Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The winners of the second round of our Best Celebrity Couples poll are Wentworth Miller (37) and Luke MacFarlane (29) with 40% of votes. Although they say they are just best friends, since 2007, nobody believes them. Luke MacFarlane from "Brothers and Sisters" is openly gay and has dated "Grey's Anatomy" star TR Knight before, but "Prison Break's" star Wentworth Miller hasn't come out of the closet yet, so they are keeping their love a secret. They spend a lot of time together, and MacFarlane has even accompanied Miller to Asia when he was filming some adverts there. They both lead reclusive, quiet lives, away from scandals and media. Both of them are educated young men, Miller has a Princeton degree in English literature, while Luke has studied acting at Juilliard.I must say they seem as a very nice, charming and affectionate couple. Imagine how cute their kids would be :)
The second place in this week's poll is shared by two couples with 20% of votes each: American sweethearts Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal and my personal favourites Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend who have been together for many years now.
The third, and the final part of our poll will start immediately, be sure to vote again :)


  1. After this 3rd part you should put all 3 winners up against one another, see who comes out on top :P. For this week I have to go with Weisz, I'd prefer my name to be on the other end of that +, but I love her in everything so Aronofsky shall have to do :)

  2. :)) don't be sad Ryan, although you'd be a dream come true for Rachel (or is it vice versa) :)) she is really happy with Darren, who is a very nice gentleman and a talented and extremely creative director as well :)

  3. I love both ,wentworth miller and luke macfarlane

  4. OMG why is he gay now?just because he steps out with a guy,who is actually gay?If you are going out with a person,whichis homosexual it doesn´t mean that you are homosexual,too!
    went is sooo hot!

  5. these pics are over 2 years old!!!! They've not been seen together since.

  6. They are not really known celebrities. At least that MacFarlane guy isn't.

    Since I don't know personal stuff of any of these celebrities I vote for the couple most known to me. :) And usually not both of people (in particular pair) are my favorites.

  7. ah, so many anonymous fans of HOLLYWOOD SPY :)))

    The pics are not important, I've put them just to illustrate the story. We support all kinds of love, and enjoy the positive and warm energy that Wentworth and Luke are sending to their fans and to the whole world. Whether it's an energy of romantic or friendly love, it doesn't matter to us, we'll love them both ways ;)

  8. Dear PrimulaBlue,
    if you look more carefully you shall see that HOLLYWOOD SPY likes an educated debate. Under each piece of news, you will see a lot of comments of our readers in which we exchange opinions and views. But all that in a nice, well-mannered and profound tone. If you use primitive language, superficial arguments and come here to release negative energy, off course we'll erase you in that case. This blog is done with a lot of love and positive energy and it's not nice if you come here and offer us something totally different from that.

    We welcome our readers and their criticism, and you can see that we are among the rare ones who do not require our own special approval before posting your comments.

    However we have the right to remove bad language and superficial views in the comments, just like you wouldn't let a bad behaved person to enter your warm home.

    If you had informed yourself better before writing the above post, you would see that the aim of the poll was a talk about love and positivity since we believe that too many other blogs usually like to pay more attention to negative sides of movies and celebrity world. Many people see those positive virtues in Miller and MacFarlane. And if you had checked our previous post in these comments you would have seen that we already gave you the answer: we love Miller and MacFarlane whether they are gay or not, whether it's true or just a gossip.

    HOLLYWOOD SPY, with love.

  9. Eu não acredito nessa história!
    Mas se for verdade, quero que ele seja feliz, mesmo que não seja comigo!

  10. Caro, Eliethe Almeida
    Wentworth também amamos incondicionalmente, e desejar-lhe toda a felicidade e amor no mundo.

  11. If Wentworth and Luke were an item.. all be it reclusive item - would there not have been more pictures at some point in the past 3years since the photo was taken?.. The paps know where they live!
    I have a friend who lives in Hollywood and he says that no one actually knows if these 2 were ever a couple - It IS known that Wentworth has indeed dated several women of recent times.. and men in the past (possibly where the original gossip came from and then Perez posted it)

  12. re: above comment!

    .. So it does seem that if these 2 were a couple they aren't now!