Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Now this is pretty funny: according to "The Sun" British actor Martin Freeman has turned down the offer to take the lead role in "The Hobbit" because his contract ties him to the role of Dr Watson in BBC's series "Sherlock". It seems it was one of the most difficult decisions of his career. Well, hello? Peter Jackson is now continuing his search for the lead actor in his epic.

And Steven Soderbergh is preparing for the shooting of his expensive scary world-wide disease thriller "Contagion" over in Hong Kong which is kinda spooky having in mind the deadly SARS epidemic that spread around the world exactly from that part of Asia. With the stunning cast including Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Gwyneth Paltrow ... "The Contagion" will be a huge action-thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted to deal with the outbreak. The film is scheduled for premiere in Autumn 2011.

"The Cold Light of Day" a thriller set in Spain about a young American whose family is kidnapped while on a vacation to Spain after which he is left with only hours to find the connection between their disappearance and his father’s secrets, has just started shooting. The cast is lead by Henry Cavill ("The Tudors", "Immortals"), Bruce Willis as his father, and Sigourney Weaver as the main villain.

Another film with an amazing cast is "The King's Speech" coming out this November, a possible Oscar contender based on the true story of the Queen of England's father King George VI, who unexpectedly became King when his brother Edward abdicated the throne. The problem was that George had a serious speech problem so he had to work hard with a speech therapist who helped the King find a voice with which to lead the nation into war. The cast includes Colin Firth (George VI), Geoffrey Rush (the speech expert), Helena Bonham Carter (queen Elizabeth), Guy Pearce (Edward), Michael Gambon (king George V), Timothy Spall (Winston Churchill)...


  1. I really don't understand why Freeman would turn down the part of Bilbo Baggins. How could you refuse such an epic part? Then again, if this means another season of Sherlock, then I'm not going to complain. What an awesome series! (or should that be 'feature length micro series'?) I've always gathered Freeman to be a comedic actor and nothing else, but his role as Watson has changed my mind. I'm disappointed that he won't be gracing our screens as Bilbo, but when his other choice is similarly epic, I can't complain.

  2. I guess it wasn't as much of a personal choice but the professional one- he is tied with a contract to SHERLOCK and probably can't get out without turning himself into a bad guy. I'd still like Matthew Goode in the main role in THE HOBBIT.

  3. Well, I love Sherlock and love Martin Freeman in it, so I'm happy. Also, love Colin Firth so the King's speech will be a must for me.


  4. The King's Speech has prestige written all over it, and hopefully it has a kick ass screenplay to match its gifted cast.

  5. Hi, Dezmond!
    The cast of Steven Soderbergh's movie is great! Love them all!
    I'll send you some cannelloni, my friend :D

  6. Too bad about Martin Freeman, I think he would have portrayed the role well.

    The King's Speech sounds interesting. My little one struggles with speech, so it is a subject close to my heart. Looking forward to seeing Colin Firth's part in the film.

    Nice photo if Henry Cavill.

    Thanks for all the info.

  7. wow! every movie you listed this time sounds interesting! (i wonder if they all will be or if it's just that you have a great ability to sum?) especially the last one... that could really be something special.

  8. Wow, what a way to throw away your career. How could you NOT take the lead role for the Hobbit? Here, I'll call Peter Jackson and tell him I'll do it :) All those other flicks sound good as well. I hope The King's Speech is done well. I think I could really enjoy it.

  9. Yay! More apocalypse, death, and world decimation. And if it's action-thriller I'm there. That's the kind of movie my wife likes best. Contagion? A movie about disease? Those kinds of movies make me sick--in a hypochondriac sort of way.

    Tossing It Out

  10. Hi DEZMOND - First, what do you think of the pic to the left? Yes? No? Second, I tivo'd Merlin. There are reruns and I'm very excited about it. Hopefully the fam and I will be all caught up before it hits the USA for its 3rd season. Better late than never. Yay!

    That's too bad about Martin Freeman, but if it was a contractual thing, it sounds like he made the right choice.

    Too freaky about Contagion. Don't know how I'd feel about filming there. That's just me though.

    Have a great day!

  11. @Clarrisa
    I knew you liked Colin :)

    :)) I'm not sure word kick-ass goes with that film, but I'm hoping the script will be at least interesting :)

    can't wait, Suzy :)

    oh, I didn't know that one. I guess you're working a lot with him to solve the problem? Or is it just something that will pass with the years?

  12. @Vics
    glad you like them :) I didn't actually have any news yesterday so I just listed these old ones to remind you :) Most of the shorts scripts we get from studios, but I do have a great ability to sum stories, and as you know I write the texts on book jackets in my publishing houses to attract the readers and make the books more interesting ;)

    I wouldn't mind watching you as Hobbit, Brian :))

    ah, Lee, the more I know you, the more I think your wife is the MC in your cassa :)

    yup, that's the one - the blogging celeb pic :) I think you will enjoy MERLIN since you write YA books and in this show both Merlin and Arthur are very very young.

  13. Heh, I think you may regret that Dez, you have yet to see my acting skills. They are... unique to put it nicely.

  14. the only thing you need in order to play a Hobbit is some ugly feet other things can be learned :))

  15. Kate Winslet, yeah! This was my first time hearing about Contagion and I'm gonna keep looking out for this one.

  16. Oh Dez, you are spoiling me with that photo of Henry. Suddenly all my frustration with work magically vanished ;) Another movie to look forward to next year, yay!

    Contagion's cast looks smashing, wow, lucky Jude to be surrounded by all that beauties! And Firth and Bonham Carter look good in that pic, boy she really loves period films, doesn't she?

  17. @Amanda
    got thing I wrote about CONTAGION again :)))

    I have other pics of his in my files, but this one is always the best one isn't it?

  18. Contagion sounds very cool...they all sounds cool actually. Great lineup!!

  19. He turned down The Hobbit? He may regret that...
    And look at Kate! Who could ever say she was fat?

  20. Dezmond, I am not sure if he will outgrow it, but he is attending speech lessons and improving. There are certain words I cant say and I am borderline dyslexic (since you follow my blog, lol, you have probably witnessed my mistakes) and he is also a bit dyslexic but not enough to hold him back in school or later in college.

  21. @Lynda
    great lineups indeed :)

    she was never fat she was just elegantly padded :)

    you just have to stay focused I guess, and work a lot on it, but in the end it could make him special in a way, you know how children with problems usually try harder to succeed and are more dedicated and focused because they do not take things for granted.

  22. Dezmond, thanks for the words and thoughts. I appreciate them.

  23. It looks like Freeman might still have a chance to play Bilbo in The Hobbit as they are willing to accommodate his schedule to make it work. We shall see!