Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The winners of the last round of our Best Celebrity Couple Poll are Rachel and Darren. One of the most charming and lovable celebrity couples Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky have been engaged for years now. Although he is a cult film director known for his edgy and imaginative movies, he won her over with a traditional romantic proposal on bended knee. He even rang Rachel's father to ask permission for her hand in marriage.Then he proposed to her in the middle of New York's Times Square after they've returned from filming "The Fountain" in Montreal, the movie which they did together. Both were raised in Jewish households (he is of Israeli and she's of Hungarian origin) and went to topnotch universities - she went to Cambridge and he studied at Harvard. She ensures her relationship with Darren stays strong by only accepting acting jobs close to where her filmmaker fiance is working. She gave birth to their son Henry in 2006.
The second place in our poll was taken by the newly wedded couple Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy, two of the most adorable Hollywood beings. They had just one vote less than the winners and they got married just few weeks ago in France. They've fallen in love while shooting "Evening" more than two years ago and kept their courtship low-key.


  1. I like Rachel but I never saw any of Darren's movies. Maybe he'll make something in future that will interest me to see it. But I believe he's a talented director.
    I also haven't seen much of Claire's work (not my favorite genres). But I really like some of Hugh's films. Maybe some of his "project selecting" will rub off on Claire, so she too can film something I would be interested to see.

    And another poll... (Dez was busy these last few days with all this new articles.)
    And again I feel like a cheater. Since many of the options/choices are not familiar to me, I again vote for that one I know. Not very "decision worthy" of me. :)

  2. Rachel Weisz > all muhahahaha... yeah I don't understand why I did that laugh either.

  3. I'm a big fan of both of them. I think Aronofsky is one of the most daring filmmakers working today and on top of being incredibly passionate about his job, he seems -- like Rachel -- to be just a down to earth type of person.

  4. Bels, for someone who takes pride in considering himself a diversified and well-informed person whose own opinion is the basis of all his arguments, you seem to have missed a lot of directors, actors, music and movies :PP
    Darren, musicals, shows, music, most of the couples from our previous poll and now most of the female roles in the current one - your list is too long.

    Univarn, I'm sure Rachel would understand your laugh, but I'm not sure about Darren :PP

    Rachel has just accepted to play a journalist who discovers that UN officers have been using people for sex trafficking and other abuses instead of helping them during the civil war in ex Yugoslavia. The shooting will be set in Bosnia.

  5. I don't consider myself diversified or well-informed (with things that don't concern me). :) I never said that. I have opinions though. It helps to "train" one's mind and reasoning. :)) And I consider myself more as reasonable than knowledgable.
    It's not a shame to admit lack of knowledge/information in particular subject. Still, if I made pools like these (also from entertainment/film world) you Dez would be in a same position as I am now. :)) I have a myriad of "stuff" you are not familiar with (or you chose to disregard). :)

    Funny thing is that often I have better information and understanding of a movie I haven't seen, than a lot of people who saw it themselves. I can't believe people are so superficial in that regard. (I'm sure many of us have met that kind of film "viewers". :) )

    About Rachel Weisz... I plan to watch Brothers Bloom soon. I would like to know what scenes were shot around Subotica. So Dezz... (I was there as school kid so I wouldn't recognise any of it.)

  6. Some scenes were shot in our famous City Hall and one of the kissing scenes was shot in the mystical surroundings of our lake Palic on a very very cold weather :)
    The interesting thing is that almost nobody knew that a big Hollywood crew was in the middle of our city, and most people thought that if there was any super star walking around our downtown it would be Penelope Cruz since for some reason or another, most of the trucks of the movie crew had PENELOPE written all over their sides :)

  7. I just saw Brothers Bloom (in HD). I recognised some scenes that were shot in Belgrade. This film had a nice looking scenery and good photography all around. It was filmed on locations in Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Czech Republic.
    Decent films in most aspects. Except in script/story. It was a little boring, to me at least. And script/story is usually the most important part of movie. :(