Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The most anticipated 2011 TV series "Game of Thrones" has just got a new TV spot. This epic saga based on the fantasy books from George R.R. Martin, will depict a stunning mythical land of Westeros in which seven noble families fight for power. The primary families are the Stark, Lannister, and Baratheon families. Robert Baratheon, King of Westeros, asks his old friend Eddard Stark to serve as his chief advisor. Eddard, suspecting that his predecessor had been murdered, accepts so that he can investigate further. It turns out more than one family is plotting to take the throne. The Queen's family, the Lannisters, may be hatching an incestuous plot to take control. Across the sea, the last surviving members of the previously deposed ruling family, the Targaryens, are also plotting a return to power. The conflict between these families and others, including the Greyjoys, the Tullys, the Arryns, and the Tyrells, leads to war. Meanwhile, in the north, an ancient evil awakens. Amidst war and the political confusion, a brotherhood of misfits, The Night's Watch, is all that stands between the realms of men and the horrors beyond. The cast is lead by Sean Bean, Jason Momoa, Mark Addy and Lena Headey. Click on the video to watch the unbelievably stunning, and epically magic short trailer for the show which will be aired on HBO next winter. It seems the visual aspect of the series will leave us absolutely breathless!

A very dashing group of gentlemen will appear in the cast of "A Dead Man in Deptford", a movie about famous British playwright Christopher Marlowe known as Shakespeare's greatest rival. Young Sam Riley will play the writer, and he will be joined by James Purefoy, Ray Winstone, Ed Speleers and Adam Sinclair in this film which develops the idea that this notorious bar room brawler, was also a royal spy for Elizabeth I and that his death in Deptford at age 29 may have been an assassination ordered by the English Secret Service. Great cast, period setting, a mysterious plot, methinks we should watch this one.


  1. Rome: fantastic HBO historical drama that got canceled after 2 seasons.
    Deadwood: incredible Western drama that got canceled after 3 seasons without an ending.
    Song of Ice and Fire books: a fantasy series that the author seems to be having trouble finishing. They won't even have to cancel this one! They can just stop when GRR Martin runs out of books! A perfect choice for HBO.

  2. Reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series now. The way it's written makes it almost a perfect setup for a TV show. Would never work as a movie. As for the trailer: Looks OK. Hopefully it's not all shot in that coloring because it makes it look cheesy. Not to mention a few scenes looked a bit low on the budget end.

  3. More actors I've never heard of doing projects I never knew about until I read it here.
    On a side note from your side bar I see you're at 200 followers. Good for you! Where's your contest? :)

    Tossing It Out

  4. i can't watch the trailer right now, but holy hell i am so excited for Game of Thrones

  5. When I read the name Deptford, I thought it was going to be related to Robertson Davies... turns out I need to bone up on my literary history.

  6. Wow, I Am getting more and more stoked for this series. Sean Bean AND Jason Momoa! And it comes out in FEB (unless I read that wrong, please tell me I didn't read that wrong!). Wicked awesome trailer.

  7. Wow, if that's the cast of A Dead Man in Deptford, I'm there. They are so cute!


  8. oooh, i like the idea of seven noble famlies fighting and all the ordinary people who die for their greed and lust for power. someday, maybe we'll have a story about how the noble families cooperate to maintain their wealth and power, and ordinary people die becuz the powers pit large groups against each other. just a thought:)
    thanks for your kind comments on my blog. you really hit me with a sort of positive energy about my writing i haven't felt in a while. muchas, muchas gracias.

  9. Great trailer - like the black and white.

  10. @Jaccsy
    I must admit I never really understood DEADWOOD, but I adored ROME

    glad you're optimistic

    well, off course you haven't heard of those projects when I always write about them the same day they are revealed to the public :)))

    watch it at home

  11. @MC
    who is Robertson Davies???

    it will premiere some time in the first half of 2011

    they are cute, aren't they? :)

    I meant every word I said, as you may know, I never praise without criteria, I give good criticism only to people who have true talent

    yep, the ravens are really cool :)

  12. Wow, you hit 200 Congrats!!! This show looks intriguing and layered with many story lines...
    I will check it out! Thanks Dez~

  13. Ehhh is it wrong that I'm getting a tiny bit sick of Sean Bean in these types of things.. I know he's amazing but...


  14. Wow, that trailer looks suitably epic for a GRRM adaptation :D The visuals are pretty incredible, let's hope that it does the novel justice :D

  15. @Ellie
    thanks, we'll be celebrating the 150,000 visitor soon as well.

    he does seem to act always in the same role

    keeping our fingers crossed

  16. "Reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series now. The way it's written makes it almost a perfect setup for a TV show."

    Martin is an old pro at writing for television; he was one of the main writers for Beauty and the Beast, among other projects.

    That his books are written with a television-type bias makes a lot of sense.

  17. I love when books are written like a film or TV show, because I like good visual scenes and well developed dynamics of the story.