Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Now, my little freaks, you know how much I don't care about Nollan's films, but I know this would interest you: you remember
how I mentioned a couple of times that talented young actor Joseph Gordon Levitt might join the cast of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES? Well it seems, that he might be preparing for the role of no one else but Robin! There were rumors before that he might play Riddler, and Christian Bale said himself some time ago that he would quit Batman if they put Robin in the film :) but fresh gossips say Levitt could become Batman's trustworthy sidekick in the fight against Bane (Tom Hardy) and CatWoman (Anne Hathaway)!

"Beyond Hollywood" reports that Naomi Watts might get the lead role in Werner Herzog's epic drama QUEEN OF THE DESERT. Naomi would play Gertrude Bell an English writer, traveller, political officer, administrator, and archaeologist
who explored, mapped, and became highly influential to British imperial policy thanks to her extensive travels in Greater Syria, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, and Arabia. She helped establish the Hashemite dynasties in Jordan and Iraq. She played a major role in establishing and helping administer the modern state of Iraq, utilizing her unique perspective from her travels and relations with tribal leaders throughout the Middle East. During her lifetime she was highly esteemed and trusted by British officials and given an immense amount of power for a woman at the time. She has also been described as “one of the few representatives of His Majesty’s Government remembered by the Arabs with anything resembling affection”.

One of the most wanted names in Hollywood among the young actors these days, Alex Pettyfer has yet another potential project: he might join Jeff Bridges and Jennifer Lawrence in THE LAST APPRENTICE.  He didn't reach a deal to star in the adaptation of another YA fantasy THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS so he might join THE LAST APPRENTICE a saga about a teenage boy training to be an exorcist in the 1700s in which Bridges would be the exorcist, Pettyfer his apprentice while Lawrence would play the alleged witch. The film will be directed by famous Russian director Sergei Bodrov (MONGOL).

PS if you go to HOLLYWOOD SPY'S OFFICIAL YOU TUBE CHANNEL you can watch the amazing Super Bowl TV Spots for sf epic PRIEST, THOR, TRANSFORMERS III (probably the best spot), Roman epic THE EAGLE,  animated film RIO and Steven Spielberg's luxurious TV show TERRA NOVA.


  1. What's Christian Bale got against Robin? He's part of the legacy of the series. A hokey part, but there nonetheless.

    Tossing It Out

  2. I guess he's afraid they might get Justin Bieber to play Robin :)))

  3. At one time I was against Robin being in another Batman movie, but then is it just our perception of Robin being played by Chris O Donnel in the Joel Schumaccer movies that people don't have much love for the character? Well yes.
    Robin is an important part of the Batman comic mythology, done right, and with someone as talented as JGL playing the role it could be very cool, just keep it dark and gritty rather than the campness with saw in Batman and Robin. I think just an itroduction/build up to Robin would be just as good as him dominating the movie.
    Thanks for the news Dez

  4. Ha ha! Justin Bieber as Robin. Funny! Joseph Gordon Leavitt will make a good Robin. As hokey as Robin is, he can make him more serious I think.
    Alex Pettyfer is the it man lately. His name is everywhere! I don't think I've seen him in anything (not that I go to the movies much...)

  5. That Levitt guy turned into a total hottie! He was a hot mess in 10 things I hate about you...NOW AFTER INCEPTION HE'S A TOTAL SEX BEAST!

  6. ohman! bieber would be a horrific choice! jgl is amazing though! i really enjoy him! the gertrude bell thing sounds interesting- i don't know anything about her! and i agree pettyfer's name is everywhere!

  7. You don't care about Nolan's films? Hm.

    Moving past that: I think Gordon-Levitt would be an perfect addition to my favorite director's next film. Good call.

  8. I enjoyed Gordon-Levitt in Inception. Hathaway as Catwoman, hmm.

  9. I agree with Demspey's point. I think Chris O'Donnell single-handedly ruined Robin for an entire generation of filmgoers like Clooney nearly ruined Batman. JGL would save the character and restore him to his rightful place in the Batman mythos. Plus he's adorable. :)))

    Alex Pettyfer is just delicious and The Last Apprentice sounds quite compelling.

  10. Be interesting to see how Bale reacts then.

  11. They can always Toss Bale some more dough, I guess. Robin will be interesting, but I would prefer Joseph play the Riddler! Time will tell...

    The Last Apprentice has my attention!

  12. Gordon-Levitt would be a good choice for Robin. I just don't know how robin would be a good choice for the film.

    It's Nolan's last Batman film...I'm curious as to why even bring Robin into the mix in this case...unless they already have plans for someone else to pick up the torch....perhaps Snyder and Nolan have been talking about Batman too! ha

  13. That Bieber even has his own movie....well. Hmmm...I've heard rumor that Pettyfer will be in the Hunger Games, too. Good for him, I guess - but, personally I get tired of seeing the same actors/actresses over and over and over again in movies. Switch it up, Hollywood!!!

  14. Lot's of open end here so we have to come back and find out.
    Bieber in anything gives me chills and NOT in a good way.

  15. I really hope they keep Robin OUT of the next Batman....

  16. I love it when ads for movies come on TV in my area, and I'm like "wow, I heard about this ages ago, from Dez!"

  17. @Dempsey
    ah, my dear, you know I won't agree with you on this one, since I'm one of those who actually loved the old Batmans and think that Nollan is the one who ruined the franchise :) I liked Chris O'Donnel as Robin, but I must admit I didn't really like Clooney as Batman.

    yep, Alex didn't act in many films so far, but he is the hottest god in Hollywood when it comes to young teen stars.

    don't you just love when a duckling turns into a swan :) or at least into a cute duck? :))

    yep, I don't know anything about that Gertrude either, so it will be interesting to learn things from the film.

  18. @Jonathon
    yep, he's the worst director in my world, but I know that many fanboys like him :)

    ah, you're not the first one to go hmmmm about that :)

    read the answer I gave above to Dempsey :) And, yes, Alex really is devilishly handsome.

    that would be most interesting, I'd have live coverage of his reaction here :)

  19. @Ella
    he he dough solves everything :))

    I'm guessing this is all just a rumor, like most things we've heard about the film in last year.

    Bieber even has his guest appearances in TV shows :)

    now, what do you have against poor little Biever, I mean Bieber? :)

    'tis possible he really won't appear in it!

    glad you like her pic!

    he he ... love that you can brag about me :)

  20. Why would anyone want to quit Batman if Robin joined!? Well, I like Levitt so I hope he joins the cast.

  21. Yeah... I don't like Robin any more than I do Batman.

    Scratch that... :) At least I like some incarnations of Robin character(s) in recent comics. Dick Grayson especially (first/original Robin). He was OK as Robin, great as Nightwing, and decent as Batman, a role that was forced upon him. Some would say he was/is a better Batman than Bruce Wayne himself. Tim Drake is also great as Robin. Even poor mistreated Jason Todd has some bad-boy appeal.

    Too bad modern Batman became an ultimate bad-ass, as his fans would like to categorise him. It's really shameful how much DC comics uses him to suck-up to certain type of fans. It's a really enormous level of suck-up_ness. :)
    Especially considering those fans are adolescents, and mostly they're adult males, who shouldn't be pampered in such ways. They should at least try to "man-up" and look truth in the eyes. And the truth is that Batman and his whole mythos are flawed. Not totally unbelievable and unrealistic, but flawed and modified to suit one main purpose: to stroke egos and and feed on self-delusion of some fanatic fans.

    ...end rant.

    Sorry about that. But I feel better now. :) It's all about me, and not truth afterall, isn't it? :))

  22. @Clarissa
    well, Bale is a bit crazy sometimes :)

    off course it's not about you, we all agree with what you just said wisely as always (which is why I said a million times that I want you for my attorney if I end up in jail or my defender if enemies attack me :) )
    Everything you said here I hereby proclaim as HOLLYWOOD SPY's official manifesto on BATMAN and all the fanboy mania! If anyone ever says anything about Batman to me I shall direct them straight here to read these lines! :) Amen!
    Gosh, Bels, I miss your righteous comments sometimes.

  23. realllly ROBIN???

    That's preposterous. Isn't joseph gordon levitt kind of pale to play robin. I just can't picture him a mask or in a super hero suit, because I'm a dude and I should stop trying to picture that.

  24. Hmm.. Robin... Hmmm

    QUEEN OF THE DESERT sounds interesting. Watts would be good for the role, I think.

  25. I'm with Bale... no Robin please! I guess The Riddler might be a good one if they handle it right, I don't care for Jim Carrey's version.

    As for Naomi, she sounds like a good fit for Queen of the Desert. That's a cool photo of her, too, but that's what I expect from you Dezzy.

  26. @Jonathan Manor
    he he :) well, it is just a rumor, you might not need to imagine anyone undercover ;)

    Hmmm... Watts....hmmmm

    oooh, but I adored Carey's Riddler :) And I know you expect me to deliver visually :)

  27. lol Bieber as Robin. Would he then be Robieber?

    Looking forward to Queen of the Desert.

  28. I agree with Dempsey & Melissa. Robin is instrumental to the Batman mythology, but Nolan must not compromise his artistic vision. JGL is one of my favorite actors of my generation. I can't wait to see what he can do for the film!

    Naomi Watts. I haven't heard much news about her lately, but I still like her. That Herzog movie sounds interesting. And I like his directorial work.

  29. I'd love to see Joseph as Robin. I like his films, but I also think that he proved his action capabilities in inception. He just needs to combine some earlier roles.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  30. He actually might be a good addition to batman! I don't know why Christian Bale is saying that. And the movie with Jeff Bridges might be interesting too! :)

  31. DEZMOND - I want Naomi Watts dress. I love it. =D Hope you have a great day.

  32. It's great to read the news for my lovely Naomi. Thanks, buddy! :)

  33. It would be cool to see Robin in a film again. I remember the Batman years ago with Chris O'Donnell as Robin. That production was a bit cheesy, but having Robin again can work.

  34. i think of joseph like i do james franco. they're fine actors, but i don't see any physical appeal.

  35. @MPax
    I knew that my idea of Bieber being Robin would make people happy :)))

    Nolan has an artistic vision? :)))
    I like JGL too, although I never enjoyed any of his films, he has talent and charm. And I loved him in famous 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN

    he does have talent and certain style!

  36. @Doo
    ah, you know that Bale is sometimes a bit weird :) but we do love him heaps PS da li si znao da je Bejlova zena nase gore list? :)

    I'm convinced the dress would look much better on you than it does on her :) Since, unlike her, you have charisma and style :)

    ah, dear Jaccsy, you know I've published that story just for you ;)

    glad you like the idea, Medeia ;)

    yes, there's a number of actors currently busy in Hollywood who seem like average people, and nothing overly special. I guess you need to have connections in Hollywood, not charisma and talent. Although they're both talented.

  37. Haha nisam imao pojma! :D evo sad vidim na wikipediji :)

  38. Nolan's narrative sophistication is indicative of the highest echelon of artistic creation. The complexity of Inception and Memento are dual testaments of this fact. With Inception, Nolan, skillfully explores a high concept idea—multi-layered dream exploration—through a coherent and technically rigid manner. The end result is extraordinary. I do not know one person who did not find this film worthy of discussion. In Memento, Nolan adopts an austere narrative process, and effectively, creates one of the most engaging and thought-provoking examinations of amnesia.

    His work may not invoke beautiful renderings (say on a Terence Malick level), but he adheres to a strict arrangement—which is a vital staple of art. Though his work may tread darker manifestations of the human psyche, he is supremely talented at conveying certain grandiose themes. Duality, fear, redemption, justice, and purposeful living.

    As you know Dez, I am a big Nolan supporter, but I also realize his work is not universally applauded. Art is subjective. I realize that you may espouse some legitimate reservations about his vision and style. This is what makes film such an exciting medium.

  39. I think Levitt would do a good job as Robin though personally I would much rather see an appearance of the Riddler given the choice.

    As to Bale's comment on quitting if they include Robin, I personally see this as yet another point where Bale needs to check himself and stop being such and egotistical prick. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy him as an actor and love the work he's done and I personally feel he's done a great job as Bruce/Batman...but the more he opens his stupid mouth when not playing a part, the more I dislike him personally and would love to see him knocked down a notch or two.

  40. he he, Okie, I actually like Bale privately as well, since he seems to me like a victim of media ... I often get the feeling that they like portraying him as bad tempered. But then again, who knows, I mean, we don't know him personally maybe he really is naughty :)

  41. hahaha I'd be afraid of Justin Bieber playing Robin too! lol. But JGL is a decent actor, so maybe he'd take the hoke factor out of Robin (And PLEASE give him a better outfit than that glorified elf costume). And if Christian Bale does leave the series because of it, I'll stop watching.

  42. I'm pretty sure JGL plays Batman after Batman gets his back broken. There is no Robin in the Dark Knight series.

    1. this was an extremely old post, Mikey dearest, long before HOLLYWOOD SPY actually banned that atrociously horrid dark series on this site :) I spit three times everytime someone mentions its name ;)