Tuesday, October 20, 2009


According to "MovieWeb" Ann Peacock has signed on to write the motion-capture fantasy adventure adaptation of the novel "Airman" for Disney and Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers. Gil Kenan will direct the $150 million project.
Based on a book by Eoin Colfer, the story centers on Connor, a boy who lives on an island off the coast of Ireland, where his father is the king's bodyguard. When the king is murdered, Connor is blamed for the crime and thrown into prison where he passes the solitary months designing a flying machine that he will use to save his family.


  1. This story/plot sounds a little unbelievable to me. Building an airplane/glider (in 19 century), while in prison? More like absurd idea, than a historical adventure story.
    And they plan to spend $150 million on this?

    I've heard of Eoin Colfer and his Atremis Fowl series. Only heard of him, though. I've never actually read any of his work so far. But from what I've read about his work, I came to think that he's like many of his fellow English/British contemporary "children" authors. They are all a little too "dark" for children literature imo. But I guess that just what's popular in Britain these last 10-15 years.

  2. Well, that's the point of fantasy books, Bels, to make unbelievable things believable :)That's the power of imagination.

    I share with you the disappointment in ever so gloomy and grim children literature.

    PS the book AIRMAN itself, has a lot of stunning book covers, I've put here just one of them, but there are at least four or five other all equally beautiful and imaginative.

  3. svidja mi se ovo, poster me podseca na stardust nadam se da ce biti nesto slicno tome :)

  4. Right you are Dez. :) I've seen some other covers for this book. And they all look magnificent.
    But from what I've read about this book, my statement stands true. This isn't a fantasy book. It's an historical adventure story.
    Even so, I wouldn't mind airplanes/gliders in 19th century. Only if they weren't made during a prison sentence. :)) That's a little beyond fantastic. :)

  5. I like the planes from the covers, they all look very imaginative and wisely improvised and thus I could imagine somebody making and constructing them secretly in some dark attic space of a castle :) or unnoticed in some cellar.

    Yu, vid' ga Vlade :) Nijesam ga odma' ni primetio :)

  6. Speaking of British "children" novels adaptations, what happened with sequel to Golden Compass?
    No plans for another movie?

  7. not as far as I know. Too bad, since I consider it a better done movie than NARNIA.

  8. Too bad. I kinda liked the first movie. Not very good, but still fine by me.