Friday, February 11, 2011


Eventhough Rose McGowan left the project long time ago, it seems the remake of famous epic RED SONJA is still on. According to "Empire" the new director who will helm the epic story of the brave, scantily clad and super hot red haired female warrior is Simon West (LARA CROFT TOMB REIDER, CON AIR) and rumor has it that the current favourite actress to take the lead
role, at least when it comes to producers, is young Amber Heard (ZOMBIELAND, PINEAPPLE EXRESS). The film will probably happen only if CONAN, which premieres this year with Jason Momoa as the muscly barbarian, proves successful at the box office.

SHORT HEADLINES *Now, I'm not sure why, but Summit Entertainment is planning a reboot of the famous HIGHLANDER saga about semi immortal Scottish warriors and, believe it or not, they want TWILIGHT screenwriter to write it. *Here's an interesting team: Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons will take the lead roles in THE WORDS, a film about a writer who, at the peak of his literary success, discovers the price he must pay for stealing another man's work. *Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce have joined Tom Hardy and Shia LeBeouf in THE WETTEST COUNTY IN THE WORLD,  the story of a crazy family of bootleggers from the Prohibition Era.

So, the waiting is finally over, after a bunch of new TV spots at this weekend's Super Bowl, here's the first trailer for another of this year's upcoming blockbusters - X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, the famous super hero saga which goes into past this time revealing the youths of the people who will become our favourite mutants. Starring Michael Fassbender as Magneto, James McAvoy as Professor Xavier, Caleb Landry Jones, Nicholas Hoult, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, Edi Gathegi, Jason Flemyng and January Jones as the White Queen, the film comes out this June and is directed by Matthew Vaughn.


  1. Dez, you didn't disappoint. My hubby is excited about XMen, and I looove Bradley Cooper. Thanks for the 411!

  2. be welcome, Juls, glad we've got your hubs excited too :)))

  3. Well you know how I feel about X-Men, Dezzy. Fassbender and McAvoy look great as Prof. X and Magneto. I am beyond thrilled, holy goosebumps!

  4. HIGHLANDER -- there can be only one...(please don't remake it)

    X-MEN: FIRST CLASS -- cool trailor.

  5. @Flixy
    you know I feel the same about McAvoy and Fassbender. When it comes to trailer itself it didn't overly excite me ... I think music was kinda flat for me in it ... But I did almost scream in the end when they show White Queen for a quick nanosecond :)))

    I'm still not sure why would we need new HIGHLANDER with all the old ones and the TV show and everything ...

  6. Holy hell I am excited for X-Men First Class. What a cool trailer. Amber Heard as Red Sonja...Hmmm she's a bit scrawny for such a role. She'll have to really muscle up. Part of Brigitte's appeal was her very statuesque figure. Can't wait for Wettest County, even if it does have Shia the Beef in it. I have soft spot for bath tub gin makers...;)

  7. Oh man I can't wait for X-Men, awesome trailer!

  8. OMG THAT FUCKING CLIP GAVE ME GOOSBUMPS! You have no idea how big of a fan of X-men I am and I'm seriously going ape shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow, that trailer is awesome!! Can't wait.

  10. You kinda got me there with the trailer! Updated my blog 15 min's ago with it :)

    Had no idea you posted it already! I should be more active =]

  11. Bradely Cooper is one of my favorite actors, I think he'll do great in his new role.

  12. ...being the writer-geek I am, The Words has piqued my interest. And since being "Hungover," Bradley Cooper can do no wrong...this one sounds interesting:)


  13. Just joined this hottest news of the day :) I like what I've seen so far and this trailer only made the film looking more promising.

  14. That was my favorite superhero film trailer this year. I am really looking forward to seeing what Matthew Vaughn does with this origin story.

  15. Why they need a new Highlander? Because doing a remake is easier and cheaper than paying someone to come up with an original idea. (Says the cynic in me...)

  16. Oh, wow. That X-men trailer looks great! I've got mad love for McAvoy....fell in love with him first in the Dune mini-series!! :) Highlander? My take - don't mess with a classic. Not so sure about Red Sonja, either...I'm not sure I ever really liked the original, sorry to say. A bit cheesy...although, wouldn't mind watching Ronon Dex as Conan! ;)

  17. Really really looking forward to First Class. McAvoy and Fassbender look to be great as Charles and Erik. Not so sure about the Twilight screenwriter penning Highlander though...

  18. @Melissa
    do I smell some personal experience in bath tub gin making on your side? :)))

    glad you like it ;)

    glad to get you all so excited, sister :)))

    it is, isn't it?

  19. @Doo
    well, it was the news of the day yesterday :)

    Bradley is great! :)

    I knew all my writers would like that one ;)

    he he the whole Internet is buzzing about it :)

  20. @MAtty
    glad you like it dear Matty ;)

    well, it is true what you're saying!

    ah, yes, I've also noticed McAvoy for the first time in DUNE and couldn't stop following his career after that :)

    McAvoy and Fassbender really are a great team!

  21. oh, man, I am at work and can't watch the trailer. that sucks.

    The new red sonja girl is smokin'. The original red sonja girl was too. I hop this gets made with the costume pictured.

  22. LMAO, Dez! You do indeed. Great grandma was a bootlegger and we found her recipe. Holy hell I have never had anything so strong. ;)

  23. liking the x-men trailer. Can't get enough of January Jones. (Is that her real name?)

  24. Super trailer! I love Cooper and that fact he plays a writer got my attention.

  25. Are they doing a new Highlander or a remake?

  26. @Budd
    must admit I also hope Sonja would wear the costume from the comics :) It wouldn't be our beloved Sonja without it!

    maybe we should exchange secret family recipes, If I recall correctly I too have bootlegging ancestors :) My late granpa used to make his own plum brandy :)

  27. @Michael
    it does sound too good and hot to be true, doesn't it? :) PS I have lots of her hot pics for some new usage when the opportunity appears ;)

    I knew that that little part would get the attention of most of my dear readers :)

    isn't that the same? :) I think it's a remake. Or a reboot? Ah, too many new terms in Hollywood linguistics.

  28. Loved the trailer for excited. Interesting tidbit about the Highlander series...I had no idea.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  29. Glad you liked the trailer, Raquel :)

  30. This whole post is full of win....
    Love that Red Sonja.

  31. it was meant to be full win and I had a feeling that it would be, while I was preparing it :) It was a great pleasure searching for Sonja pic ;)

  32. I've been waiting for Bradley Cooper to break out of the BFF fratboy role since Wedding Crashers. The Words sounds like it could be the intellectual film he's needed.

  33. I wouldn't mind if Amber Heard became new Red Sonja. Quite the opposite. Someone has to step into that scale-mail bikini. :) It might as well be her. Although I wouldn't expect the same iconic outfit in real movies.
    Even I, as an avid comic book reader, am ashamed with impossibility of that costume. Just to be clear, I don't find it too skimpy, just too impractical. :)
    Some slight modifications would have to be made.

    Speaking of which...

    I saw the trailer for new X-Men. Like Dezz, my favorite moment was With White Queen, her skimpy costume, and her turning into diamond form. It was nice. :)
    The rest of the trailer wasn't bad either. I was never worried if this film would look good, just if it would have a good script/story. We still don't know that latter part.
    At least McAvoy and Fassbender look good together onscreen. This film is supposed to be mostly about them anyway.

  34. I think that most people would like to see the living proof of the impossibility of that costume, we do not believe in anything we don't see with our own eyes :)
    Glad you also liked WQ best in the trailer ;)

  35. Xmen trailer - Awesome!

    Red Sonja remake - Definitely necessary!

    Highlander remake - There Can Be Only One!

  36. I was pleasantly surprized by the X-men prequel, Dezz, considering I h.a.t.e. prequels.