Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 Hollywood Spy's THE BEST SUMMER 2011 HERO is over and you voted The Mighty Thor for the winner with 25% of votes,
leaving Captain America in the second place (19%) and Priest in the third with 18% of your votes.They were followed by Magneto (14%) and Conan (12%)

Even though there were a lot of doubtful people, THOR did sweep the box office charts earlier this summer gaining critical acclaim as well. The story of the powerful but arrogant warrior Thor who is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders,  marvelously directed by Kenneth Branagh and wonderfully portrayed by super charismatic Chris Hemsworth, has earned more than half a billion dollars so far. THOR will not only appear in THE AVENGERS in 2012 but will also get its sequel in the upcoming years.
Another super hero flick which managed to gain both good reviews and lots of money at the box office this summer was CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. The film has grossed around $170 million so far in the US cinemas and will also get its sequel somewhere in the future which will probably see the main hero in the modern setting. The main hero Steve Rogers, who after being deemed unfit for military service, volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals, was brilliantly portrayed by magnetic and deeply appealing Chris Evans who will also appear in THE AVENGERS as Captain America next year.

Although it didn't go too well at the US box office, PRIEST did give us an interesting, visually magnificent, wonderfully acted
and stunningly depicted view of a futuristic post-apocalyptic alternate world ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires, at the same time giving us a true and realistic criticism of the corruptness and evilness of the Vatican church. As always, Paul Bettany was great and charismatic as a legendary Warrior Priest who breaks his sacred vows to venture out on a quest to find his niece abducted by a murderous pack of vampires. Beside Bettany the film featured a stunning cast including Karl Urban, Stephen Moyer, Cam Gigandet and Christopher Plummer.
Now, let us move to a series of polls in which we will be choosing best Welsh, Scottish and Irish actors, but first will be the poll
choosing THE BEST SCOTTISH ACTOR. The competitors are: Dougray Scott (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, ENIGMA), Gerard Butler (300, MACHINE GUN PREACHER), James McAvoy (ATONEMENT, NARNIA), Ewan McGregor (MOULIN ROUGE, TRAIN SPOTTING), Kevin McKidd (ROME), John Hannah (SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND) and Robert Carlyle ( 28 WEEKS LATER,THE FULL MONTY). You can vote on next two weeks.


  1. That's a tough, tough poll. I'm going with Robert Carlyle, though it was very close against Kevin McKidd, John Hannah, and Ewan McGregor.

  2. Not a big fan of Thor or Captain America but still can't wait to see the Avengers.

  3. I voted for Ewan McGregor, but my heart was truly with Sir Sean Connery.

  4. How can I choose between Robert Carlyle and Ewan McGregor? HOW??? Both are brilliant actors. Curse you for making me choose, Dez! I must go now and ponder.

  5. @Josh
    Scotland has lots of actors to be proud of ;)

    glad to hear that :)

    THE AVENGERS will be a huge film I guess with all those super heroes together in the same movie

  6. @MJenks
    I didn't put Sean in the poll because he is no longer active, he retired a few years ago :) That's the only reason.

    hope you cursed me to become rich and famous and to get angel wings and elven ears :)

  7. I haven't seen any of these movies. I wish I had more money.

  8. Still haven't seen Thor, but will soon. Good choice.

    Beautiful new sidebar poll. :) I'm sure K.C. will approve too (though you did lose those men in kilts bonus points).

  9. @Matthew
    who says you need money to watch movies?

    ah, yes, I forgot KC likes men in skirts, but we don't see KC here often, so she might even miss the poll :)

  10. interesting post.. though i have not watched any movies mentioned here..

  11. I didn't see any of these. Now I know I slacked this summer (in the movie watching department)

  12. These are movies I'll have to check out once they make it to Netflix. Haven't ventured too far out this summer... need to be close to home right now. Thanks though... now I know what to watch.

    Now I gotta go vote. Tough choices!

  13. Oh God, James Mc Avoy's already the winner ;P
    For once, I know many actors from the list, and I must say they're all very good (those I know at least).
    But he IS the winner hehe :)

    Have a nice day,

  14. What?! There's a James McAvoy army too?

  15. @Flying
    glad you enjoyed it, my dear :)

    you will sit in the corner for whole hour, missy :)

    hope you found someone to vote for, Doralynn :)

  16. @Lucinda
    we do love James a lot :) Have a nice day too, Lucinda :)

    ah, I didn't know there is either! I know Gerard has his army and it's probably a matter of time when they will organize a counter attack :) but I didn't know McAvoy has an army too. Not that I mind :)
    Ah, Luane, I could tell you stories about fan wars around my polls for hours :) I often, even had to organize an investigation to discover who is voting when I have a sudden influx of votes for a certain star, and in such cases I usually discover multiple links around the fansites and fanblogs calling all stations to prepare for voting :) Some of them even used Facebook and Twitter to gather the army. I kinda find it cute :) And off course, I do not complain, I mean why would I? It brings me new visitors and clicks and links and plus I always love seeing people supporting what and who they love :)

  17. I still haven't seen any of those movies. They are all on my list to see though.

  18. tell us how you liked them when you watch them, Lyndy :)

  19. yay! my paul made third!
    BUT!!! McAVOY is already kicking booty!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!
    he's one of my absolute favorite actors! paul last one, james this one! you have some great taste in poll poppets dezz! :)

  20. Yaiii for Priest, not bad for a second runner up :)
    Not that I think the movie was great...but Paul is always great.

    Now...now..your pouring oil on to a fire here Dezz....hehehe make sure Cillian is in the best Irish actors, okay. I am feeling excited already ;)

    As for the Scottish, Ruth will be very excited....and Ruth my vote goes to your man ;)

  21. Completely agree with the result. Thor is the best superhero this year hands (and hammers) down. Let's hope he can continue the performance against Downey Jnr. next year :)

  22. @Vics
    yep, I just discovered a James McAvoy fan club over at Tweeter and they are leading the battle for his votes :)
    We do love both Paul and James heaps!
    And you know Dezzy always had tones of taste :PPP

    yes, Cillian will be in the Irish poll :) He was never successful in our polls :( but he deserves a place in the new one for sure!

    I hope Thor will kick some Iron ass next year. Can't stand Downey Arrogant Junior

  23. I figured that was the reason for not including Sir Connery. :D

  24. Well...I don't want him to win in the poll Dezz,just be there ;)
    I don't want him to have lots of fans,let him be exclusive to me and some other Cillianiacs,don't let him be like that twilight stars where a lot of fangirls shouting at them ;)

  25. yep, we wouldn't want anyone to become like those horrid Twilight stars, there's nothing worse than extreme fanboys and fangirls :(