Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 Our latest poll is finished and the readers of HOLLYWOOD SPY have proclaimed their BREAKTHROUGH STAR OF 2011! It's Luke Evans with amazing 36% of votes, followed by Michael Fassbender (23%) and Henry Cavill (21%).
Welsh star Luke Evans really did have a great year in 2011 putting his name in golden letters on the movie map. He shined in two big roles - as super charming Aramis in THE THREE MUSKETEERS stealing the show from Orlando Bloom and Ray Stevenson, and then as proud and powerful Zeus, king of all Gods, in Tarsem's mindblowing epic IMMORTALS where he starred next to another breakthrough star and his good friend Henry Cavill. The introduction to this marvelous year of his career was year 2010 when he actually drew attention with delightful and expressive role in charming comedy TAMARA DREWE and with another of his Godly roles - Apollo in blockbuster epic CLASH OF THE TITANS. When it comes to 2012, he will appear in following projects: NO ONE LIVES, about a gang of ruthless highway killers who kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem,  ASHES, in which he will appear alongside Jim Sturgess and Ray Winstone, THE RAVEN, next to John Cusack in this  fictionalized
account of the last days of Edgar Allan Poe's life, in which the poet pursues a serial killer whose murders mirror those in the writer's stories, THE AMATEUR AMERICAN, about an American in Paris who is framed for murder, THE HOBBIT AND UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, in which he plays Bard, the leader of Men, and he will also appear in
the second one as well THE HOBBIT THERE AND BACK AGAIN which premieres only in 2013. This year he was also in the run for the royal role in ARTHUR AND LANCELOT but he didn't get it, and the film is currently on hold. His profoundly charismatic and almost magnetic presence in films has made him the breakthrough star of 2011 bringing him thousands of fans around the world. Surrounded with fame and glory, Luke has remained a very polite and warm person, which you can see if you read the comments of his biggest fans bellow. HOLLYWOOD SPY has himself seen this warmth and kindness of Luke's since Luke has offered us his support a number of times throughout last year. Here's why his biggest fans love him:
"I love Luke first because of his talent, he can play so many different and varied characters brilliantly, from muscials to mythology. Not many can say that. Most importantly, I love the person he is, I think what I like
is this 'what you see is what you get' aspect about him, in my interactions with him on Twitter, he is always polite and gracious, and thankful for our support as fans. And his sense of humor is priceless! He's a special man and I wish him all the best!"
Astrid from LukeEvansNews
 "Luke Evans is the entire package, immensly talented, breathtakingly handsome and an ever better person on the inside.  A breakthrough star that stole every scene he was in."
Hanna Ala-Kotila Luke's Twitter fan
"These are the reason why a part of my heart will belong to the awesome Luke Evans from here to eternity. His exeptional presence that makes him the king of any scene he's in, not to mention takes my breath away. Also because he seems like such a sweetheart and really a down-to-earth guy who just happens to be GINORMOUSLY talented... and yes, Luke Evans is also the cat's meaow."
Sarah Sharp, Luke's fan from Sweden
"With Luke, you see instantly that he was born to act; every inch of him seems to glow, on screen and on stage, with the passion belonging to a man who loves what he does and doesn’t take it for granted. He astounds as much as he inspires, and he undoubtedly deserves any and all success coming his way."

Now, let us move to our new poll. Since Oscars are quite close, the atmosphere around the award show always makes you think of all
those great stars who have never won an Oscar even though they are amazingly talented and very often million times better than their fellow stars who were blessed with an academy award. This poll will have three parts, here are the candidates you can vote for in the first part: Emily Blunt (THE YOUNG VICTORIA, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA), Jude Law (COLD MOUNTAIN, ENEMY AT THE GATES, CLOSER, THE AVIATOR ), Michelle Williams (BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, MY WEEK MARILYN, BLUE VALENTINE), Michael Fassbander (FISH TANK, HUNGER, SHAME, A DANGEROUS METHOD, CENTURION), Cillian Murphy (WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY, BREAKFAST ON PLUTO), Amy Adams (JULIE & JULIA, DOUBT, THE FIGHTER), Kenneth Branagh (HAMLET, FRANKENSTEIN, HENRY V, OTHELLO). Vote on people! New stars who never won an Oscar in parts two and three next month.


  1. My pick lost again, damn the cat sucks when it comes to the affairs of men.

  2. you need a crash course in those things, Cat! And since we know you fall only for mice, it's no wonder... :)

  3. Can you believe I've never seen a Luke Evans movie? He is quite cute!

    Good idea for the new poll!

  4. I would have went with Fassbender but Luke Evans definitely deserves some recognition. I can't wait to see more of him in 2012.

  5. you must watch him in TAMARA DREWE, IMMORTALS and MUSKETEERS, Kelly, he is absolutely brilliant in those films, you will love him.
    The new poll will be a long one, I'm shocked with a number of the most amazing actors who've never got an Oscar. Some have never even been nominated, while a bunch of horrid ones are scoring every year at the ceremony.

  6. @French
    Fass My Benders is in our new poll too, hope he will win in that one, maybe? :)

    I've no idea :)

  7. A win truly deserved, not every man can look so fantastic in a short gilded skirt ;)
    Such talent, beauty in and out.

  8. Michelle Williams definitely deserves an Oscar! I don't know why people rave about Amy Adams -- she seems like quite an ordinary actress to me.

  9. Wow, that's a tough new list to choose from, Dezzy. Just watched The Wind That Shakes The Barley and Cillian Murphy was pretty mesmerizing in that. Loved him in Perrier's Bounty too. But Fassbender wowed me in Hunger (even though I didn't really care for the movie on the whole) and Fish tank.

    And Emily Blunt? She always surprises me.

    Why do you want to make my life so difficult and have me choose!?

  10. Not my choice at all....voted and a good topic for the poll, to me it's a no brainer!

  11. Well of course he is. Wasn't my choice, but his win isn't shocking.

  12. Great! Luke Evans is the best new star :)

  13. Also, people complain about Kenneth Branagh a lot for his long films, but I like his work.

  14. The Raven does look interesting but I'm worried that Hollywood will screw it up.

  15. Love Luke! He is every wonderful thing his fans say and more. I look forward to watching all of his movies and I do believe I must start a Luke Evans shelf in my DVD collection.

    I love all the actors in your new poll, but I think I'll go for Michelle.

  16. @Hanna
    one of the best deserved wins ever, eventhough he had really tough rivals in amazing Fass My Benders and Henry Cavill ;)

    Michelle is amazing and if you ask me, beside Amy Adams the only young thespian in USA. Amy is praised for being extremely versatile, she can be sweet and adorable in romcoms, but without being pathetic or superficial, and she can also be extremely dramatic and profoundly expressive (as in the films I've put in the brackets beside her name in the post). She is very unique

  17. @Luanne
    hope you watched Cillian in BREAKFAST ON PLUTO too, he is amazing in that one as well. He is very good, I just wish he would make better film choices in recent years.
    Emily Blunt is on of my five favourite actresses ever :) Have you seen her in MUPPETS doing a cameo as Miss Piggy's VOGUE secretary? That one was hilarious :)

    well, thanks anyway

  18. @Josh
    it isn't, since HOLLYWOOD SPY is one of his biggest support sites and most of our pics of him dominate GOOGLE :) Numerous of his fanclubs read our site and we love them dearly. And Luke is also very nice in supporting HOLLYWOOD SPY himself. We love him for that.

    it's possible, but we shall keep our fingers crossed

  19. @Melsy
    you really must make a special shelf for Luke :)And Michelle is always amazing, even when her films are bad. Hope she wins an Oscar this year finally

    I'm glad too :)

  20. Ha Ha My guy won. And thanks for posting these pics. I'm going to copy and paste all of them. I voted on the new poll. That was an easy choice to make!

  21. you should check all other spotlight on Luke I did :) they all feature some mindblowing pics :) Trust me, you even have some lovely barechested ones :) Such a lovely Welshman he is!

  22. Apparently I'm a tad behind on my movies... I've only seen one of his movies--Clash of the Titans. Um-ah!

  23. And he was great in it, although he had only a very short role.

  24. I've only recently taken notice of Luke Evans, but he's been pretty good in what I've seen so far. I look forward to his role in The Hobbit.

  25. ah, but Jamie, he's your fellow Welshman! The pride of Wales! He and Zeta Jones are symbols of Wales to me.

  26. he sounds like a really nice guy! how cool! he does have a marvelous voice, for sure.

    1. yep, he sings, as I've showed you in some of previous spotlights on him with the videos of his musical performances, I could listen to him for days and days... and look at him too for days and days :)