Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Now since I know there are many writers of YA novels among my dear readers, this one will surely excite a lot of you: Mandalay Pictures has bought the movie rights to fresh new novel "Firelight" by Sophie Jordan. "Firelight" follows twin teenage sisters who are descendants of dragons, they can shift between human and dragon forms and one of the sisters has the ability to breathe fire. And believe it or not, one of them will fall in love with a dragonhunter :)

And, coming directly from our favourite Asian spy, Jaccsy, you must check out the stunning trailer for new Japanese sf epic "Space Battleship Yamato" or "Star Blazer" which will be its US name. This interplanetary film, with the theme song by Steven Tyler :) is set in the year 2194. The Gamilons, an enemy of undetermined form, begin an invasion of Earth. The nations of Earth pool their forces and fight back, but their armies are defeated and most of humanity wiped out. Five years later, in 2199, the Earth has been polluted by space bombs, and those who remain alive have fled underground. Even the former top pilot, Susume Kodai, has left the military. One day as he is exploring above-ground, a mysterious object falls out of the sky. This is a communications capsule from the planet of Iscandar, 148,000 light years distant, which has an equipment that will eliminate the radiation. The Defense Force of Earth equips the Space Battleship Yamato with a previously unknown propulsion system, a wave-motion engine based on plans found in the capsule. Kodai rejoins the Force, and resolves to set out aboard the Yamato. With the fate of the Earth in their hands, the crew blasts off for distant Iscandar. They have one year until radiation drives humanity to extinction.


  1. Wow! That was fast. FIRELIGHT just came out like a week ago. I'm excited though; loved the book!

  2. @Quinn and Masy
    yep, it's true, FIRELIGHT came out at the beginning of September and already got the rights sold for a film adaptation :)

  3. Space Battleship Yamato looks amazingly sci-fi delicious :))
    Dezmy, Star Blazer is actually the US title for the classic anime version where this film is based from.
    Steven Tyler's song for the film is also a good listening one. I'll surely buy the album :)

  4. The "Space Battleship" trailer was like watching Japanese version "Armageddon". :-P

  5. @Jaccsy
    what? You really liked the song? :))) I thought you would find it cheesy :) The trailer sure is delicious, especially the visual effects.

    what are you doing here, shouldn't you be at an exam or something? :))))

  6. Exam didn't go very well. :-(
    So, I wanted to see your blog one last time. :-D

  7. Wow, that Japanese film looks amazing. I'll have to remember it when it comes out.


  8. I'm not a very big fantasy fan, but future speculation I do like, so "Starblazer" is more my speed. No dragons for me, I prefer people.
    (not as in Soylent Green though).

    Tossing It Out

  9. "Firelight" sounds like a hit. It is about time, we need a change from vampires. I like dragons...of course!

  10. I remember watching Star Blazers as a kid! A live version would be awesome.

  11. That definitely doesn't look too bad at all. Love Steve Tyler, so I may just watch it for his voice.

  12. DEZMOND - Hi! I'm so excited for Sophie. Her book is in my to read stack. =D

  13. @Mike
    oh, those are some awful news :(( although it's comforting to know you'd want the sight of my face in front of your eyes just before the parents kill you.

    @Clarissa and Arlee
    glad you like STARBLAZER

    I also prefer dragons to vampires even though I don't like the cheesy sound of this one

    @Alex and Bryan
    glad you like it, guys

    a little bit of fantasy :)

    she is quite popular in our blogosphere

  14. Firelight sounds pretty cool, though the falling for a dragonhunter sounds a bit cliche :P Still, dragons are dragons so it's got that in its favour :)

  15. a bit you say? :))) I almost burst out laughing when I came to that part of the book's blurb about how she falls for a dragonhunter :))

  16. They both sound awesome! Battleship looks perdy.

  17. firelight sounds like a great idea for a story. if it got snatched up that fast, it must be a terrific tale. i really like the scales on the girl's face. great touch.

  18. man alive! i'm seeing that book everywhere!
    i'm happy for the author's success! but wowza that was fast!

    and the trailer was spectacular! i mean, of course, steven tyler's voice (one of my faves) really helped, but the effects looked amazing, and it made me wish i spoke japanese so i could understand what was going on! :)

  19. Cheesy?? If it was cheesy so it probably ate by mouse already :)))

  20. @Lynda
    it is perdy :)

    melikes the scales too :)

    I'm sure it will be translated into English when it hits your cinemas :)

    yes, yes, mice could feast on it it's so much cheesy :)