Friday, January 6, 2012


One of the main movie news today is that Benedict Cumberbatch has officially joined the sequel to mega successful STAR TREK blockbuster which managed to revive the famous sf saga thanks to
great direction from J.J. Abrams and amazing chemistry between all of the cast members. According to "Deadline" Cumberbatch will play an unknown villain in the film. He now joins the old cast which includes Karl Urban, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Anton Yelchin and Simon Pegg and the shooting should start this January. Beside starring in BBC's popular SHERLOCK show, Cumberbatch will also take two voice roles in Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT - lending voice to evil dragon Smaug and to The Necromancer. As I wrote earlier he will also appear in mini series PARADE'S END which will be set against the backdrop of WWI.

Two extremely busy hunks, Dwayne Johnson and Liam Hemsworth might star together in EMPIRE STATE as "Deadline" reports. The story of this action heist flick is based on the true story
of a 1982 armored car company robbery in New York City which was, at that time, believed to be the largest in U.S. history. I don't know why, but this must be tenth heist or robbery film we will be watching in the upcoming future.
Another thing you can check out today is a beautiful cast picture which STARZ has released for their most successful show SPARTACUS VENGEANCE which returns in its third season January 27th. To read
more about the season and to check out amazing character photos visit our big spotlight on the show.

And I have a super charming mega adorable clip for you today :)  It is for a short animated film TANGLED EVER AFTER, which is kind of a very short sequel to one of Disney's most successful animated films in recent history.
The film will be played together with the 3D BEAUTY AND THE BEAST which hits cinemas next week. The story picks up where TANGLED left off. The Kingdom is in a festive mood as everyone gathers for the royal wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn. However, when Pascal and Maximus, as flower chameleon and ring bearer, respectively, lose the gold bands, a frenzied search and recovery mission gets underway. As the desperate duo tries to find the rings before anyone discovers that they’re missing, they leave behind a trail of
comical chaos that includes flying lanterns, a flock of doves, a wine barrel barricade and a very sticky finale. Will Maximus and Pascal save the day and make it to the church in time? And will they ever get Flynn’s nose right?

And don't forget that this Sunday I will be posting HOLLYWOOD SPY'S EXCLUSIVE MEGA SPOTLIGHT ON ALL THE 2012 FILMS. See what's in store for this cinematic year. 


  1. The Rock! He has good movies.

  2. You are posting early this week!

    I really liked Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock. The modern BBC version was very good. I hope they make more episodes. He should make a good villain in Star Trek too.

  3. Tangeld ever After is going to be just absolutely adorable. It is one of my fave Disney movies right along with Beauty and the Beast.

    Love The Rock and I will see this heist film eventually, but not gonna pay theater prices. And it has the wrong Hemsworth brother for me. ;)

  4. @Interwebs
    he is very charming :)

    I am :) I've noticed that I get more people commenting and visiting when I post a bit earlier :) I'm not sure what's the exact time difference but I'm guessing that later on you are all having dinner and are not close to the computers :)

  5. @Melissa
    the lizzard and the horse are positively adorable in the clip :)))
    Yep, Liam has really been using his big bros' fame to get himself lots of roles in Hollywood :)

  6. Tangled ever after looks like it will be quite fun! I always wondered how those kind of storys continued!

  7. I can't resist a Disney love story!

    Half and half is an equal mixture of cream and milk (about 10% fat). My mom always liked it in her coffee :)

  8. it will be delightful, I'm sure, Berserc, a film to watch with kids and family and have fun together.

  9. @Lizzy
    who could resist that :)
    Ah, thanks for the explanation :) I really didn't know what it is, and I was wondering how the recipe doesn't have any liquids :)))

  10. I loved Tangled. What a great show. As for the Star Trek franchise...I can't wait. Seriously. I thought J.J. Abrams was brilliant in resetting everything.

  11. you mean film, not a show :) What made the film for me was the wonderful chemistry between all of the characters and actors in STAR TREK.

  12. Another hiest film and another Rock film. There is such a good combination there, I swear. Pfft!

  13. I can't wait for the Star Trek movie! So exciting!!!! I was stunned to see Simon Pegg; he did a great job! Zachery rocked Spock. Hubby didn't think Chris Pine did justice to Captain Kirk. I disagree; mannerisms come with age. There was an amazing energy in the theater when we went! They were all great; can't wait...

    I loved Tangle, so fun!
    Any more baking going on? Did you share a recipe? I have to check FB. Your cakes are a work of art~

  14. I liked Tangled, so the sequel is good in my books. I'm glad the drunken old man is back!

    Cumberbatch may be looking to steal Bradley Cooper's thunder as genre 'man of the hour'. I'll be keeping a close eye.

  15. Can't wait till Trek 2 comes out. I was expecting to hate the first one (trekky talkin' here), but they did it perfectly. Hubby and I just rewatched the first one a few weeks ago. Great timing Dez.

  16. Benedict will be a good addition to Star Trek especially as the bad guy....

  17. The news about Benedict makes me very happy indeed he is GREAT!!

  18. I loved TANGLED..I mean, my kids loved TANGLED so this short film is going to be great for them. Yes...only them.

    I'll admit, I haven't seen this SHERLOCK show, but this guy doesn't look like much of a villain. And if he ends up being Kahn, someone's getting punched.

  19. cumberbatch should do very well. a very skilled actor, indeed!

  20. @Pat
    beware, Cat, Rock has lots of other films coming up in 2013 too :) But we love him, even though we might not love his films all the time

    yes, Chris Pine was the weakest in the brilliant cast, he was a bit too immature and impolite and raw for a captain, but I guess that was the script :)
    You have my COFFEE AND TOFFEE ROLL CAKE over at Face, and I will probably post something new this Sunday too :)

  21. @Jamie
    he he we love the drunken old man :)
    I'm not sure why is Cumberbatch popular right now. I've never watched SHERLOCK, so I'm missing here something, but I don't find him specially appealing

    be welcome, darling, I can't wait to see the film, hope it will be as good or even better than the first one which was great. But to me, all films which star Karl Urban are great :)

  22. Can't wait for the new Star Trek!!!! :)So excited!

  23. @Lurk
    glad you think so, Lurk

    glad to make you happy today, Scottie

  24. @Josh
    TANGLED was really popular both with kids and with their parents :) Together with HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON one of the best animated films in last ten to 20 years. I agree with you on Cumberbatch, but since I haven't seen him in anything, I will wait with my final judgement :)

    I will trust your opinion, sister :)

    super excited here as well ;)

  25. I read this wonderful news yesterday...I am glad he keeps getting more roles!!! cheers to Cumberbatch, may you become less underrated :)

  26. yes, I've noticed your excitement at Twitter last night :)

  27. Definitely excited about Star Trek 2, and surprisingly I enjoyed Tangled so a sequel may not be a bad thing. As for The Rock, how can you go wrong there. I've enjoyed pretty much every movie he has been in (even the Witch Mountain one, which wasn't that great a movie).

  28. He he, glad you're excited about all three pieces of today's news, Eric :) Hope your year has started in a great way!

  29. Curious to see what Tangled Ever After will be like. Disney has been doing nothing be re-releasing older films.

  30. it's true, DWei, a lot of studios are rereleasing their classic hits for reasons unknown, I think we are experience a really tough creative and financial crises

  31. I've got a funny feeling I will be tangled ever after come summer....

  32. Cumberbatch as villain? I'll buy it.

  33. I'm not sure about Tangle Ever After, but I'm sure my kiddos will drag me there. :)

  34. @RCB
    really? Am I invited to the wedding? I could lose the rings like the horsie from the film :)

    yep, it's true

    they sure will :)

  35. I'm beginning to love Benedict Cumberbatch! I want to see him in John le Carre's film and love him in Sherlock. Tangled looks funny too.

  36. it seems Benedict is getting lots of love today :)