Saturday, September 4, 2010


According to "The Playlist", supertalented Tom Hardy has replaced equally talented Michael Fassbender (who will be too busy playing Magneto in "X-Men: First Class") in "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" a film with a stunning cast including Ralph Fiennes, Colin Firth, Gary Oldman, Ciarán Hinds. Tom Hardy will play a British operative who is trying to discover the identity of a highly-placed mole in the British secret service in the Cold War era.

According to "Deadline NY" Lionsgate is currently choosing between Sam Mendes, David Slade and Gary Ross on who might be the director of the "Hunger Games", an adaptation of the fantasy novel set in a dystopian version of America, with an evil totalitarian government presiding over 12 districts that make up the entire country. The main character is a teenager from the Appalachian Mountains who competes against other teens as a gladiator in a reality competition. Pretty inappropriate if you ask me.

Liam Neeson might get chased by bloodthirsty wolves in "The Grey" instead of Bradley Cooper who dropped out of this project. I've told you earlier this year that "The Grey" will focus on an oil driller who has to survive with his team when their plane crashes in Alaska where they also come across a pack of deadly wolves who hunt them down one by one.

And I know that most of you don't watch family shows, but I find the new sitcom "Melissa and Joey", which has just started airing on ABC, quite charming. Two big TV stars from the 90's, Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence return to sitcoms in this story about a female politician who takes custody of her sister's two children after she ends up in jail. Unable to balance her career with the responsibilities of being a new pseudo-mother, Mel (Melissa Joan Hart) looks to hire a nanny, who comes in the unexpected form of Joe (Lawrence). The show is on Tuesday nights at 8 PM ET.

Exotic, dangerous and mysterious, that's how we could describe "The River", a new pilot of a possible show which both ABC and NBC were bidding for, but ABC won. To be shot in the style of horror movies, "The River" will revolve around the suspenseful search for a missing person in the scary jungles around the Amazon river.


  1. Not really interested in Hunger Games, either. It'll probably replace the Twilight book-movie rage here soon, though.

  2. yep, Alex, the connection with Twilight hype was the first thing that fell on my mind too.

  3. Wow, I love Ralph Fiennes, Colin Firth, and Ciarán Hinds. Just having those characters puts this film on my must see list.


  4. i'm just going to say it real quick (and i don't mean to fuss!!) but the hunger games is not kick-ass. the whole point of the series is how despicable it is to put children in violent situations and how easily hate and power lust corrupt people. it's not gratuitous violence with children for the sake of violence. it actually aligns with an argument you made over at my blog, saying:

    "Here's the main difference: it is appropriate and even welcomed from serious drama movies to deal with kids' violence and similar if they use it to make a point and develop a social and psychological study (an example could be a movie called THIRTEEN from a few years ago. In that way art is used to benefit the humanity and can help solving some important issues by drawing attention to them."

    these books are not twilight, these are books that are actually about something. the hype and excitement stems from the fact they make you think. which is refreshing to see in YA which has been innundated with bubblegum stories.

    but when they convert the series to movies... i'm really scared all that will be lost, and it will end up being just how you feel. - inappropriate.

    it's so weird to see melissa and joey grown up.

  5. Though targeted at a teen demographic, Hunger Games is a dark tale which encourages discussions on the importance of family, friendship and morality. This could potentially be a fantastic film.

  6. THe Hunger Games is such an amazing book! The premise is so brutal, but WOW! the book is truly unique and awesome. No movie can match it, but I will definitely see it. Do you know if there are actors cast for it yet?

  7. @Clarissa
    it's really a stunning cast! I don't like the genre but I'll watch it just for those actors.

    If the book is really like you say it is than I shall gladly give it my support, since you know my attitude towards such moral issues. And let us keep our fingers crossed that they will not turn it into TWILIGHT when it gets adapted onto the big screen and that the moral message will be the main focus.

    Yes, it's weird seeing Melissa and Joey all grown up :)

  8. @Jaccsy
    let us hope that they will keep that message in the film as well!

    no, the actors haven't been cast so far, but it will be a strong competition I can imagine. Off course, Dezzy will inform you when they cast someone :))

  9. Very cool Dez. Big Liam Neeson fan but that film just sounds bad. The River sounds like it could be good though. I hope they go more thriller than horror, I loves me a good thriller! And Tom Hardy was brilliant in Inception, will definitely check him out in this new one!

  10. The River and The Grey could have potential, but they could be highly redundant as well.

    Tossing It Out

  11. @Brian
    yep, being set in the Amazon jungles it could be quite interesting and unique ;)

    yes, they could be redundant if not made well.

  12. DEZMOND - The Hunger Games is such a good book. Completely different than Twilight. The demographic is different as well -much younger kids were reading it. The book is about the LOVE of a sister, the love of family and the love of community. The MC, Katniss takes her sisters place in the hunger games. The "games" are forces upon the people. Contrary to what it may have been turned into (I haven't read Mockingjay yet, so I can't say) the first book was/is amazing. I hope they treat it differently than Twilight.

  13. Interesting post. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonie

  14. @Shells
    I haven't read the book myself so I don't have an official opinion but I do hope that the story doesn't have a bad influence on our little kids.

    Be welcome, Boonie, and welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

  15. You know, there's a good reason why Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence haven't been heard from in a while.... hmm...

  16. because they were too cute to handle??? :)))

  17. Hunger Games is Dystopian, the whole point is about the fight against a government that murders children for entertainment. It's like saying a book is inappropriate when two teenagers kiss in a YA Romance. That's the point of the genre.
    HG has extreme moments of darkness, as fitting for the genre, but it also has wonderful moments of love and light.
    And also, Dez, isn't this blog supposed to be a Haven of Positive energy? ;)

    And THANK YOU for telling us about Melissa and Joey. I see the commercials for it all the time and could not figure out what the realtionship was between the two MCs

  18. I just finished reading "The Hunger Games" yesterday and enjoyed it. I have to echo the point RaShelle made and say that although there are many dark moments, love and loyalty are emphasized throughout. It made me grateful for what I have in life... food on the table, a comfortable home, etc.
    I am surprised to find out it's classified as YA (teen?) because it's more violent than any other YA book I've read. I wonder how that will come across on screen.