se dzabe nerviram :)

    yep, we will we swamped with Oscars infos tomorrow :)

  10. @Jaccsy
    well, first of all I'm against having ten films in the category because it just lowers the importance of the award itself. And I would never, never, never, ever award and nominate people and artist who promote darkness, pessimism, immorality, violence, irresponsibility, mediocre artists etc. And there's too much of that this year. But 2010 generally didn't have much good films ... We probably won't have a good year in film like the one few years ago when we had READER, SLUMDOG, BENJAMIN BUTTON competing in the same season ...

    keeping our fingers crossed :)

  11. I'm hooked to Idris Elba's ass!!! I'll watch anything that his beautiful ass is in!! I just hope he lets his real accent out this time! I hate his american accent!

  12. well, he is quite a handsome fella!

  13. Charlie Hunnam is hot,hot,hot, I will be seeing this film even though Olivia is in it. ;) Shia the Beef as Bourne!!! Oh hell to the no! He is the worst actor, turning fidgets, twitches and yelling into a career.

  14. WOW, if that were true about Viggo as Zod that'd be awesome. Can't keep up w/ all the Supes rumor though, but w/ Henry in place I'm already content :D

    I'm really lovin' Prometheus cast! That'll be one of my most anticipated sci-fis for next year for me.

  15. Prometheus sounds like utter nonsense to me.
    I'll probably have the Oscars on while I'm playing with my blog. I'm sure they'll be an utter bore like last year.

    Tossing It Out

  16. @Melissa
    ah, I remembered that you like Hunnam and decided to cheer you up with one of his pics :))) Glad my mission was successful :) Shia truly is kinda weak in his acting.

    let us now pray that the female parts will be equally good as well!

    utter utter bore if you ask me, Arlee. Those award ceremonies have lost their compass long time ago.

  17. I usually watch the Oscars long enough to check out what people are wearing...

  18. I'm not sure I want Viggo to play the bad guy!!

  19. I love the sound of Blackbird.

    Thanks for the movie news.

  20. I'm an Oscar junkie. I don't know why, but I find it yields inspiration - something about watching people achieve their dreams works for me. Of course, the Oscar pool I'm in might have something to do with it, too :)

  21. Some good news here - I'd like to see more of Viggo Mortensen!

  22. Charlize Theron is beautiful in my opinon! I just stopped by to show my support!

  23. prometheus and 360 are still sounding good! :)

  24. @Lynda
    well, the red carpet part is the most important one he he he :)))

    he will always be Aragorn to you, yes? :)

    glad you like it, Medeia ;)

  25. @Paul
    yes, the inspiring part is the best one about any award show, it makes you wanna achieve more in your life

    glad you like the news, Susan!

    she is drop dead gorgeous :) Thanks for stopping by!

    two god plots with great actors!

  26. Viggo has some great acting chops, so it will be truly interesting to see if he can pull off the bad guy role. Shia is going to take over for Damon though? You're kidding, right? That guy couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag.

  27. Well if you're talking about Prometheus, I think Charlize is a pretty good choice if you ask me. But if you're talking about Supes then yeah, we need someone worthy of Henry!

  28. Bow before Zod, that is good casting.

  29. @Eric
    everybody has the same reaction about Shia's acting :)))

    yes, yes, Supes is the film I'm talking about :)

    I only bow before Judy Dench :)

    he is quite popular among ladies :)