Saturday, January 7, 2012


A bunch of new photos from this year's biggest films have hit the net, so we are having a picture Saturday today here at HOLLYWOOD SPY, beginning with a brand new photo from this year's most anticipated animated movie BRAVE which will tell the story of brave Scottish
princess Merida when it hits cinemas this June. Beside Merida, her father and mother, the new pic also shows her crazy triplet brothers with their hilarious red hairdos and a rather energetic mood. I have a feeling those three will be our favourite :)
The second picture is from Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. The new photo shows Martin Freeman
walking around woods on his big hairy Hobbity feet as Bilbo Baggins. :) As you know the film hits cinemas December 14th.

Then there's also a new photo from SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN which comes to cinemas this June bringing a dark look on the famous fairy tale with Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman and
Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen, who is seen in this new pic sporting one of the many black, golden and copper gowns to suit her naughty style in front of the unforgiving mirror.

The first picture has also been released for ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER showing Benjamin Walker in the title role as he fights off a vampire with a sword. Dominic Cooper and Rufus
Sewell also star in this film about the American president who fights the undead by night which premieres also this June.

And the last new photo for today is for yet another of 2012 blockbusters - MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS showing Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Chris Evans as Captain America in the middle of a fight.
They are joined by Tom Hiddleston, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner this May in cinemas.
I have a bunch of short headlines for you today, my freaks, so brace yourself: HORRIBLE BOSSES with Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey, Collin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston are getting a sequel. Another hit comedy from last year BRIDESMAIDS is also getting a sequel.  The MIRROR MIRROR Snow White star Lily Collins has signed on to star in THE EVIL DEAD, the remake of the famous horror classic. She will play a drug addict. After ARTHUR AND LANCELOT, another big epic to be put on hold and maybe even totally cancelled due to financial crises is AKIRA sf epic.

I will use the opportunity to wish Merry Christmas today to all Serbs, Russians, Bulgarians and other people of Orthodox religion and to remind you to drop by tomorrow for HOLLYWOOD SPY'S MEGA GUIDE THROUGH 2012 FILMS. Lots of pics, posters and dozens and dozens of movies. Be there!


  1. I'm really getting exited about the new Hobbit movie!

  2. we all are, Berserc, we all are :)

  3. Hobbitses!! So so so ready.

    My gosh, to be as pretty as Charlize!! I can't wait to see her performance as the Evil Queen.

    And I'm only going to watch The Avengers because of the promise of glimpsing Iron Man. I'll need a new dose of RDJ now that I've already seen the new Sherlock Holmes. lol.

  4. she is the fairest of them all, isn't she? :)
    And as you know, we don't do RDJ here at HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

  5. Dang awhile till the hobbit comes out, well you can rush perfection!

  6. yep, it will be a really long wait!

  7. I loved Horrible Bosses but wasn't keen on Bridesmaids.

  8. I think Charlize Theron makes a great evil queen, and she has the coolest pointy crowns and finger armor. :)

  9. I agree, Ricky, the only good thing in BRIDESMAIDS was Melissa McCarthy :)

  10. @Luanne
    he he he every queen, especially the Evil ones, have to pay attention to details :)

  11. Yes, I remember you don't care for him. But I can't help myself. o_O

  12. I loved Bridesmaids, but a sequel is not needed. The world doesn't need another Hangover 2 debacle(And i say that as someone who liked the first one). Actually i think comedy sequels should just be banned...or put on hold at least

  13. Do I sense you have some anger issues today Dez? shots. Agree most comedy sequels suck, heck most sequels suck period.

  14. All of today's movies are winners for me. Brave has CraigyFerg (who still owes me a fiver) and Billy Connely. And I love the Scots in general (the enemy of my enemy is my friend). And Collin Farrell, I don't even have to explain that one. I have a Polish friend who is Orthodox and they celebrate the day of the Saints birthday they are named after. Do you do that as well?

    Merry Christmas to all of you! And I will be here tomorrow, with bells on.

  15. Merry Christmas, Dezzy! My Jan 7th post celebrates it too!

  16. I can't wait to see Brave. It's the first Pixar movie to feature a female in the main role/lead. I rather like that, and I think that it's about time.

  17. Can't wait for Brave. Those three little redheaded boys are adorable.

    Abrahan Lincoln: vampire Hunter is going to be epic and well, you know how I feel about Avengers and Hobbit. ;)

  18. Merry Xmas Dezzy! Great pics! Can't wait for those releases!
    Make sure I'll be catching up on your Mega Guide for 2012 Films :)
    Have a fabulous weekend! xx

  19. I hope the story in The Avengers stays on Earth.

    I saw a book trailer of the Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter book and it was good. The movie should be fun as long as there is some sense of humor to it. Or a really awesome story.

    Happy New Year!

    Blogging from A to Z

  20. I like that Bilbo picture. Martin is a perfect choice as Bilbo. I admire PJ talent is choosing actors.

    Theron's costume is amazing....I really want to see the movie....but...

  21. I cannot wait for BRAVE!! Looks SOOOO good!!

    Have a great weekend Dezzy me old mate!

  22. I'm really, really looking forward to the Snow White movies coming out :) Both look awesome!
    Damsel in a Dirty Dress

  23. You spoil us with super-awesome genre movies. I think this is the year I need to get a cinema pass; there's a hell of a lot of good movies to watch!

  24. I love the design they did for the crown on the Evil Queen... Really cool looking!

  25. Wow, some awesome photos. The Hobbit looks great. Love Freeman's feet.

  26. @Tonkow
    it sure does

    you know how Hollywood has to milk every cow rich with milk :)

    yep, The Evil Queen has pissed me off :) She claims she's prettier than moi :)

  27. Dezzy, I know you can tackle yeast breads!!! You'll have to let me know next time you try. My only advice is to use a thermometer to make sure you don't kill the yeast with too hot of water or milk...that's the only thing that ever messes me up :) Have a great weekend~

  28. @Anne
    I adore Irish, Scottish and Welsh people, and I had a number of polls on their stars :) You can find those posts somewhere here :)
    Yes, Serbs also celebrate the day of their Saint Patron, they call it a "slava", each family has their own Saint Patron. I'm not an ethnic Serb, I just have Serbian citizenship since I was born here and live here, my roots are very complicated, but I live in Vojvodina where you have around 25 different nations living together :) so we are pretty mixed up.

    thanks, Debs :) I will pop over

  29. @Michael
    it will be most favourite animated film of the year, love the animation, the colours and the characters, and the first trailer was absolutely stunning.

    those three little gnomes are adorable, I bet they will be abnormaly hilarious in the film :)

    thanks, Summer, hope you're having a nice weekend, and I will be waiting for you here tomorrow :)

  30. @Arlee
    I think it will stay on Earth, but the enemies will be intergalactic, if I got it right :) I don't know much about those comics and cartoons :)

    yep, and I can't wait to see other actors in THE HOBBIT beside the hobbits and dwarves. I'm dying to see Thranduil and Bard, simply dying :)

  31. @Scott
    it will be marvelous, hope it will be megasuccessfull like HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON

    they will be a feast for our eyes :)

    it's true, Jamie, this year will bring us some of the genre films we both adore - epics and fantasy flicks. Wish there were some historical epics too, maybe next year? I want Rome, Egypt, Persia, Greece, ancient Russia... as settings in future films

  32. @Armada
    she's a stylish lady indeed :)

    didn't know you have a feet fetish LOL :)

    ah, Lizzy sister, I'm terrified of yeast :) I don't have a thermometer and somebody has to teach me how to knead the dough and so on... but no volunteers, and those are things that require time as well, which I never have. I need a personal dough kneading assistant in my kitchen at my disposal 24 hours a day :))) I swear I could live just on bagels, bread and salty cakes :)

  33. I think the only reason I would watch the Abe Lincoln vampire film is Rufus Sewell!
    Who will win the Snow White sweepstakes - Charlize or Julia?

    Thanks for all the news - looking forward to tomorrow!

  34. I'll have to look up your region so I can learn more about Serbia and how you guys live, the culture, religion and politics. We all need to learn more about each others country's

  35. Hi Dezz!

    I love your winter outfits! (and how you've winterized your site)

    I've dropped by to say a very heartfelt THANK YOU for the comment you left over at Lee's yesterday - you totally made my day! I smiled the whole day through and then, when I got up this morning, there it was...that smile still ear to ear across my face!

    So, Happy Me says thank you Dezzy - I sending you cyber squishy hugs - the very best kind.

    Now...per your recommendations, from an earlier post of yours, I am going to see Man On A Ledge with my gal pal (we've pre booked a date).
    And yesterday I took in War Horse - oh my goodness, it is beyond awesome (but not as awesome as you) and I hope it gets Best Picture.

    As to today's lineup...I think Charlize will be an excellent Evil Queen, and Brave sounds like good fun (will see that with my daughter).

    Great post, as always!

  36. @Fabo
    you, know, I totally agree with you. I'd generally never watch any film about any of the American presidents, especially not a vampire hunting one, so the only reason to check this one out would be RufRuf ;)

  37. @Anne
    there's a lot to learn, but not from historical books written by Western people, since they tend to be very ignorant when it comes to such matters. I personally know a lot about Ireland, and we like Irish people here in Serbia a lot. Celts lived here centuries and centuries ago, so maybe that's what connect us :)

  38. @Jenny
    thanks, you know I love showing off my stunning style LOL ;)
    Be welcome, you're my favourite from Lee's list ;) by far. We love Lee too, but he tends to wear blankets instead of tuxes when he comes to our gala award ceremonies :)
    Glad you liked WAR HORSE, I can't watch it myself, I'd die probably if the horsie gets hurt or dies.

  39. Dezz - it's true, watching Joey (the horse) go through some of those scenes was beyond my ability to watch too! But it was the most amazing story - truly amazing. I do highly recommend it - be brave, my friend, you can always cover your eyes. (it works for me) :)

    And...I love party dresses, so for sure if an invite comes I'm totally ready! On short notice, I can do a tux too! ;)

  40. I will have third annual HOLLYWOOD SPY AWARDS later this month, it's the most glamorous and most prestigious blogging event every year in the whole blogosphere, glitz, glimmer and stunning outfits and all, so prepare your gown, you might need a winning speech too :)

  41. Ah, but Dezz--I wore my best blanket to your awards last year. I should get some credit for that at least.

    Blogging from A to Z

  42. ohmygoodness! the little santa hat is TOO CUTE!!!
    i had no idea that they celebrated christmas on other days, merry day-late christmas to those!

    and wowza! lots of super cool pics today! thanks for keeping us up to date, as usual!

  43. Can hardly wait for BRAVE!!

    Wow, dear Charlize looks so stunning as the evil queen. Sorry Julia, but I really don't see her as 'evil queen' material whilst Charlize will do so well in this role.

  44. @Lee
    OK, but only if you promise not to wear a leopard print one this year :P

    glad you like my festive hat, Vics :) Me is perdy :) Yep, since the calendar is not the same Orthodox Christians don't celebrate holidays on the same dates as Catholics. Orthodox New Year is on Saturday :)))

    yep, Julia is evil, but she is no queen, that's for sure.

  45. Well Merry Christmas and all that to you Dez! I'm looking forward to your picks and hits for 2012 - I know the Hobbit will be one of 'em as I'm sure PJ and the Weta boys will do an amazing job - so looking forward to it.

    Note you didn't mention the over-hyped 'Warhorse' above. I agree - Spielberg has done a technically brilliant job as you'd expect but the story-line (and the historical timeline as well) leave a lot to be desired. After going to so much trouble with the detail its disappointing to see how much he ballsed-up the historical (military) aspects with inaccuracy. Very overblown too. The final frames in the film are taken straight out of 'Gone With The Wind' too - looks pretty but hardly original. Recommend some good ones for me to see in 2012 Chika Dezzie! And happy (Orthodox) new year for the 14th!


  46. hehe thanks, Docs, nice to see you here again, thought you've been missing in action :)
    THE HOBBIT is the film of the year, for sure.
    I expected that from WAR HORSE, Spielberg has long time ago become a bit of a mediocre overly sugary director even for my, violence hating taste :) He killed it for me with AI sf film. Even I couldn't take that amount of pathetic acting and story.

  47. Love, love, love so much about this post. HOBBIT, AVENGERS....this is going to be another great year for movies.

  48. yay, 50th comment on this one :)
    I think most people will manage to find something to watch this year.