Monday, September 27, 2010


Now this sounds like a great tandem, two super gorgeous and super talented creatures together: Charlize Theron and Patrick Wilson will star in YOUNG ADULT. Written by creative Diablo Cody ("Juno", "The United States of Tara") and directed by Jason Reitman ("Up In The Air"), YOUNG ADULT will focus on a ghostwriter (Charlize Theron) of young adult novels who returns to her hometown to reconnect with high-school friends and an ex-boyfriend who wants nothing to do with her.

A whole bunch of gorgeous TV actresses will have new gigs as guest stars in popular TV shows: Teri Hatcher will appear in SMALLVILLE as Lois Lane's mom, Eliza Dushku will appear in THE BIG BANG THEORY as an FBI agent, Summer Glau will appear in CHUCK, and Hilary Duff will guest star in COMMUNITY.

Another interesting tandem appears in RABBIT HOLE, a drama which premieres this December in the pre-Oscar season. Starring Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart and based on the Pulitzer-Prize winning play, the film tells the story of parents who are struggling to cope with the death of their four-year-old son.

Serbian Academy of Film Arts and Science has chosen BESA for the Serbian candidate in the qualifications for Oscar in the best foreign film category. Directed by acclaimed movie maker Srdjan Karanovic, BESA is set in the WW1 when Filip, the principal of a Grammar School in the south of Serbia,
gets drafted to go to war, but he doesn't know what to do with his young wife, the dance teacher, whom he had met during his studies in Western Europe. Seeing Filip's problem, Azem, an uneducated traditional Albanian who works as a janitor in his school, vows to him that he will protect and take care of his wife no matter what. But what happens when the unexpected and forbidden love between a Christian woman and an older Muslim man threatens to break that vow? This touching historical drama, which deals with the deep historical differences between classes and religions, has gotten great critical reviews since its premiere this year and has scored many prizes at international film festivals.


  1. Young Adult sounds like something that might catch the eye of a lot of the young adult authors who are in the general blogging community to which I've attached myself.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Besa sounds very interesting, but also like it might be a difficult film to watch in places. I suppose it depends on how heavily the message is pushed and what slant it takes. Either way, I love foreign films that make me think, so I'll keep an eye out for this one.

    On a lighter note, what a crazy slew of guest stars on popular TV! Adding a guest star seems to be the 'thing to do' these days. Usually it works out well, though, so I'm interested to see how these go... particularly tiny Summer Glau on Chuck!

  3. Who could say no to Charlize?
    Saw that Summer was going to be on Chuck this season. I try to keep tabs on the Firefly actors, still hoping...

  4. I couldn't understand Besa but it looks interesting. Why the hell is she tied to the bed? Will be more interesting with subtitles.

  5. @Arlee
    yes, it's a film for our dear writers :)

    yes, I'm guessing you need to know the traditional morals in these parts of the world to understand some aspects of BESA but it does deal with the universal problem - love vs nations, age, classes...

    I'm guessing no one :)

    it's in Serbian, there isn't an English trailer yet :( I'm guessing he didn't want to let her go out since he promised her husband he will take care of her :)

  6. BESA is by the way an Albanian word which means - a promise which you keep and hold on to even for the price of your life.

  7. I kinda miss Nicole Kidman, can't wait to watch her in the big screen again.
    Besa looks intriguing by the way :)

  8. I'm totally going to check out Young Adult. It sounds right up my ally and I'm learning to love Patrick Wilson for so many reasons!

  9. wow. that besa movie looks intriguing. do you know if it will come to the US?

    and holy moly that's a lotta fun guest stars on some fun shows!

  10. Lots of beautiful people involved here. BESA also looks quite good.

    Thanks Dezmond.

  11. @Jaccsy
    yes, I guess the title of the least profitable actress in the last decade has ruined her career when it comes to big movies. But at least she's still got the small, independent ones to act in.
    Glad you like BESA :) although no ninjas there for you :P

    oh, it's almost too easy finding new reasons to love Patrick :)

    ah, I'm absolutely and positively sure BESA will not come to the USA. We don't have money for preOscar marketing, but I at least hope they will translate it so that people can watch it over the Net.

    glad you like it, Matt.

  12. ...oh geez, it's Charleeez.

    I'm so there, not caring whether the flick's worth the dime spent or not:)

  13. Ooops, is it because of this innocent little picture of her I've posted? :)))

  14. That's a great pic of aaron... were there words in this post? (giggle)

    Good to see chuck and big bang are still going strong.

  15. What words? Were there any words in this post? :)))

  16. Hi DEZMOND - Young Adult has some beautiful people in it.

    BESA sounds . . . See this is why you don't tell another man, regardless of race, religion or backround, you'll keep an eye on his wife - there's bound to be problems. And it goes both ways. Heartbreaking.

  17. yes, Shells, heart is the most breakable part of our body even though it's not a bone ...

  18. Charlize is better off in these smaller films, I think....
    I've never really liked her bigger productions. Some actors are just like that, I guess.

  19. well, she never really had a big blockbuster role, most of her bigger movies were flops, including AEON FLUX her biggest lead role in a huge movie which wasn't successful in the end. She is still mostly remembered for her Oscar winning role in MONSTER. I'm not sure why they don't use her more in Hollywood.

  20. They started filming in Minneapolis already:

  21. WOW, I hadn't heard of Young Adult before so thanks Dez! And thanks to the anonymous tip that it's filming in my city. My hubby works in downtown Minneapolis and he'd be a happy camper if he ran into Charlize during lunch one of these days :D