Monday, September 13, 2010


The biggest visual treat for today is undoubtedly the superhot banner from the upcoming sf flick "Tron Legacy" featuring stunning Olivia Wilde in an even more stunning costume as Quorra, the competitor in the game with futuristic discs called Jai alai. "Tron Legacy" comes out this December starring also Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen, Garrett Hedlund, Bruce Boxleitner, John Hurt...

Walt Disney has hired William Monahan ("The Departed") to adapt "Oblivion" for the big screen. Created by "Tron Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski, "Oblivion" is a graphic novel about a future earth that has been polluted to the point of inhabitability. What's left of the human race lives above the clouds, safe from alien scavengers that dwell in the ruins of a once thriving race. The story revolves around a repairman named Jak who finds himself on a life-altering adventure after he discovers a mysterious woman in a crashed pod. Kosinski will also direct the film.

If you like period adventures you will be happy to hear that the team behind "The King's Speech" is preparing a new historical project: "The Lady Who Went Too Far" will be a biopic based on the book "Star of the Morning"
by Kirsten Ellis which is basically a biography of Lady Hester Stanhope, who was a female version of Lawrence of Arabia. Set during the Napoleonic Wars, the tale will center on the life and times of the famous world traveler and will contain elements of a political thriller as Stanhope traverses through Europe and the Middle East in search of herself. Can't wait to see who will play her!

In my usual INTRODUCING A BORING FILM JUST 4 THE HOT PICS corner, I'll mention "Drive" an action movie about a stunt drive who moonlights as a getaway driver in L.A.’s criminal underworld. He finds himself a target after agreeing to aid the ex-con boyfriend of his neighbor in a job that goes dangerously awry. The only way he can keep her safe and stay alive is to do what he does best: drive. The cast is lead by talented Ryan Gosling who keeps looking better as years go by although he just can't find a decent role, and megagorgeous Christina Hendricks (who is actually the reason for this pic, I mean piece, of news :))


  1. Ah, three things I like -- Tron, Oblivion, and Christina Hendricks....
    Thank you, sir, for some find news (and pics).

  2. That star of the morning looks like a great movie. I'll look out for it.

  3. @Andrew
    yes, yes, we know it takes just a little bit of miss Hendricks to bright up your morning :PP

    I also think it sounds awfully interesting, and I'd like to see some great actress in the role - Cate Blanchett, Catherine Zeta Jones, Polly Walker....

  4. Wow. Lots of exciting announcements. These all look pretty good in different ways.

  5. i'm excited about everything in this post

  6. a visual treat indeed:)
    you know, the apocolyptic (sic) vision of the future is so played out, but i must admit it remains quite appealing. the whole, i'm on my own, struggling in an unfriendly world. everything springs from mad max:) i do like that poster for oblivion a lot.

  7. Is Drive an old movie or a remake? I've heard this plot before. I think all these movies are starting to run together in my mind.

    I still like the sound of Oblivion, a.k.a. the non-animated version of Wall-e with humans in place of robots. I like the word "oblivion" as well.

    Tossing It Out

  8. the oblivion poster is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Star of the Morning, have not read but sounds interesting.

  10. Red heads are sexy, but Christina Hendricks does need to cut some of that off. She could play the lead role in Tangled.

    Stephen Tremp

  11. Excited about Tron and Oblivion sounds cool.
    And wow, Hendricks has some long hair! She could've just worn that...

  12. Methinks TRON is going to be mighty popular with the guys :D

    I always like a well-written period films, so I might check out "Star of the Morning" especially if the cast appeals to me.

  13. Oblivion sounds awesome. Looking forward to hearing more. Drive sounds just dreadful, a crappy rendition of The Transporter. But Christina Hendricks is purty :)

  14. Hi DEZMOND - Oblivion sounds good. I love Ryan Gosling. Poor man can't seem to get a break with a great role though. This movie doesn't sound very good. Oh well. The pic is fantastic. Thank you! =D

  15. @Matt and Falen
    glad you like it people

    it's true, apocalyptic scenario always awakens our creativity and survival instinct

    I've no idea :) but nothing in Hollywood is too original

    you liked the previous one as well :)

  16. @Avalon
    I like the sound of that book as well

    that's not all her natural hair :))

    glad you like it

    I figured you would say that about her outfit :)

  17. @Flixy
    I can't wait to hear about the cast

    she is purty :)

    I'm hoping he will get his big role some day

  18. I've been terribly disappointed with movies this year and I'm hoping that something will come out to amaze me soon. Thanks for sharing these with us all.

  19. Well, we soon have LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS, that should amaze everyone :) Be welcome, glad you liked the news ;)

  20. It's amusing they managed to get Jeff Bridges for the new Tron movie. Oblivion looks amazing.

  21. I've seen the preview for Tron several times, and I totally don't understand what it's about...

    And that woman... that can't be her real hair?!?! lol.

  22. @Lynda
    funny how everybody notices her hair out of all things :)))) I swear that wasn't the first thing I noticed .....

    don't worry, nobody understands it, Kristin :)))

  23. Looking forward to Oblivion. Love those type of post-apocalyptic movies!

  24. OMG!!! OBLIVION!!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!! 3 years of my life!!!