Thursday, September 9, 2010


Now, since I'm generally not a Spiderman fan, this could be the only reason for me to watch the new reboot: the hot new rumor says that super gorgeous and super sweet pop star Hilary Duff could play Spiderman's love interest in the upcoming reboot of Peter Parker's adventures. The rumor was actually revealed accidentally during an interview with Hilary's husband NHL hockey player Mike Comrie. As I said, Duff could be the only reason for me to watch the movie :) If you recall, Hilary was Zack Snyder's first choice for the role of Silk Spectre in 2008 blockbuster "Watchmen" but she left the project because the production took too long. She will also star in the remake of "Bonnie and Clyde" (much to Faye Dunaway's disgust).

Last week I've mentioned how Dwayne Johnson will take the lead role in "Journey II: The Mysterious Island" the sequel to "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" and now they have a great new cast member: Michael Caine will play Josh Hutcherson's grandfather in the film in which Josh will join his stepfather (Dwayne Johnson) on a quest to find his missing grandfather which takes them to an uncharted, mystical island. Michael Caine will apparently have a lot of cool action scenes in the film himself :)

Just e week or two ago I informed you about January Jones, the blond beauty from "Mad Men" joining "X-Men" First Class" and now "Gossip Center" has revealed the first images of her as Emma Frost aka the White Queen on the set of the film. I must admit the costume looks quite cheep and overly plastic (especially the porn boots), but maybe it will look better later on in production.


  1. Hilary Duff?? Hasn't she retired already?

  2. oh, please, Jaccsy, the girl could be your daughter :PPPP

  3. What?? Listen.. I'm not that old man! but she as your daughter I can accept it :PPPP

  4. January has a very severe expression on there. Was she shooting?

  5. Now Hillary Duff is some nice eye candy and all, but I can't imagine her in that role...

    Not a hater I'm just saying...
    I don't see Peter Parker kissing on her or being his main squeeze

  6. wow! that costume is ugly!

    i had no idea hilary duff was a pop star... i always think of her as lizzie maguire... man, she's gotten older! why do people keep doing that?

  7. Remake Bonnie and Clyde? Nooooooo! Why?

    I agree with you on that white costume-- pretty bad. They'll easily be able to knock off the original and mass produce it for Halloween costumes.

    Tossing It Out

  8. Fingers crossed the Emma Frost costume does improve before it hits our screens...

    Please no, don't let Hilary Duff enter the world of comic book movies, my geeky heart wouldn't take it. Next we'll have Miley 'there's no reason why I should be famous' Cyrus as the young Jean Grey in the Magneto prequel...

  9. Hmmm, still not excited about the Spiderman reboot.
    However, I had little hope for The Mysterious Island until you mentioned Michael Caine!

  10. Hi there, I popped over from the blog hop. I love your blog so I'm following!

    I'm not a Spiderman fan either and, sorry boys, Hilary Duff does nada for me. Dwayne Johnson on the other hand...

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  11. @Jaccsy
    I know, Jaccsy, me was just jokin' with u :PP

    this is a pic from the set, not the shooting.

    ah, wait till you see the horrible actor they've found for Peter Parker

    oh, yes, she had a great album actually in 2008 with two great videos STRANGER and GYPSY WOMAN

  12. @Arlee
    the question is not why are they rebooting BONNIE AND CLYDE, the question is WHY ON EARTH ARE THEY DOING IT WITH TEEN ACTORS???

    oh, you just gave me an idea of Miley as Catwoman, I'll have to start on-line petitions for that one :))

    granpa Caine is great, isn't he?

    hey, Olivia, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, glad to have you here among us ;)

  13. No! No Miley as Catwoman! Don't even joke about that! NO!

    As has already been said, holy crap is that Emma Frost costume ever dreadful. Makes me want to go out, buy a bunch of random pieces of steel and some welding tools, build myself a wall for a blast shelter and proceed to beat myself senseless against it...

  14. Well, Miley looked great as a bird of paradise in her latest video CAN'T BE TAMED, so I reckon she could get into Catwoman suit as well :)

    Hold your horses and wait a bit before you start beating yourself senseless, Brian, first you gotta see some even more horrible superhero costumes that I have lined up for you in my tomorrow's post :) Be here and be horrified :)

  15. DEZMOND - I like Hilary. She's a cutie. I too think of her as Lizzy, but that's becuz I watched it with my kids. They do grow up.

    That costume on Ms Jones is not right at all. And the porn boots *giggles* yeah, wrong film.

  16. I guess she wasn't so popular as singer in USA as she was in Europe with her single STRANGER back in 2007. It was a big club hit and the video was also quite popular, check it out:

    And her WITH LOVE was also popular especially since her partner in it was Kellan Lutz:

  17. I'll take Hilary over Miley any day....

  18. I can see why men would be interested in watching the movies with these two in it. I'll keep an eye out for it.


  19. "Hillary Duff could play Spiderman's love"

    hope not...she hasn't been good in anything I've seen her in.

  20. @Andrew
    we won't tell your wife :)

    don't worry there's man eye candy in those films as well :)

    they do indeed :)

    @Miss. Perry
    is it a hat or something dead? :)

    well, she was good in her music videos :)

  21. The boots are the only thing even remotely close to Emma Frost's costume...

  22. in all fairness to hilary, (even though i'll always think of her as lizzie) she has some excellent acting skills... especially in the movie According to Greta. it's not the greatest movie ever- but she can definitely act. i think the trouble is that she gets type cast as blonde, bubbly, and silly a lot, when she does an excellent job at playing contemplative and confused. just my opinion. :)

  23. I have always been fond of Hillary. I think she is adorable and intelligent (two qualities rarely revealed this modern era...) I like how she held fast and did not allow Hollywood pressure to bring her down.

  24. @MJ
    hey, Mj, I thought the aliens abducted you :) Hope you're alive and well, and that the juniors are fed and the wife happy and satisfied :)

    I pretty much agree, Vics, there are a lot of such actors whose acting skills aren't always noticed

    I totally agree with you, Avalon, but you know that already :)

  25. I didn't know Hilary Duff was married! I like her, and haven't seen much from her lately.

    And still, I think they need to leave Spidey ALONE.....