Thursday, October 29, 2009


Bad, bad news people, real bad! It seems that an anticipated remake of Frank Herbert's fantasy saga "Dune" has undergone some helm changes again.Apparently director Peter Berg will not direct the remake.
Although the remake is still in the works, Josh Zetumer is writing the film now, and Paramount is searching for a new director. There are rumors that directors Neil Marshall and Neill Blomkamp are in consideration to take over. There were also some truly scary reports that Robert Pattinson was in talks to star in the film, but that was connected with Berg directing the movie, so it's unclear if he still might join the project or not.
I hate this news. Although I'm not a fan of Peter Berg I liked his idea of making a more adventurous and action packed "Dune" instead of the original mystic philosophical sf drama. I'm not sure if these new contenders for the directorial seat share his vision. And I can't even explain how scary it is imagining Pattinson in the lead role.


  1. Now that you mention it, Robert Pattinson looks a lot like Kyle MacLachlan did in the original Dune. :) A true young mystic, body and soul. :))
    We'll see what will become of this project.

    I would also prefer a more action packed Dune adaptation. If they need to change story, let them. Even though I like (in general) Dune novels and Dune Universe, the fact is that it would be impossible to shot Dune in a single movie format. They tried that once. They even changed story to suit their (movie-making) needs, and it still didn't work as a (popular) movie.

  2. I'm just loosing hope :(
    Hopefully, the casting choice will put a smile back on my face :)if and when the movie happens.

  3. This will be made in about 5 years, Neil Blomkamp's got a blank check to do just about anything he wants, doubt he'll go this direction since he's already been rumored to be doing more personal projects. Peter Berg is a hollywood system director, I loved his overlooked film The Rundown, but more often than not he's sort of the Michael Bay Lite. A friend of mine is really into Dune so it'll be interesting to see how it fans out, not going to hold my breath though.

  4. I like DUNE, since it was my favourite book when I was a kid. I was never satisfied with its adaptations, and I absolutely hated the SY FY channel's mockery of mini-series. That's why I'm anxiously waiting for this to go right.

  5. I really don't expect this to be done "right" ever. It's just not good for movie adaptation.
    But it is true that interesting cast could make it better in that regard.

  6. I'd like them create an amazing cast like the one in this year's STAR TREK.

  7. I prefer Neil Marshall to direct 'Dune'. He's very talented director and all his movies are very atmospheric, entertaining and visually great!
    I thought Blomkamp's debut [District 9] was pretty good, but it wasn't that amazing! Something was missing and it didn't live up to the hype for me!
    Well, we'll have to wait and see...

  8. Hey, Neb,nice to see you in my home :)

    I must admit I've never seen any of Marshall's movies, but I see there aren't that many to start with. But I'm anxiously waiting to see his CENTURION.
    It's interesting that most people agree that Blomkamp's debut wasn't that amazing. I haven't seen it myself, but there must be some truth in all those reviews.