Tuesday, September 28, 2010


You already  heard the terrible news earlier this month that Andy Whitfield has problems with cancer again, and that he won't be able to do the second season of SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND. It was planned for him to shoot the new season which was supposed to be aired in Autumn after the
prequel SPARTACUS GODS OF ARENA which will be aired early next year describing the rise of the house of Batiatus. The new update is that Starz is now thinking of finding a new actor for the role of the brave gladiator, since Andy probably won't be able to return any time soon, and Andy is apparently OK with that solution. The second option is to cancel the whole show, which would be unwise having in mind the financial and critical success of the show so far. I'll keep you posted.

Guillermo del Toro will write and direct an animated movie for Dreamworks. Tittled TROLLHUNTERS, the film will be based on his YA novel, which he is currently writing, combining fairy tales and creatures of ancient lore with modern times and it will tell the story of how difficult it is to be a kid.
But he first has to finish spooky arctic flick AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS for which he already has one of the actors - Ron Perlman.

Showtime's new epic saga which is to replace legendary show THE TUDORS next spring - THE BORGIAS is moving on with production. This saga, directed by Neil Jordan, will follow the infamous Italian Renaissance family lead by Rodrigo Borgia, the cunning, manipulative patriarch who ascends to the highest circles of power within Renaissance-era Italy. Beside Jeremy Irons as the pope Rodrigo Borgia, Francois Arnaud as his son Cesare, Colm Feore and Derek Jacobi as Cardinal Orsini ... the two other children of pope
Rodrigo have been cast: gorgeous young British actress Holliday Grainger ("Merlin") has been cast for the lead female role of Lucrezia Borgia, the beautiful and passionate daughter of the pope, while young David Oakes ("Pillars of the Earth") will play her older, more responsible, brother Juan Borgia. Trevor Morris who made the amazing scores in THE TUDORS will compose the music in THE BORGIAS as well.


  1. Wow, Oakes is so cute. I'm going to be watching out for him.

    Thanks for the updates. Sorry to hear that actor has cancer.


  2. What a busy Del Toro... I've heard he also served as a consultant and executive producer on “Kung Fu Panda 2″ and “Puss in Boots.” He has discussed developing a “Haunted Mansion” movie for Disney as well.

  3. that's so sad for that andy whitfield gent! i hope he gets better soon!

  4. Dishearten about Andy Whitfield, I wish him a speedy recovery.

    I am looking forward to The Borgias. Holliday is a good choice (well in my opinion).

  5. I enjoy films about the Roman Empire, but it seems that there are more of them than ever before. I wonder if there is any significance to that?

    Tossing It Out

  6. I will definitely be looking out for David Oakes. One of THE nicest guys out there! After seeing him on Pillars of the Earth, I can not wait for this other period drama. I might also add that besides being 'young' he is extremely talented.

  7. That's too bad what happens with the Spartacus actor. Hope he'll recover from it soon.

    The Borgias with Jeremy Irons AND Dereck Jacobi? Heck if I had cable I'd watch that one. I'd have to catch that once it's out on dvd or online.

  8. @Clarissa
    yes, he is smashing dashing, one of those gents who draw attention immediately

    yes, I also heard that he is also producing a bunch of films. Not sure why they are giving him kids' movies

    I hope so too, we all thought he managed to beat cancer when he returned to the set, but it came back again :(

  9. I'm so conflicted about Spartacus, while I do want it to continue, I don't want it to continue without Andy. It will be nigh impossible for anyone to live up to his performance, especially with the way he finally grew into the role.

  10. @Avalon
    I wish him the same too! We need him on TV and we need him healthy and happy

    well, Hollywood finally has money again and special effects to make epics I guess :)

    I totally agree with you, Pat :) He is a very charismatic guy and plus a very talented actor. And he was rather impressive in PILLARS OF THE EARTH. Can't wait to see him in more films. All the young actors in PILLARS were impressive.

    yes, yes, that capital AND is very justified :)

  11. @Bryan
    I've also liked Andy a lot, and although I feel very sad about what is happening, I think they will manage to find a decent replacement. After all the first season was short, and the whole show wasn't focused so much on him as on all the ludus, so I'm guessing the audience will accept a new actor if STARZ chooses that option.

  12. Trolls? Hey, in del Toro's hands, it's got to be good.

  13. DEZMOND - Trollhunters will be fun, I think. The two young'uns scheduled to play the children are gorgeous. ps: I've watched a couple of episodes of Merlin and I'm loving it! Thank you so much for the heads up on that show. And I'm so sorry about the actor with the relapse of cancer. Wishing him another remission. =D

  14. @Alex
    we Elven people don't like Trolls because they are very mischievous, but we could always watch a film with them :)

    Ah, I'm very happy that you like MERLIN :) I adore when I spread love for some show, actor or film to others :)

  15. Anything with Neil Jordan driving is going to be great.

    btw, I just joined as a follower - huh? I thought I'd been following for weeks... sorry about that.

  16. @Robert
    it's true, Neil promises some good work!
    It nice to have you as a follower, you know I've been following you for many months now :)

  17. Trollhunters sounds pretty good, though I don't know what del Toro's writing skills are like (he's doing a signing in London on my birthday, but I live too far away to go:( )

  18. Just to add, I meant novel writing :P

  19. maybe the trolls could bring you his autograph? :)

  20. Holliday (aka: Holly) Grainger played a short-lived, but sweet love interest to Richard Armitage's Gisborne in Robin Hood. :) I love that pic of her.

  21. oh, I wonder how did you know that, Nat :)))