Friday, October 16, 2009


The exclusive new trailer for a heartbreaking movie "Dear John" is just out and you can watch it over at my YouTube channel. Ultra charming couple Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum play two young lovers split apart by the Iraq war who keep in touch via letters. This warm and romantic drama is directed by talented director Lasse Hallstrom, the author of some other touching movies such are "Chocolat", "The Cider House Rules", "An Unfinished Life", and is based on the famous novel written by popular writer Nicholas Sparks. The film comes out February 2010.


  1. As much as I like Amanda Seyfried and Lasse Hallstrom they had to put the acting equivalent of a brick wall in the film with Channing Tatum. The problem with Tatum is he has no acting range, and unlike Keanu Reeves, who is in the same boat, Tatum just isn't goofy or funny, or in the least bit likable.

  2. Ryan, I know that you have that opinion of Channing, but many people who saw the trailer or the parts of the movie, say that here he was finally given a chance to act. You can see in the trailer already that he really gave an expressive role here: you can see special energy in his eyes, and deep emotions connected with his character. Off course, he still has to work a lot on perfecting his acting, but I believe this one is a step forward for him.

  3. I thought Stop Loss would be his step forward as well, then he took several steps back with G.I. Joe. If his 2 seconds in Public Enemies was a bit longer he might have taken some positive steps there. I'm not sure if it's his film choices or just him, but he's not another muscular guy who wants to act. What guys like Arnold, Stallone, etc. who all have about the same acting range as him have that he's yet to show is personality. He needs consistent roles that bring that out.

    Films like G.I. Joe, Step Up, and Fighting where he plays the same tough, flailing emotion characters isn't going to cut it.

  4. True.
    I guess the biggest problem of many stars is getting the right role when studios keep sending them only the roles which fit their own view of those stars. I guess that all studios see just a cool action man in Channing. That's why many stars (especially the young sexy ones) get stereotypical roles.
    I'm not saying that it isn't his own choice as well, but there is some depth and talent hidden in his eyes, that just makes me trust him.

    And when you come to think about it there's really a very very small number of actors who have a profoundly diversified choice or roles. Jim Carrey always stars in comedies, Sandra Bullock in romantic projects, Ashley Judd in thrillers .... and even when some of them step out of their routine it's usually unsuccessful. Being still young, maybe Channing still doesn't have the inner strength to make bigger steps. But I like this one: small and well measured. :)

  5. I think Channing Tatum will have his chance to step out of his stereotypical roles.
    It has happened before. With many other actors.

    I'm not sure way they "stay in contact" via letters in this movie. Wouldn't telephone or any mean of internet communication be far more practical? I seriously doubt that his war engagement would make letters the best possible solution.

  6. I'm not sure how easy it is having a computer or a telephone in a middle of Iraq desert if you are a field-operations soldier outside towns and civilization :)
    And besides, letters are far more romantic :}

  7. Believe me, internet (and similar) connections are almost mandatory in any kind of USA military operation.

    And to me written word has the same effect, be it on screen or a paper.

    And besides, internet chat/e-mails can be accompanied by pictures and all those funny and interesting emoticons. That's also romantic. :)

  8. nothing can beat reading and seeing your loved one's own handwriting in a love letter :)
    You're just not romantic enough, Bels ;P

  9. Let's see you be that romantic when you have to read someone's almost undecipherable handwriting. And truth be told, most people have a pretty bad handwriting. :)

  10. I have the most beautiful one :)))))))
    and besides, if it's true love you should be able to decipher it :) and find beauty even underneath her ugly face :)))