Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I must admit you are some mad, mad and crazy creatures but I still love you. I mean you silly silly freaks have sent almost 2,650 votes in THE BEST BRITISH GENT poll and I don't know whether to spank you all or French kiss you :)
I reckon you have enjoyed the poll big time :))) I promise to lavish you with other great polls in the future as well if you promise to turn out in thousands like this time ;)

Now, the winner was kinda expected - Gerard Butler is HOLLYWOOD SPY'S BEST BRITISH GENT with stunning 1389 votes! Close to the number of all the lovely girls he dated so far :) Why do we love him so much - he's charming, funny, talented, a great guy, often very royal (ATILLA, 300, BEOWULF), sometimes charmingly naughty (THE UGLY TRUTH, THE BOUNTY HUNTER), often dangerous (LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, GAMER, THE REIGN OF FIRE) but usually just smashing dashing (PHANTOM OF THE OPERA). It's our Gerry Berry :) Can't wait to see him as CORIOLANUS, BURNS and MACHINE GUN PREACHER in 2011.

My ladies really like Rufus Sewell, so he took second place with breathtaking 776 votes which would bring him victory in almost any other poll. We love RufRuf because he is always so very genuine and kind, and emits warmth even when he plays villains. He is also often very royal (THE ILLUSIONIST, TRISTAN AND ISOLDE, THE LAST KING, HELEN OF TROY) and we can't wait to see him in some great new film roles.

The young hope from the British Isles, James McAvoy took third place with stunning 231 of your votes. Who wouldn't love him with all of his talent, charisma, peaceful presence and modesty. Admit that you just loved him in NARNIA, that you found him amazing in ATONEMENT, that you believed him in DUNE, that he took your heart away in PENELOPE and that you can't wait to see him in X-MEN FIRST CLASS.

The fourth place was left for a man who should be proud with the 165 votes he got from you. Damian Lewis, one of my personal favourite British actors. He was the star in the stunning cast of THE BAND OF BROTHERS, he was the charismatic and magnetic head of the family in THE FORSYTE SAGA, he was also great in LIFE, DREAMCATCHER, COLDITZ... he deserves lead roles in big Hollywood movies. Do I smell a redhead Bond?

Now, let us move to our next poll. You will have the rest of September to vote for THE BEST BRITISH LADY part two. The first part of the poll was won by her imperial majesty Judi Dench (stand up and bow immediately or you shall be flogged), and the following ladies, the creme de la creme of British acting, are in the new poll, so vote on as much as you like: British rose Kate Winslet (READER, TITANIC, LITTLE CHILDREN), British orchid Polly Walker (ROME, CLASH OF THE TITANS), British iris Helen Mirren (THE QUEEN, CALIGULA), British tulip Saffron Burrows (ENIGMA, TROY), British violet Kate Beckinsale (UNDERWORLD) and British peony Thandie Newton (THE CRASH, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE).


  1. Ahhhhhh, I could just stare at these photos all day long. *drooooollll*


  2. :( for James McAvoy. My choice.


  3. =) You really must see Dear Frankie if you haven't already. Great flick.

  4. Yummy. I love Mr. Butler. So sexy.

  5. @Clarissa
    you know that one of my goals is to always keep HOLLYWOOD SPY droolworthy :)

    if it's any consolation with the number of votes he got he probably would've won in any other poll

    I shall as soon as I find some time :)

    glad you like it/him :)

  6. Oh my God!!
    No contest on best British chick. NONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @Alex
    yes, I reckon you will vote for Thandie or Saffron or maybe even Polly, but definitely not Beckinsale :)

    why, yes, there is, indeed :)

  8. FYI, the first picture you show of Gerry is a photoshopped one. That is not his body...his body is so much better than that one. This has been around for years and it's a fake.

  9. Sorry, I missed the vote; My guy won, that is all that matters! I love Gerard Butler...

    Thank you for this ;-D

  10. Never bet against Ruth and her 1388 friends!

  11. I figured that Butler would win, good on him. I still need to see Law Abiding Citizen, he looks pretty badass in that.

    Don't worry, Alex, I've voted Beckinsale too ;)

  12. re Gerard Butler

    OMG YES YES YES!! ;p


  13. @Ellie
    glad you like the winner :)

    don't let her hear you ;)

    Helen Mirren says she will punish you for not voting for her :)

    I see you're happy today :)

  14. Kate Winslet...Kate Beckinsale?

    Kate Winslet...Kate Beckinsale?

    Kate Winslet...Kate Beckinsale?


  15. YAY! Well, you know I LOVE all three guys, but GB deserves to win for all the reasons you listed, Dez. The top one is an awesome photo of him, too, a bit melancholy I'd say. That's the look of Gerry that I had in mind for 'Jacob' in my fantasy movie Hearts Want ;)

    I know you know this Dez, but I only voted ONCE. Any more would be cheating... I want him to win, but winning it fair and square, he..he... Take that, Castor! :)

  16. @Mj
    for a second I thought you were gonna measure with your cupped hands :))

    it's true, I've really chosen some smokin' pics as I always do :)))))) Which movie of yours are you talking about, the one in which I'm the costume designer? :)
    I was also surprised by the fight between RufRuf's and Gerry's fans, never saw it coming that way! I personally voted once for Damian Lewis :)

  17. DEZMOND - Yay!! Gerard Butler won. He's gorgeous. I loved him in Phantom. He's good at playing tortured.

    And you have some beautiful ladies in your next poll. I have no idea who our blogger friend Alex will vote for. Anyone but Kate B, I'm sure. LOL =D

    Hope you're doing well. sigh

  18. glad you like the winner Shells. And the ladies in the current poll really are lovely :) How's your computer doing?

  19. Who's dozing off in class now? ;)

    It's the movie pitch I made as part of Castor's blog-a-thon, where I cast Gerry and James as half-brothers: http://flixchatter.wordpress.com/2010/09/06/hollywood-movie-draft-pitch-hearts-want/ I believe you commented on the post when I revealed the cast, but I'd love for you to read the story and let me know what you think! And yes, if one day I get to make the movie, you'll be the costume designer! ;)

  20. Oh, Flixy, I know which film you were thinking about, I was just joking above with you, silly :)))

  21. Well then, have you read it??

    Btw RaShelle, yes GB is perfect in playing tortured souls. If I ever had my way, that's what he'd be playing... a la Phantom ;)

  22. Off course, we even talked about it over there :) I'd prefer a sf or historical movie, and I didn't like all of the possible cast, but the story was lovely and the poster as well :)

  23. I didn't get to vote but I will now...for Richard Armitage.

  24. Gerard is a feast for the eyes whether or not he's wearing a shirt or not. I happen to think that Rufus has more character in his face, but Gerard is just so...photogenic. :)